Sunday, August 26, 2012

Delicious Dinner 53.

 A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Happy Call pan cooked free range chicken with potato and carrot-rub some salt over the chicken and cooked it on both size-tender and well lean meat.

Heinz 57 red beans with scrambled eggs with added tomato sauce.

Stir fried Chinese Chard with garlic and anchovies-super crunchy.

Monday, August 20, 2012


myBurgerLab is more a young people fast food joint-was impressed to see aunties and uncles, too !

What that should be served fast took about 30 minutes and that was at 5:45 pm.

A photo shoot took away quite a lot of space of the already small sparse and practical restaurant.

Ordering was a breeze from a huge menu board. 

 There were beef, chicken and vege burgers with come with fancy names and different types of add-on.

The outstanding thing about them is their soft, full, not so airy toasted charcoal bun (would be better if it's a little bigger), house made beef patty and spicy red sauce.

Overall it was a delicious meal, a good experience and I am glad that I have tried it.

As for me, this is not something that i would be eating too often, maybe once awhile.

Chicken Curry Crunch-charcoal bun-curry mayo, hashbrown,tender and meaty chicken breast meat, fresh lettuce, toasted cherry tomato-served on the side with fries and red sauce-Rm21.50/

Chicken Spicy Hawaiian -charcoal bun-grilled pineapple, caramelised onion, fresh lettuce, cherry tomato, spicy red sauce-Rm14/

Chicken A+-Burger-charcoal bun, melted cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, fresh lettuce, sauteed mushroom-Rm15/

Beef Hangover Burger/Awesome Fries-charcoal bun, fresh lettuce, hash brown,fried egg, cherry tomato, moist thick beef patty, bacon, garlic button mushroom-Rm25/
 Total bill:Rm77.50/
Location:14, Jalan 21/22,
SeaPark, Petaling Jaya,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

2Day/1Night Drive/Stay to Perak.

Now that our children are grown up and lead their own life.

My wife and I, like to go for short car-drive trips on weekends or public holidays.

This is our  2days/1night drive/stay to Perak.

We started the drive after work on Saturday afternoon (quite heavy traffic) with a bye-bye city gesture.

 After an hour's drive, we stopped by Sungkai  (a small town, famous for it's hot spring resort at Sg Klah) @ Restoran Choy Kee for some refreshments and a plate of Hokkien style fried sliced Haruan fish (snakehead fish) rice vermicelli noodles with crunchy Choy Sam.

Fried sliced Haruan fish with rice vermicelli-Rm7/

 With a contented stomach after the meal, we continued our drive on the old trunk road to Teluk Intan via a left turn at a traffic light junction just before Bidor town.

A quite scenic road with mining ponds, kampung houses, fruits orchard and a Chinese new village with an English name-Kampung Coldstream, swiflets houses, oil palm plantation.........etc 

About half an hour later, the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan was in full sight.

We dropped by Maylex House (our niece accessories shop) with a hand painted Hello Kitty logo besides her shop,( located beside a Shell station), to buy a pair of dark sun glass and then to pick up Yoke, my SIL.

Yoke's house is quite a landmark, a huge beige colored double storey wooden house located next to the famous Liew Kee's Chee Cheong Fun stall@Jalan Hill.

After loading Yoke's small luggage bag in the car, my wife complains about the hot weather- a good excuse for some ice cool ABC and fruits rojak at a stall located next to Anson Hotel.

Fruit Rojak-assorted fruits like cucumber, unripe mango, ambarella,yam bean, guava, pineapple all in bite sizes-topped with blanched kangkong, beansprout, grounded peanut, ungent black shrimp paste, crispy and crackling dough fritters and prawn crackers-good appetizer !-Rm4/

The best thirst quencher on a hot afternoon-ABC-grass jelly, red sago pearl, pandan flavored noodle, red kidney beans, corn, milk, gula Melaka and finely shaved ice-heavenly!-Rm3/

Our next stop on the old trunk road was Chui Chap-Langkap-Tapah Road-Tapah and with Sil Yoke in the car-the journey was filled with jokes and laughter - with her latest updates of close relative's happenings !

From here, the landscape on both sides of the roadare  brown flat harvested muddy padi fields with flocks of white storks feeding on small fishes all over the fields.

At Langkap, we stopped at Kedai Makanan dan Minum Tong Fong to buy some pork pao and their famous red bean paste pao rolls for supper.

Along Tapah Road is a modern steel structured KTM rail station, two rows of old shop houses and a huge Prisons Cmplex.

When we reached Tapah town, at the road bridge we could see that the water level of the Tapah River was low - meaning ? ??  we could take a dip in the cool running water and do some digging and sieving  for river lala (clams) and siput (balaitong).

 After a fruitful, cool and wet time, we went to another of my SIL,Tai Yee's house, , where I took a rest and a full 20  minutes massage on an  electric powered massage chair, while my wife played Gin Rummy with them.

