Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding Dinner of Kean Low and Annie Tay @ Palace of The Golden Horses.

Wedding dinner of my nephew Kean Low and Annie Tay (both childhood sweethearts) @ The Royal Ballroom@ Palace of The Golden Horses, Seri Kembangan.

A truly grand occasion-early guests were served drinks by friendly waitresses and nimble on tit bits that were placed on tables around the lobby area.

As we were early, we watched from afar, invited guests streaming in (a mix of young and old) each and everyone were adorned in their fashionable and flashy colorful attires with glittering bling !

The ballroom was huge , high ceiling, spacious and grand.

Before the dinner, there were the usual small chat, photo sessions and greetings with relatives and friends. 

Family and relatives photo-taken by Chee Yi Low..

Happiness Hot & Cold Appetizer Combinations - a good starter to the main meal-not the run of the mill type - simple, small bite size pieces, tasty and easy to eat.
Braised Winter melon Soup with Crab meat and shark's fin-more shredded  winter melon than crab meat/shark's fin combined -it's good to know that hotels and restaurants are phasing out shark's fin from their menu- was a bit too starchy.
Roasted Sesame chicken with Cucumber Plum Sauce-well marinated-not too salty-it would have been tastier if it was a free- range chicken..
Deep fried Grouper fish in Ginger/Tomato sauce-over fried rendering the flesh to be too dry-the sauce was a good accompaniment-garnished with coriander leaves and julienne carrot.. 
Steamed Chinese long cabbage with dried Scallops - the cabbage was soft and melt in the mouth with every bite -good scallop filled broth to give the right flavor to the dish.
Fried rice with roasted Duck meat and Mushrooms-grainy rice - too little duck meat to complement the dish-luckily it was fragrant-topped with finely chopped spring onion/red chillies.
Chilled Fruits Cocktail with Sago Pearls-Soy was of the right density and not too overly sweet..
Sweet pastries-shaped like fruits with sweet bean paste fillings-a delight for those with sweet tooth.

Location: The Royal Ballroom,
Palace of the Golden Horses,
Jalan Kuda Emas, Mines Resort City,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Restaurant Unique Seafood Subang@ Citta Mall.

A weekend family gathering to try out the food at Restaurant Unique Seafood, Subang@Citta Mall an up and coming F&B place in Ara Damansara.

Just like their other sister's restaurants- in a large part of their dining area are glass tanks filled with live fishes and crustaceans with tagged prices to match.

Deco are modern and the place is spacious with some private rooms equipped with Karaoke to sing to your heart delight.

The friendly waitress took our orders with an expensive recommendation of a Grouper King Special @Rm170/kg.

Overall it was a great dinner.

Parking is free.

Yam Basket filled with a vegetarian mix of  vegetables like broccoli, lotus root, celery, sliced carrot and Macadamia nuts-the deep fried yam was crisp, dense and creamy.

Sweet and Sour Chicken with green, red and yellow capsicum and onion-crisp and meaty. 
Top: Steamed Grouper King Special-de-bone, thickly sliced -garnished with finely sliced spring onion stem and coriander leaves-flaky and fleshy. Bottom: Bones and head of the fish was used to make this big bowl of  soup with Lai Pak vegetables-deliciously and tasty-Rm320/

Steamed Prawns-super fresh and succulent..
Hong Kong Kai Lan to end the great meal.

Total Bill:Rm570/
Location:G-39-G-42A, Ground Floor, Citta Mall,
No:1, Jalan PJU1A/48, PJU 1A,
Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel:03-7734-3006, 016-715-6636.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant.

Last weekend after having our Bak kut teh dinner, the next door restaurant's Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant caught our attention-it was packed to the brim.

A typical sure win sign that the food must be cheap and good.

We promised ourselves to come next week.

Tonight with Michelle and mum in tow we arrived there early.

The friendly waitress helps us with our order and after a wait of about 15 minutes-the food were served.

Parking is ample after 6 pm. 

