Sunday, December 27, 2009


This is another simple dish called seaweed rolls which my wife adapted from a foreign TV cook show. It can be a good snack for New Year's eve party.

The ingredients are:

Blanched French bean-9 stalks.

Duck egg yolk-6 pieces.

Marinated sliced chicken breast meat and tossed it with corn flour.

Pan fried whisked eggs very thinly-3 pieces.

Placed pan fried egg on a piece of seaweed sheet.

Add 3 stalks of French bean, 2 duck yolk and 2 pieces of chicken meat at one end and roll it up tightly to the other end.

Lightly batter and deep fried it with cooking oil under a low flame.

Colander it with kitchen roll tissue and cool it before cutting up and serve.

Seaweed rolls-crispy, colorful, nice textures with a yolky flavor- a well balanced snack food.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Foodbin wish all families and friends a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Happy holidays!

(made by Hannah Ng)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


We have two days of fun, frolicking in three types of man made pool-
1:hot spring water.
2:mountain spring water.
3.jacuzzi in the villa.

Cooking eggs (the middle tray is ours) with the hot spring water-10 minutes for hard boiled eggs.

Eggs cooking mission accomplished-a photo for remembrance!

......and a one night's stay at this villa in the Taman Rekrearasi Ayer Panas, Sg Klah, Sungkai, Perak.

On the return journey back to Petaling Jaya, we opted to drive along the coastal trunk road with a stop at Pasir Palembang for an early dinner.

Kedai Makanan Laut Hai Ung is located at the back of a brand new wet market in Bagan Sungai Yu, Pasir Palembang, Kuala Selangor.

On both sides of the restaurant are shops selling fresh and dry seafood and the ever popular keropok (prawn crackers)

Parking is a breeze.

The restaurant's front with it's wooden plank flooring dining area extended out by the side of the river.

A view of the river from where we were seated.

Watching the fishing boat with their haul of live prawns and fishes.

Sweet and sour crabs (2kg)-well cooked and flavored and the mud crab meat was fresh, sweet and fine in texture-Rm70/ we scooped up every inch of the gravy with the deep fried Mantou bread-Rm10/

Or Chien (oyster omelette) served on a piping hot galvanised plate with raw eggs and then stir cooked in front of us-oyster were fresh, creamy and generously sized-Rm16/

Sea prawn sauteed with fragrant diced shallot and garlic then tossed with Soy sauce and spring onion-was fresh, juicy and succulent -Rm30/

Lala (Clams) in superior soup-garnished with julienned spring onion and ginger-meat was fresh and fleshy while the broth was tasty with traces of Chineses wine-Rm20/

Deep fried Ma Yau (Threadfin) served on a bed of lettuce and light Soy sauce and garnished with deep fried finely chopped ginger-over fried but was very crispy-Rm27/

Garoper fish head (1 kg) curry-cooked with okra, eggplant, curry leaves and lots of torn Chinese rounder cabbage-red, hot and creamy curry gravy and the fish head was fresh and smooth-Rm35/

Fried Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) with Lala meat and Choy sam-too much gravy-rendering it too soggy-Rm18/

Stir fried Romaine Lettuce-Rm9/

Total bill:Rm248/
Location: Bagan Sungai Yu,
Pasir Penambang,
Kuala Selangor,

Friday, December 18, 2009


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Savory minced pork plus fats sauteed under a low flame with diced red small onion, red bird's eye chillies, diced garlic, sweet bean paste, light soy sauce and Belacan (shrimp paste)-very aromatic, fragrant, a bit spicy but heavenly!

Bitter gourd-thinly sliced- stir fried with tender, meaty chicken meat and black bean paste.

Tom Yam Koong-sweet, sour and spicy with fresh, juicy, succulent sea prawns bought from Pasir Palembang, Kuala Selangor-lots of smashed Lemongrass stalks, kaffir leaves, lime juice, spring onion, bird's eye chillies, Thai chili paste and Cilantro-awesome!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Once in a while my wife and i like to indulge in some oily/cholesterol laden charcoal fried Hokkien mee with a hot pot of Chinese tea to wash it down.

This stall is located in a no name corner coffee shop in Section 17, Petaling Jaya run by Tua Pui who charcoal fried one of the best Hokkien style fried Kway Teow, fat egg noodles, Bee Hoon and Lor Mee while having his fix of a bottle of Guinness stout every now and then.

Forty years ago,Tua Pui was one of the four young cooks of the famous Jackson Hokkien Mee stall in Restoran Lucky in PJ State new town (now RHB) where we used to patronize.

We have been his regulars ever since.

p/s be prepare to wait (30-45 minutes) and sometimes his wife can be quite ignorant!

