Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jiu Hu Char @ Home Cooked.

Jiu Hu Char is one of my family's 'must have' festival food.

This home cooked version-main ingredients are julienne carrot, celery, Shiitake mushroom, shredded yam bean (lots of it), shredded cuttlefish, prawn and strips of pork belly.

It will even taste better and sweeter if re-heated the next day.

It goes well with plain white rice or eaten plain.

But I like to eat it as a wrap i.e. fill up a fresh ice cool lettuce leaf with the Jui Hu Char and spread some sambal belacan (chillies shrimp paste) over it then fold it up and pop into my mouth-moist and delightful sweet-heavenly !.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fukuharu-Terrace @ Hock Choon.

Terrace @ Hock Choon is a F and B destination with 9 restaurants and bars.

On Father's Day, I was treated by my children to a great varieties of authentic and unpretentious fusion Japanese cuisine at Fukuharu located along Jalan Ampang..

Fukuharu won " Best Japanese Restaurant" by Time Out KL 2010 magazine and was The Miele Guide 2011 nominee.

The restaurant's exterior is rectangular, boxy with clean spacious line and Zen-like in the night, interior was decorated with simple furnishings, unpainted wood, cement, soft lighting, glass panel on one side and most important-we felt very welcome.

Overall the food was visually pleasing to the eyes, fresh, made with lots of tender,loving care and skills and as we shared most of the dishes the various smell, taste, flavors and textures was a delight to our palates.

Service was excellent.

Parking is ample. 

Potato Salad-cold mashed mild, creamy flavored potato with sliced green zucchini, mild tender fresh red leaf lettuce, tomato and topped with flying fish roe-Rm10/
Mentai Sushi (3 plates)-cod fish roe with torched tamago-pickled ginger on the side-delicious and creamy-complimentary.
Tori Shioyaki-meaty and well pan fried-with finely cut spring onion stalk and a salty grated dip on it's side-Rm30/
Butter fish Sashimi-served on cubed ice with grated Daikon and a dollop of Wasabi paste-texturally nice but bland-enjoyed it with a soy sauce/Wasabi paste mixture and a piece of the intense strong mint flavored chiso leave-Rm26/
Eringi Yaki Grilled)- thickly sliced mushroom stalk topped with lots of fried garlic/finely cut spring onion-earthy flavors-Rm14/
Ahi Katsu-pan fried breaded tuna steak rolled with nori sheet served with nutritious organic leafy sprouts/fresh green lettuce/flying fish roe-melt in the mouth sensation with each bite-my personal favorite-Rm38/
Edamame Tempura-lightly batter-easy to eat-crunchy-with a dip of green tea powder with salt-a good snack with beer-nutritious and yummy!-Rm17/
Spider Roll (Big)-Calrose vinegar sushi rice rolled with grilled Unagi/zucchini/flying fish roe seated on streaky mayonnaise sauce-Rm28/
Chicken Teriyaki-grilled and well marinated with sweet soy sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds-meaty and fragrant served on the side with mashed potato topped with sliced zucchini/tomato-Rm25/
Tempura Moriawase-lightly batter with soft wheat flour-deep fried over hot oil-consists of sea prawn, soft shell crab, eggplant, a bunch of Shimeji mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, okra-with a light dipping sauce-Rm38/
Unagi Kamameshi-grilled Unagi with nori sheet strips (Japanese seaweed), strips of omelette over steamed  fat sticky Calrose rice-fulfilling-Rm36/
Hiyashi Kamo Oroshi-Sliced succulent pinkish duck's breast meat with a layer of fat between it's skin over a bed of cold Soba noodle with sliced okra, toasted sesame, grated radish, nori sheet strips (Japanese seaweed), spring onion-excellent- RM22/
Chawan Mushi (3)-steamed savory egg custard-warm, silky smooth texture with bits of chicken and mushroom in it-Rm24/
(l-r) Macha(green tea) ice cream-RM14/-Goma Dare Kinako (white and black sesame) ice cream-(2)-smooth, creamy and was not too sweet-Rm28/
A happy family photo.

 Total bill:Rm360/
Location:241-B, Lorong Nibong.
off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Delicious Dinner 45.

A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Deep fried Garoupa fish garnished with ginger/garlic oil/soy sauce.

Steamed home made Tengirri Papan fish balls seated on a bed on Chinese long cabbage and topped with garlic oil-was inspired by the springy Wolf Herring fish balls of Restoran Rasa Lain in Bercham, Ipoh.

Spinach in fish stock soup with duck's egg, chicken meat and wolf berries.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sam U Clay Pot Restaurant.

