Saturday, November 29, 2008


Restoran Hua Xing is first an foremost, synonymous with Hokkien food, later on they introduced Foo Chow dishes to their menu. We have been their regular customers from their first location, near the wet market off Old Klang road. Then, they shifted to Taman OUG because of the road widening project in front of their restaurant in Old Klang road. From the year 2003, they relocated to this present location until today. We are good friends of Chef Foo Yoong and her husband Ah Tee. We loved the delicious food cooked by her, partly because we are Hokkien too. And they really knows how to keep their customers satisfied. The restaurant is located on the 1 st floor of Plaza Seri Setia, the tallest building in Seri Setia, you will not miss it if you are on the Federal Highway. Parking is ample at the basement-rm2.50/entry.

Simple, air-conditioned, no fuss furnishing.

Curry chicken bread-(mein pao kai)-the presentation was great-the sweet bread when dip into the hot, spicy and creamy curry gravy was bursting with savory goodness!-so was the potatoes and chicken meat which was tender and fully absorbed the curry spices-rm33/.

Fried Tang Hoon (glass noodle) with thinly sliced bitter gourd-a lot of deep fried dried shrimps. prawn, egg and crispy lard-tasted excellent and was surprised it was not bitter-rm12/.
Fried potato flour sheet noodle-Hokkien style-not easily available in other places-with dark soy sauce, Chinese white cabbage, prawn and crispy lard-was smooth and taste superb-my s.i.l Hannah loves the crispy lard!-rm12/.

Hong bak (Braised 3 layered pork belly in soy sauce)-came sizzling with the clay pot-it's nutrients and aroma were retained in the meat-rm16/

Rice flour alkaline cake-smooth, tasteless with a lots of elasticity-a must have on Chinese New Year (Hokkien people) reunion dinner-dip and eat with the Hong bak and gravy-excruciatingly divine!

Ulu Yam Lor Mein (thick yellow noodle)-cooked in thick soy sauce with sweet black vinegar, lean pork strips, and vegetables-was luscious and very filling-for more zing add more vinegar and chili sauce-rm13/

Total bill:rm94/

Location:Lot 1-12, 1 Floor,
Plaza Seri Setia, Jalan SS9/2,
Seri Setia, Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya.


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Chinese leeks cooked with fried bean curd and lean pork strips-goes well with a bowl of piping hot, sweet potatoes porridge.

Fish paste stuffed egg rolls-delicious when dip into Lingham's chili and garlic sauce.

Bitter gourd (cut across) stuffed with home made fish paste soup - was not bitter but "kam" in taste- cannot have enough of it.

Friday, November 28, 2008


This restaurant is an off shoot of the famous-under the big tree trunk (tai see tow) brothers, fried fresh river prawn mee, off Jalan Silang in Kuala Lumpur. The owner who is also the chef is the ninth brother of the clan! The restaurant's setting is simple and clean. The three of us ordered two plates of fried noodles (mixed noodles and fried egg noodles- Cantonese style) plus a plate of blanched romaine lettuce. Both the dishes were full of ingredients and filled with egg gravy- tasty but too salty to my liking. It's located at 28-g Jln Pandan Indah 4/6a, Pandan Indah. I'd prefer his other brother's cooking situated Off Jalan Imbi in the city.

Mixed noodles-fresh prawn, intestine, lean pork strips, choy sam
the rice vermicelli was quite burnt

Romaine lettuce-fresh and crunchy -a tad bit salty.

Fried egg noodle-full of smooth flowing egg gravy-the noodle was salty too.

Total bill:rm38/

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The front of Restoran King Crab, on one side is covered with a huge poster of a giant crab with neon lights. It's exterior yellow color painted walls is sure eye catching. If you are driving on the LDP highway, from Sunway heading towards Kepong , you will not missed it. The interior is painted in a shade of yellowish apple green. The kitchen is huge and can be view from the outside through a glass panel. There are some aquariums for storing the live fishes and crustaceans. The dining area is air conditioned and spanned two floors. We decided to forgo home cooked food today and had dinner at this restaurant. It is located in Taman Mewah Jaya, opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station in Petaling Jaya. As it's name implies they specializes in fresh seafood especially crab and live fishes, done in all types of style. Funnily, for tonight the 12 of us, we did not order any crab dishes. The food portions served was huge and generous. Parking is ample after 7pm. Please make a reservation if it's on a weekend.

Lai pak"mini swiss chard" in superior soup-golden needle mushroom, wolf berries-soup was flavorful while the vegetable was leafy and crunchy

Braised angled aloofahs with bean curd -egg gravy was smooth and tasty - the best that i have ever eaten in a long time-best!

Roast chicken 1/2 - some prawn cracker with sliced cucumber-was tender and hot from the oven

Egg omelette with prawns and onions-was nicely done with lots of prawns

Braised duck 1/2 with kai lan (Chinese broccoli)-was tasty and meaty with a distinct flavor

Steamed white whisker river catfish-flesh was fine in texture and superbly fresh and sweet, but the skin was rubbery

Buttered squid's ring - was too sweet and not crunchy, the battered egg was fluffy, buttery and lots of curry leaves flavor.