Charcoal fried Hokkien Kway Teow-with light and dark soy sauce, lean pork, shrimp, Chinese cabbage and deep fried pork lard-the kway teow was chewy, smooth, fragrant, oily and a bit charred-arteries clogging stuff but delicious-Rm6/

Charcoal fried Hokkien fat egg noodle and bee hoon (rice vermicelli)-with light and dark soy sauce, lean pork, shrimp, Choy sam and deep fried pork lard-the combination was perfect with the right amount of gravy reduction-Rm6/

Location: Section 17, Petaling Jaya,
corner coffee shop-beside the open air food court.

Monday, December 14, 2009


This wan ton mee stall named Chow Kee is run by a friendly husband and wife team, located inside Restaurant Golden Kimwah in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

Besides the usual Char siew/wan ton combination, they also have, braised chicken claws with mushroom, Siu kow (pork dumpling), Char Yok (braised pork with black fungus), minced pork and glutinous rice wine chicken.

Today I ordered the dry wanton mee served with glutinous rice wine chicken which was very special, indeed!

The wan ton mee was tossed with good grade light/dark soy sauce, sesame oil, lard oil and served with blanched fat stemmed choy sam and topped with fragrant, tender and meaty glutinous rice wine chicken-Rm4.50/.

Location:corner shop at JalanSS20/11,
Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is my mother's favorite place for Cendol but for Indian Rojak she prefers Hasan's stall in front of the SEA Park market.

Here, she can sit down and enjoy her meal under the canopy of shady trees with pigeons for

company and a great view of the Taman Bahagia LRT's trains plying up and down.

Cendol- Pandan flavored green bean flour noodle, kidney bean, light coconut milk and coarsely shaved ice which gives a crunchy bite-a great cool drink on a hot afternoon-Rm1.30/

Indian rojak made upon order is basically filled with crispy paper-thin prawn fritters, deep fried tofu, sliced grated coconut rolls, blanched beansprout, chopped cucumber, yam bean and served with a topping of spicy fragrant peanut sauce-a bit spicy on first bite, otherwise it was OK-Rm3.50/

A lot of friendly pigeons for company.

Location: A white mobile van, opposite the Taman Bahagia LRT station, Petaling Jaya.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today, my daughter Michelle, a Thai food lover was on leave from work and she was able to join us for dinner.

Her choice was Royal Thai in Tropicana City Mall, which opened not so long ago.

I was surprised when told that San Francisco Steakhouse, Santini and Royal Thai shared the same kitchen, maybe because of location wise or just to save space ???

Bun Tham, the friendly restaurant manager recommended some of their signature authentic Thai dishes to us.

Well padded and comfortable chairs.

The cutlery are heavy and bigger than normal sized ones, even the tissue paper is extra thick.

Fish Mango Salad-crispy deep fried Garoper fish fillet, fish sauce, peanut, overly sourish sliced green mango, diced onion served on a leaf of Chinese round cabbage-good appetizer-Rm16.90/

Stir fried mixed vegetables-florets of broccoli and cauliflower, long bean, sliced carrot and oyster mushroom with a tasty gravy-Rm14.90/

Green curry chicken-tender chicken meat, green mini eggplant and round eggplant topped with flavorsome Basil leaves-the creamy green curry chicken broth was not too hot nor spicy-Rm18.90/

Clay pot Eggplant & Tofu- garnished with pungent Basil leaves-a tad too oily-Rm8.90/

Lipton Jasmine tea to wash down all the oil-Rm5.50/

Total bill:Rm90/
Location:Ground floor, Tropicana Mall.
Petaling Jaya.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Petaling Jaya Old town in Section One, is not a place where we would want to go in search of good dinner food with the exception of Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh, a no name Clay pot chicken rice stall or a porridge stall opposite of Mutiara complex.

Pitaya Street located opposite the 3 storey wet/dry market is a new restaurant along this dark and narrow main road.

It's a house renovated into a restaurant with a Pitaya (dragon fruit) and Banana stall by the side of it, with huge posters advertising about the Pitaya fruit as it's main theme on the walls.

I think the restaurateur owns a Pitaya farm, somewhere?

The place is bright and clean with free WiFi.

Our orders were taken by a pretty Mandarin speaking waitress (quite a hassle if you cannot understand the language)

Park along the road.

Uniformly sized fresh Pitaya fruits for sale.

Clean, bright and refreshing dining area.

Golden Spare Pork rib with Dragon fruit enzyme/mayonnaise sauce-well marinated but was not meaty-the sauce was passable-Rm14/

Ma Po Tofu-mashed white bean curd cooked in a spicy gravy with minced pork-best with rice-Rm7/

Sambal Petai prawns-not enough of oomph-the prawns were way too small- Rm12/

Steamed Soong Yee (big head Carp) Head -garnished with deep fried dried chillies and cilantro with tasty sauce-the fish was very fresh-best of the meal- Rm25/

Stir fried assorted vegetables like lotus root, celery, black fungus, sweet pea and chillies-a lovely play of textures with very bite-Rm9/.

We opted for the Kedondong juice with sour plum instead of the "bloody" Pitaya juice-Rm3.50/

Total bill:Rm80/
30, Jalan Othman 2/40,
Old Town, Petaling Jaya,