Tuesday, July 29, 2008


this is one of my favourite seafood restaurant.it is
fully air conditioned,small but spacious and clean
it is situated in Telok Gong,KLANG.

location:from kesas highway to pulau indah
on seeing Glenmarie Cove turn left and go
straight for about 2.5 km.the restaurant is on
your left, in front of a bus stand.
today the four of us have:

1.steamed white sea prawns.
it was succulent and fresh,steamed with sesame
oil, chinese wine and bird's eye chillies rm30/
2.steamed crabs
don't be fooled by the size.these are young crabs,the shell are thin and the flesh meaty rm32/
3.abalone mushroom.
no salt and not oily the mushrooms was lusciously smooth. rm13/

4.lala meehoon.
it is their signature dish, good! rm9/
5.prawns rolls
this is beancurd skin filled with prawn and
chicken,full of flavor and meaty with every bite
rm 16/

we rounded off the meal with sliced pineapple
it is not fibrous but sweet and good for digestion! rm8/


tonight our children are not having dinner with

us.my wife decided to cook her version of claypot
chicken rice with our new stainless steel rice cooker.
she names it "one cooked dish" dinner.
the main ingredients are marinated chicken meat,home made
chinese sausages,sliced mushrooms,a stalk of spring
onion and salt and pepper for seasoning.it's aromatic
and tasty!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


chilling with my buddies at the waikiki bar
this place is just next to the A&W drive-in, in Petaling Jaya. it is a cosy place with a balcony
my buddy jimie was jamming there with his band and the music was fantastic.

a jug of beer rm50/
a glass of orange juice rm12.50

nice place to hang out!


How to make fish sandwich, made easy by me:

1.Shred fish meat from any type of cooked fish
remember to remove all bones.
2.Chopped shallot
3.Sandwich maker.

In a bowl, mix shred fish meat with shallot add some pepper and olive oil, mix it well.
Spread bread with a bit of margarine and the mixed ingredients evenly. Cover it with
a piece of bread,meanwhile heat the sandwich maker up and place two pieces of bread

as shown. Cover it up tightly. After about 5 minutes, you can smell the aroma of the fish
been cooked. It is ready to be serve with a cup of spirulina.


as there was waterpipe works around my residential area,
we decided to have dinner in a shop in SEA park, Petaling Jaya
it is situated opposite KFC and the name of the coffee shop is restaurant
sin hup seng. meng kee is one of the tenant. the food was good
but the hygience of the place is so..so..and the floor a bit oily.
be prepare to wait as there are a lot of take

bittergourd with roasted pork rm10/

sliced garoupa fish with ginger and spring onion rm15/

butter chicken rm10/

stir fry brussels sprout rm8/

total bill plus three bowls of rice rm45/
affordable isn't it?

Friday, July 25, 2008


formerly they were known as restaurant kwong
chow located at main street, SERDANG new village.
they have relocated to a house at 2080,jalan sk13/14.
as it was a saturday my makan friends decided to
try the food again.
we ordered :

1.steamed ginger grass carp
the meat was fresh and sweet.

2.yam with pork (kow yok)
it was full of flavor and goes well with rice.

3.stir fry kai lan.
the portion was a bit small would have
tasted better with a dash of chinese wine.

4.paper wrapped chicken.
well marinated wings and drumsticks,
lags ginger juice but was succulent.

5.steamed pork ribs with prickled asam moi.
this was good!

total bill rm77/

Thursday, July 24, 2008


the durian's season are here again.this year the durian's crops
are bountiful and cheap. i don't know whether it is a coincidence
whenever the durians are in season the mangosteens follows suit.
durians are heaty and aromatic to us but pungent to other nationalities.
to balance off the heatiness we need the "coolness" of the mangosteens.
personally i prefer the kampung durians, no pesticides!
last sunday my wife and i drove to TAPAH in search of durians,
we arrived there and met up with her sister and had breakfast at
restaurant tong yoon, a coffeeshop cum hotel. it is a old and nostalgic
place with marbletop tables and wooden chairs. we had western
breakfast,nasi lemak and three hot drinks.total bill rm13.50.
then we head straight to kampung lubok katak, a village of chinese/
malay people.the air was fresh and cool because of the canopies
of trees.we were in luck as there were plenty of freshly collected
durians,mangosteens and petai.we bought about 30 durians
rm50/, 8 bunches of mangosteens rm25/ and petai rm30/
on the way out we dug up a young wild bamboo shoots by the roadside.
we enjoyed bargaining and tasting the various fruits.
some photos taken there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


this no frills restaurant is situated in TAPAH
town. if you coming from BIDOR it is on the right side of TAPAH town bridge. the site was a former petrol station and it can be quite hot during the day but the cheap and good food more than compensate for it! it signature dishes

are wild frogs,snakehead fish,river prawns,eels and panfried lemongrass chicken.we did not get
to get the frogs and eels because of the durians and petai season,the orang asli have money selling those so they do not want to go and catch the frogs. anyway the succulent prawns
was fresh and sweet, the catfish was tender and
look at the photo, the flesh seems to break out
this a typical sign of freshness, we finish the

meal with egg omelette and choysam. we will
go back again.
ah meng the cook and owner

choysam with soya sauce rm8/

steamed river prawns rm21/

onion egg omelette rm5/

steamed river patin rm21/

Friday, July 18, 2008


this restaurant was formerly known as AH LIK, formerly
situated near a chinese school in Seri Kembangan
now they shifted to a shoplot in Perdangaan
Serdang the name of the shop is called Restaurant Lek Lek. Their signature dish was
steamed chicken which we did not try, we opted for the rice wine chicken which turned out to be good. the rice wine was thick and flavourful and
the chicken was heavenly. the fish was filled with fishpaste and deep fried ....best but small.
i was disappointed with the steamed frog i preferred the wild ones.the sweet sour pork slices was the best and crunchy with every bite.
the sweet potatoes was overcooked!

Total bill rm 93/

ample parking space.