Total bill:rm300/
Location:103-105, Jln SS25/2,
Taman Mewah Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My morning breakfast of Angel Hair pasta.

Cooked the pasta in a pot of boiling water,
Colander it and set it aside.
Finely chopped 2 big white onions,
Skinned and chopped 4 tomatoes,
Minced meat-300 gm
Finely chopped garlic

Heat up the pan with Extra Virgin olive oil.
Sauteed the garlic until fragrant.
Then add all the ingredients.
Let it cook for ten minutes and simmer for a while,
Add tomatoes sauce and water to make a thick gravy.
Salt, sugar, cheese and pepper to taste.
Add the gravy on to the Angel Hair pasta.
Topped it up with freshly chopped lettuce and serve.

Can serve 4 person.

Luscious tomatoes gravy.

Absolutely delicious-hearty and nutritious.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Restaurant Gao Ren Guan is located opposite the IOI mall, Puchong, at the same row as Restoran Taiping Lang. The place decor is simple and air conditioned, with life size posters of their signature dishes on both sides of the wall plus a row of mirror to make the place look bigger. They offer home cooked style Hakka food done in captivating and refreshing ways like the rarely seen braised bitter gourd with stuffed preserved Chinese mustard with minced pork. My nephew and his wife, invited us, here for dinner. Parking is ample as there is a covered car park, opposite the restaurant.

A poster displayed on the wall.

Steamed salted chicken-free range chicken with lots of blended ginger, Shao Xing wine and topped with parsley-was tender and meaty with a bit of salted flavor-rm20/.

Okra(lady finger)-well blanched, green, crunchy and topped with deep fried shallots-rm14/.

Homemade pork ribs-well marinated-caramelized-traces of sweet plum sauce and Chinese wine-real meaty-choice-cut ribs-rm28/

Braised Tau pok stuffed with preserved Chinese mustard and minced pork-full of natural juices of both ingredient in the soup stock-rm14/.

Close up of the braised tau pok.

Braised mini bitter gourd with stuffed preserved Chinese mustard and minced pork-looks a bit ugly, the soup stock was "kam" in taste and a tad bit bitter, intense flavor with every bite- good for riding the body of toxins-rm21/

Close up of the braised bitter gourd.

Pig stomach soup-was boiled just right -not too peppery -portion was generous -rm18/

Free fruit dessert.

A photo with our hosts (both on the right).

Total bill:rm132/

Location:07-01, Jln Kenari 18 B,
Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong.

Monday, November 24, 2008


After leaving Penang, on our way back to Kuala Lumpur, we had our dinner at Ipoh city famous landmark, Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau. The huge signboard on both sides of the shop, of yellow, red and green colors just scream out at us, to patronize their place. The restaurant was a hive of activity, taking of orders, clearing of tables for next customer and non-stop movement of food and drinks! We were ushered to two tables after a waiting time of about 15 minutes. Orders were quickly taken and the food and drinks were delivered just as fast-very efficient!

The side of the shop-look at the signboard.

Steamed chicken with their grade A secret sweet soy sauce-garnished with spring onion and coriander-was smooth, tender and meaty-rm34/

Bean sprout -was fresh, fat and crunchy with every bite-must be the clean mountain stream water-has the same soy sauce dressing as the chicken-rm7.50/

Mixed ball soup-fish ball-was firm and springy and meat ball-was meaty- tasty chicken soup-rm6/.

Bought a salt baked chicken-rm16/ and a salt baked duck-rm23/ from this shop across the road.

Total bill:rm120/
Located at no:49, Jalan Yau Tet Sin road junction.IPOH.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


After visiting the Old Esplanade, Old Town Hall building, War Memorial monument, Fort Cornwallis and the site of "The king of tennis fiasco", we felt hungry again with all the walk about. We checked out from our hotel and had lunch at Restoran 77 near Persiaran Gurney. It is actually an old bungalow house which they have converted into a small and simple restaurant. The dining area is up a few flight of stairs while the kitchen is on ground level. Parking is ample along the road-rm0.50/hour. We ordered their signature dishes.

Their bold and striking sign board.

Curry fish head-cooked to order-garouper fish head was big, fresh and fleshly -with aromatic curry spices, onion, mint leaves and some old okra(lady finger) which was a big letdown-otherwise the dish was perfect!-rm36/

Home made bean curd-deep fried-soft and smooth-mixed with flavorful fillings-rm14/.

Steamed garouper fish tail-with soy sauce and garnished with finely chopped ginger. carrot and spring onion-was superbly fresh- it was the tail part of the curry fish head-rm33/.

Stir fry mixed vegetables-was soft and crunchy-was well blended in term of colours and healthiness-rm9/.

Assam sea prawns-fully absorbed the tamarind juice-crispy dried, succulent and medium sized-the children loved it!-rm36/

Eggplant topped with spicy shrimp paste and finely chopped and fried dry shrimps-the skin was pan fried until paper thin and was hard to chew-toppings with the flesh was delicious-rm14/.

Location:77-D, Persiaran Gurney, Penang.