Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sunway Corner is a typical neighbourhood coffeeshop with no frills like colourful lightings
or red tablecloth. the only extravagance is a big screen projector providing shows from ASTRO. it's the good food that it offers that's brings in the people to eat there. they have about 13 stalls selling many types of delicacies i.e.mixed rice only in the afternoon, tai chow at night,claypot chicken rice,satay, hokkien mee, grilled fish, fried koay teow, rojak pan mee..........etc

i was there to have dinner : full house!

Friday, August 29, 2008


we had this dish at our sister-in-law's Christmas party last year. the children loved it, so my wife decided to try and make it herself. bought 300gms of bacon and chicken drumsticks from the supermarket. skinned the drumsticks and cut into small pieces. marinate it with ginger juice and chinese wine. roll the chicken meat with the bacon and skewered it. heat up the oven at 160c and cooked for 15 minutes.

on't it looks tasty and juicy?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bah Kut Teh literally means pork rib soup. this dish originated from KLANG, SELANGOR. the soup is made up of herbs blended into different proportions, boiled with different cuts of pork, then cooked for a few hours. there are various types of soup:clear, light, dark and even starchy. my favourite is the Sang Kut Poh-fresh pork rib cooked to order, it takes about 40 minutes to cook. it's worthwhile waiting for, you can taste the juiciness of the meat and the superior soup is sweet and clear!
this particular stall served the Cantonese version : located in KLANG. from Petaling Jaya via the Federal Highway, on reaching the turning into Berkeley Garden, at the roundabout, turn at 3o'clock, the shop is on your right hand side. next to the Berkeley Corner 24 hour.

claypot bah kut teh for 2 pax:pork ribs and "small bone" cuts, came sizzling hot with button mushroom, tau pok, beancurd skin, yam and lettuce rm18/

steamed red snapper:we have the tail end, just some soya sauce, sliced fresh ginger and spring onion. the flesh was smooth and fresh rm45/

stirfried eggplant and long bean with dried shrimps, belacan and chillies-full of shrimp and prawn paste flavor: rm8/

chinese tea to dissolves off the fats and pork laden soup rm4/

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


nasi lemak is the no:1 breakfast food among malaysians. it can be bought and eaten in places like street corners to plush restaurant. it is basically rice cooked with coconut milk and accompanied by peanuts, scrambled eggs, cucumber, sambal and whatever meat that you like to eat! we had our nasi lemak at Simply Penang, located at One Utama shopping mall. the rice was not lemak and lacks fragrance, the curry gravy was too diluted but the lobak and drumstick was meaty! assam prawns was so-so.




Monday, August 25, 2008


Monday evening, it was raining heavily in Petaling Jaya. the five of us suggested that we should go and try out the food at a new food court near Section 19 just opposite the Perodua showroom and service is known as PJ 19 Food Planet food court. they even have a covered car park and parking was free after 6p.m. in the day, free first hour parking. the place is huge, clean, spacious, airy and full of stalls selling different delicacies.

chicken teppanyaki:chicken was bland comes with sliced cucumber and fried beansprouts.rm6/

fried squid with angle beans: full of chillies sambal and the squid was fresh rm10/

claypot chicken rice:flavorful with chinese sausage and chopped spring onion rm6/

braised chicken with sausage and cabbage:chicken was well marinated and quite a portion rm6/

claypot loh see fun: less oil, chinese cabbage, fishball, minced pork and a raw egg, rm4.50/

steamed old cucumber with chicken soup:well boiled but a bit salty rm6/

Sunday, August 24, 2008


the water flowing out of the tap in our homes is unpredictable, sometimes we may get light brown to tea colored water. at times it even tasted like it had been over chlorinated, smelled and tasted terrible! at other times the water may looks clean but actually it is bad for our body especially our kidneys. so we need a water filter to remove impurities like chlorine and harmful chemicals from the water before we use it for cooking and drinking purposes.after filtration it can improved the taste, color and odor of the water. the soup would even taste better. water filter can be bought off the shelf from D.I.Y shop and installed directly to the tap ourselves.
remember water is life!

Friday, August 22, 2008


We were doing some business around the Subang Bestari housing estate area and also to meet up with some friends. Came lunch time, one of us suggested lunch in Kampung Baru Sungai Buluh.Off we went! this restaurant LYJ is famous for it's poon choy, roasted duck.....etc
Today we ordered six dishes and the portions was just right for our hungry stomach.

1/4 duck rm11/ the skin was crispy and meat flavorful

grass carp belly-rm38/ the flesh was smooth but was mud smelled

herbal chicken rm24/ meat was tender and full of herbs

stirfry yau , mak rm13/ too mushy and saltish because of the preserved beancurd

braised pork with yam rm24/ good flavorful and yam was fine in texture

prawn beancurd rm18/ it was smooth and prawns was fresh

two types of sauce and ginger

Thursday, August 21, 2008


one can of YEO'S brand sardine,one chopped big onion and some mantou, that's all you need!
mashed up the sardines and mixed it with the chopped onion,add extra tomato sauce if you want to have more flavor. steamed up the mantou then placed mixed ingredients in between it.

that's it, isn't it simple?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


July and August are the months that made a hole in my pocket! 3 birthdays in July (son, brother and nephew) and two on August 19 and 20( two daughters.) normally we go for seafood dinner but this year we opted for Korean food. this restaurant is located in Puchong Bandar Puteri besides Giant. it is on the first floor, a bit of a hassle for old people but the good food more than made up for it. the service was good, instead of table seating we tried the floor seating, very comfortable. the food was sweet, spicy and sourish, just perked up my taste buds. the charcoal fired BBQ contraption was smokeless, very well-designed with a vacuum or air suction pump, i think!

yang nyum-dak-gal-bi:lean skinless chicken fillets, marinted in special soya sauce-meat was tender rm27/

wang gal-bi: choice beef short ribs especially hand fillted and marinated in heavenly soya sauce-was juicy and tender rm55/

pork special-cut of pork, soft and tender and seasoned in sesame oil sauce rm 35/

side dish of lettuce spring onion tossed in special sauce goes well the beef

ten side dishes which are replenishable-big beansprouts, radish, kimchi, vegetables in peanut sauce, scrambled egg,...etc

lettuce-for wrapping the BBQ meat

free soup

dwen-jang-jjae-fish seafood, soft tofu and fresh vegetables in a rich traditional Korean miso broth served with rice. rm15/

janchi-gook-su-fresh vegetables and seafood with Korean noodles in hot soup rm16/

hot pot-haemool-guk-su-jeon-seafood, vegetables, Korean noodles and hearty soup. rm50/

all in the family! looked at all the empty plates