The missus was lazy to cook after a long shopping spree at the Gardens Mall.

The sweet and sour fish at Sam U Clay Pot Restaurant in Petaling Jaya New Town Center came to mind-it was a clear favorite the last time we ate there.

In the evening, parking was easy.

From where we were seated - the famous Teo Chew braised duck stall next door was filled to the brim while the satay man was busy fanning his grill skewered meats.

After a ten minutes wait our food was served - in a well co-ordinated way-one after another.

The portions were just right and was 'restaurant's standard' cooked.

Assam Seafood served on a casserole with red tomato, okra, and thickly sliced Garouper fish, squid and shrimps-very appetizing-sourish and not too spicy-Rm18/
Chicken Gizzards-poached sliced  chicken stomach, liver and the heart seated on a bed of crunchy blanched beansprouts and good grade soy sauce-mom's favorite-Rm3/
Sweet and Sour Fish-deep fried thickly sliced Garouper fish fillet  doused with a gravy filled with cubed cucumber/red and green capsicum/onion-Rm22.
House made Tofu-crispy with good textures and flavorsome with every bite-Rm9/
Fried brown rice + seafood like crab stick/shrimps and topped with deep fried crispy mini Anchovies/chopped spring onion-very healthy- Rm8/

Total bill:Rm64/
Location: 12, Jalan Tengah,
New Town, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7956-2262.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kedai Makanan Laut Lai Fatt @ Cameron Highlands.

A one day escape from the sweltering heat in the city-we drove up to Cameron Highlands via Pulai-visited some vegetables and flowers farms-then stopped for lunch at Kedai Makanan Laut Lai Fatt located beside a Guan Di temple in Kampomg Raja, Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

A nice place to rest our weary legs and filled up our tummies before more sightseeing action..........etc

Parking is OK.

Pumpkin Spare ribs-looks appealing, sweet and meaty.

Steamed river Patin-not properly defrost rendering some portions to be uncooked-otherwise fleshy with no mud aftertaste.
Stir fried 3 types of mushroom-oyster, golden needle and button mushroom-earthy flavor.
Their signature Tofu-deep fried until golden brown-crispy on the outside-smooth and silky on the inside-topped with chopped dried shrimps/chai poh/spring onion and lard on a bed of sweet soy sauce.

......ended the day's trip with a visit to a grape farm in Bertam Valley, Ringlet.

Total Bill:Rm119/
Location: Kampong Raja (beside a Chinese Temple),
Cameron Highlands, Pahang. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stuffed Spanish Mackerel Fish.

De bone the Spanish Mackerel fish and leave it's body and skin intact.

Stuffed it with home-made fish paste (from the fish's flesh) mixed with finely chopped garlic, carrot and spring onion.

The de-bone Spanish Mackerel fish.
Thick and sticky fish paste.
The three main ingredients-carrot, spring onion and garlic.
Stuffed it with fish paste and steamed it for awhile..
Deep fried under high flame until the fish paste around the belly turned golden brown and it ready to be serve.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lagoon Seafood Restaurant @ Bagan Hailam

Bagan Hailam located near the North Port in Port Klang, is a small fishing village with many seafood restaurants built on stilts by the river banks.

Lagoon Seafood Restaurant is one of them-all in the family owned and run - with a super casual set-up-plank flooring, red cloth tables and plastic chairs-with even their daily laundry dried out in the sun, by the side of the restaurant.

Located at the estuary of the Klang river with a good front view of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club on it's left and the new Pulau Ketam jetty on it's left .

Mud skippers are in abundant on the muddy river bank floor bed at the under side of the restaurant.

The casual lady owner recommended us a few of their signature dishes.

Parking is OK but located about a few meters away from the restaurant. 

Hailam Noodle-big fat egg noodle cooked in a watery broth with rough and coarsely chopped onion, carrot, cucumber and pineapple with bits of shrimps, squid and sliced fish cake-a squeeze of calamansi juice for more zest-alkaline aftertaste in the noodle-Rm7.50/
Deep fried Mantis prawn meat with butter-was crispy and nicely browned but way too salty-was rejected and returned-Rm15/
Steamed Red Snapper-fresh but overcooked rendering it's flesh to be coarse-soy sauce was too salty-Rm25/
Stir fried Bok Choy-fresh and leafy-Rm6/
Steamed Mud Crab-in egg white and strips of young ginger-meaty, fresh and fine texture-Rm 50.40/

 Total bill: Rm90/
Location: 23, Bagan Hailam, Port Klang, 
Klang, Selangor.