Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dim Sum @ Kedai Kopi Hup Seng Hin.

Kedai Kopi Hup Seng Hin is located near a bustling wet and dry market.

Many husbands will sit and hang around the many strategically located kedai kopi (coffee shops) to enjoy a hot or cold drink while waiting for their wife to do the marketing.

For the two of us it was after our morning exercise.

A good time to rest our weary legs and eat some dim sum with a hot pot of Pu'er tea for breakfast.

Here the dim sum are freshly hand made daily and served piping hot.

Some tasted average but we particularly like their deep fried wanton, wu kok (deep fried yam pastry) and tai pao.

Parking is bearable.

Siew mai with steamed fish balls in the background-RM3.30/tray.

Deep fried Yam Pastry-Rm3.80/

Steamed tai pao - soft fluffy skin - filled with chicken meat, sliced pork, mushroom, hard boiled egg and strips of  sweet yam bean-not oily at all-wholesome meal-Rm3.50/

Total bill:Rm16.50/
Location: 2, Jalan Lengkeh,
Taman Cheras,Kuala Lumpur.

 All photos taken with Samsung Tablet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mei Wei Little Kitchen Restaurant @ Section 17.

A new neighborhood cafe/restaurant that took over the place of Anson Food Company.

Section 17 is mushrooming with cafes and restaurants-WHY ?

Rentals is cheap and parking is free.

Shops along Section 17/8-17/12  is more like a student's territory than residential--so eating places that cater to them must be cheap and good to survive !

Mei Wei Little Kitchen Restaurant-a good sounding name isn't it ?

Is sparsely decorated, clean with practical furnishings and is air conditioned.

Friendly service and the food is average good.

Parking is OK and it's free

Thousand layered Tofu-thinly sliced cold white, cool smooth tofu with chicken floss between seated on a bed of soy sauce topped with strips of seaweed-quite unique-Rm12/ 

Tomato egg omelette -too thickly sliced tomato and egg were not enough fluffy-Rm8/

Curry Grouper Fish Head-cooked Indian style with full cream milk but was overwhelming with curry powder-nice balance of okra, Chinese cabbage and eggplant-goes well with rice-Rm28/  

Pork ribs in a sweet brown sauce-very tender and meaty-rm 12/

Fried beef noodle with spring onion and ginger in an eggy gravy-delicious-Rm6.80/

Total bill:Rm73/
Location:619,Jalan 17/10,
Petaling Jaya.

All photos taken with Samsung Tablet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Musashi @ Eat Paradise, Isetan @1U.

 Guest post by Michelle.

After enjoying three carefree and rejuvenating days at Pulau Redang, Trengganu.

It was nice to be back home (on land), again.

Off day-shopping-eating lunch with mum and grandma in tow.

Today it was Musashi @ Eat Paradise, Isetan - for some Japanese ramen (noodle) and gyoza.

At the entrance is a poster of a Japanese swordsman-I think it is named after Musashi, a Japanese swordsman renowned for his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels.

Ok, first, we have to order and pay at the counter, then only they will usher us to a table.
It was quite an expensive meal-only two types of Ramen (noodle), a plate of Gyoza and three cups of Japanese green tea for Rm79/.

Gyoza-fillings of minced pork and Chive were not generous-nicely pan fried-Rm9/
Shiro Chashu Men-two pieces of  big pork loin eye, strips of dried bamboo shoots with thick miso broth and topped with chopped spring onion-ramen was a bit undercooked-Rm30/
Tsukemen (regular)-served with a big piece of pork loin eye, strips of dried bamboo shoot -topped with spring onion-on the side a bowl of broth with minced pork ball-Rm23/

Location: 2nd, Floor, Eat Paradise,
Isetan, I Utama ,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ocean Shabu Shabu@Mayang Oasis Commercial Centre.

Ocean Shabu Shabu is an authentic Hong Kong Style steamboat restaurant located in SS26/9 opposite the Taman Mayang Plaza in Petaling Jaya.

The place is sparkling new with a big upstairs dining area and is fully air conditioned.
The steps leading to the restaurant's entrance are way too high and was not disable friendly.

 As we were early, the four of us were ushered to a table on the ground floor.

A quick glance of the menu-we went for the ala carte ones.

There are six types of broth to choose from, all at different prices.

 We choose the big pork bones with corn broth (turned out to be tasty-full of wolf berries) and some side orders.

Service was quick and attentive (maybe we were early).

Parking is OK.

Pork bones, Wolf berries, dried red dates, thinly sliced radish and Corn Broth - sweet corn and big bones with specks of meat and ligaments to devour after the meal-Rm20/
Four seasons meatballs-fresh assorted balls to play with your taste buds-nicely sized- Rm20/
Leek Dumplings-hard like stones-can stone a crow with it-took a longer time to get it cooked but was tasty-Rm12/
Sliced Grouper-thickly sliced-not properly defrost-takes sometime to cook-Rm20/
Sliced pork loin-tender and meaty-less fats-Rm16/
Tiger Prawn-very fresh and sweet-Rm20/
Fried Bean curd sheets-crisp and cracky-Rm5/
Chinese Long cabbage-Rm5/
Wong tai mui-Rm5/
This is the only special sauce available besides soy sauce-too much of chillies oil which does not compliment the cooked food-too choking !

Total bill:Rm137/
Location:Lot 3, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS26/9, Mayang Oasis Commercial Centre,
Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sumika Yakitori @Subang Jaya.

Sumika is a Japanese restaurant, famous for it's yakitori.

Located in a quieter part of SS15, Subang Jaya and open from 6pm-12pm, so parking is easy here.

We were there to celebrate my birthday and my daughter Mindy & Sam's wedding anniversary.

The only obstacle for mum was the steep stairs.

The atmosphere was occasionally heightened with the loud and hoarse voice of the stout Japanese chef at the smoky grill.

Three bowls of chopped Chinese round cabbage with black vinegar/soy sauce was our appetizer to go with  the main meal.

We started off with a few bowls of grilled yakitori chicken rice, chicken with egg rice, beef rice.....

Skewers of grilled beef, chicken, pork, fish, egg, onion and vegetables in different styles came later.

Most of the grilled food were fresh,well marinated and not too salty with some smoky flavors.

Overall it was a great meal with the family and  need a second visit to savor more of their goodies !

Service was good and attentive.

Parking is OK.

Thanks to you all, for a great time and meal.

Total Bill:Rm339/
Location: 19, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Delicious Dinner 51.

A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Braised pork belly in a good grade light/dark soy sauce with whole Shittake mushroom, fish maw, chicken feet and sea cucumber - a wholesome pot of goodies.

Lady finger (Okra) sliced /boiled /decanter - tossed with a sweet/spicy Thai sauce and deep fried fragrant and crisp dried shrimps.