We ended the day with a dinner at Restoran Tonny located about 100m from the Tapah Polis station with two of my favorite dishes i.e.1: stir fried wild frogs with onion and ginger and 2: Kong Poh sliced Padi field's eel with lots of  dried red Bombay chillies, onion and spring onion.

 After dinner, we adjourned to another relative house to meet up for more chit chat and Gin Rummy.

Food court @Kampar.

Next morning, we woke up early to drive up north to Kampar (20 minutes drive).

Where we went to Kedai Makanan and Minuman Kawan Baru for our breakfast as it is nearby the market and food court, where the ladies intend to buy pastries and lor mai fun (cooked glutinous rice with toasted peanut, BBQ pork and curry sauce) just outside the food court.

The first thing that caught our eyes was rows of roast duck and it was so early in the morning.

We ordered a half portion duck (Rm18/) that came with  red chillies sauce and sweet bean paste sauce-verdict not bad, crisp skin, meaty and not gamey at all.

The soup noodle and Char Kway Teow were average at Rm3.50/bowl/plate (no complains ! ) and the flat white rice noodle was smooth and different from what we get in KL.

Roast Duck-meaty and succulent-red chillies sauce/sweet preserved bean sauce-Rm18/

Char Kway Teow-sambal on the side and half a calamansi (for it's juice)

Fish paste noodle.

Kai See Hor Fun with smooth white flat rice noodle.

Next we drive up to Bandar Baru Kampar to visit another relative where we spent a few hours before we left for home.

We stopped by Restoran Choy Kee@Sungkai for a late lunch before heading back to the city.

Fried rice vermicelli-dry style with shrimp, onion, fish cake and choy sam.

Stir fried Paku choy with sambal belacan.

Steamed Patin King with soy sauce/peanut oil-topped with julienne carrot, spring onion and cilantro-sweet tasting, smooth and meaty texture-Rm60/

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kheong Kee Bak Kut Teh Restaurant@Pandan Indah.

Saturday lunch time with my buddies, we went to Kheong Kee Bak Kut Teh@Pandan Indah.

We have been eating here for quite a number of years and it is my first post about them.

Normally we will be their first customers and get the best table with two portable air-cond blowing towards us (can be very hot due to the low ceiling).

Alas ! today, the restaurant was booked for some tourists from Hong Kong.

And we were seated outside the restaurant at 11:45 am (the afternoon sun at it's hottest) even with the many overhead fans at full speed it was of no help.

We sweated profusely after the meal !

Parking is ample.

Clay pot Bak Kut Teh-filled with meaty pork ribs, tender chee chang yok, pig  stomach, intestine, mushroom and lots of Chinese long cabbage-the piping hot herbal soup was quite robust with it's own unique herbal taste-Rm28/.
Soft, spongy and airy Tofu puff and Bird's eye chillies in soy sauce-Rm2/.
Deep fried Kong Sai Tofu puffs with generous fillings of fish paste, pork and spring onion-Rm5.50/.
Hot and spicy curry chicken (mostly chicken thigh meat used)-fragrant and appetizing-Rm7/.
Blanched lettuce topped with deep fried shallots and light soy to compliment all the meat-Rm5/.

Total bill:Rm60/
Location:No:2, Jln Pandan Indah 4/10, 
Taman Pandan Indah, 
55100 Ampang, Selangor
Tel: 03-4292-4576.

Monday, August 6, 2012

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant@Kampar.

My mother in law birthday dinner is a yearly affair.

Among the many older folks that I knew, most of them do not celebrate their birthday ! 

I just do not understand why ? Isn't a joyous and happy occasion !

This is the second time, the dinner is held at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant@Kampar, Perak.

Located near to the Tesco Hypermarket.

I t was a 5 course dinner set with sweet dessert and ended with  a bakery bought strawberry vanilla cake.

Parking is ample.

Inside this big prosperous bun are 10 small buns with a sweet green Pandan custard flavored filling.
Longevity noodle-well braised with strips of mushroom, lean pork-whole stalk of Chinese chives on the side in a dark/light soy sauce.
Steamed free range chicken in a thick gravy-looks like corn fed with yellow skin, fragrant and well muscled meat.
Steamed Loong Tan (giant Grouper) fish meat in a superior soy sauce and peanut oil-not much flesh -more of odd and end of the fish.
Dong Poh meat-well braised with traces of cinnamon and 5 spices powder-caramelized with honey-wobbly and bouncy with a melt in the mouth sensation.
Deep fried Sea Prawns then tossed in a tantalizing flavoring-very fresh and succulent-served with a abundance of spring onion and coriander leaves.
Mil pose with the strawberry vanilla birthday cake with her grand children.

Location:Location: 33A, 35, 36, Jalan Perdana,
Taman Kampar Perdana, Kampar,
Tel: 05-465-8890/8879.