Mixed Vegetables-a good mix of baby corn, choy sam, carrot, Chinese round cabbage,mushroom and green pea bean but it tasted so-so only-Rm12/

Kai Hor Bai Teu-Pandan Chicken-beautifully woven with fragrant Pandan leave then deep fried  -  well marinated and meaty-Rm10/

Tom Yam Kung in a clear soup boiled with lengkuas,onion, oyster mushroom, fresh chillies, lemon grass, coriander leaves -very fresh prawns-addictive-really prepped up our appetite-lime juice was too overwhelming -Rm18/

Khor Mu Yang-BBQ  Pork-thick and meaty sliced pork shoulder meat-with a brown sauce (pepper/ground peanut/chopped spring onion)- delicious-Rm 20/

Tod Man Pla-Fish cake-fried until golden brown- filled with finely chopped kaffir leaves, long bean, chillies, tumeric.......springy with a sweet thick mollasses like syrup dip- Rm12/

Tap Tim Krop-with lots of shaved ice and right amount of coconut milk, nangka (jackfruit) and tapioca starch noodle enclosed with water chestnut-but not to our expectations-Rm4/

 Total bill:Rm88/
Location:26-G, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya,
Close on Thursday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bird's nest Soup (Yan Wo)

Bird's nest soup is a Chinese delicacy and considered to be one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans.

Bird's nest are made by male swiftlet consisting of interwoven strands of salivary laminae cement shaped like a shallow cup stuck to the walls.

The stopping of the export of bird's nest ( too much nitrates) to China is a bonus for locals because the price has come down to a more affordable level.

This variety is the White nest swiftlet (aerodramus fuciphagus) and was bought from Teluk Intan-a town famous for it's many swiftlet's farms.

 First, dip it in water for a while to soften it.
 Rub the bird's nest gently to remove some of it's loose feathers
 Use a pinching tong to pick up the remaining fine feathers.
Then clean thorough with water.
 Double-boil sliced pao sum for about 3 hours
 Add in the cleaned bird's nest and cooked for another hour.
 Add rock sugar to taste.
Let it cool and it's ready to serve.

A smooth gelatinous textures-soothing to the throat-good for health and full of nutrients

Location: Teluk Intan.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beef 101: A Guide to What 25% of Americans Eat Everyday (Infographic)

It's contains information about the health benefits of beef, and offers a simple breakdown of the different types of cuts you can buy at the grocery store, and some easy guides to shopping for beef.

I find that guides like these can be really helpful for novice shoppers and seasoned pros alike when it comes to meat—I think it’s never a bad idea to reinforce best practices.-( by )

Source: FrugalDad

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Original Char Siu Chai is back !

The Original Char Siu Chai is back at Restoran Simon's Delight in Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.

This guy is a like a traveling vagabond-opening and closing his char siu wantan noodle business with different partners all over PJ for the past decades.

 At this present place-he sells pork noodles, too.

Real good pork noodles with pig's innards like liver and 3 layers stuffed pig's intestine, choy sam, minced pork,  sliced lean pork in a tasty pig's bone/secret ingredients soup-crunchy pig's uterus is available on request or pre-order !

We also ordered a plate of his special "melt in the mouth" caramelized Char Siu which was excellently tender and meaty but a bit too sweet for my liking.

His side-show of flipping the wantan noodle in the air ( to rid it of it's moisture) was a delight to watch.

Lovers of pork noodle will have a better choice- either him or the neighboring famous pork noodle stall in New Seaview Restoran.

Parking is ample.

Top: Pork noodles-one of the best around PJ.  Middle: Stuffed 3 layers of pork intestines-very crunchy. Bottom: Sang cheong (uterus)-thickly sliced, crunchy with an "explosive" texture in the mouth with every bite !

 Bird's eye chillies with light soy sauce to go with the pork noodles.

Char Siu (BBQ Pork)- fragrant, well caramelized, melt in the mouth sensation-a bit too sweet to my liking.

Location: 63, Jalan 20/7, 
Paramount Garden Petaling Jaya.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Assorted Kueh @ Bidor.

It's a mobile stall situated at a corner shop side entrance-directly opposite off the Bidor town bus station.

Open daily at about 2.30 pm except for Wednesday.

Quite popular with the locals and their assorted kueh mueh are not too sweet with no artificial colorings.

I personally like their kueh talam, 9 layered kueh, black kueh (made from chicken vine ) and prawn fritters.

The last time when I was there at about 4 pm, most of my favorites were sold out.

Some of the assorted kueh mueh.
 Location: opposite of Bidor Town bus station.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amu Coconut Villa Seafood Restaurant@Kampung Cina.

The predominating Foochow enclave in Sitiawan is not only famous for it's red rice wine chicken and kompiah- fresh seafood  / toddy are available in many restaurants in Kampung Cina. 

After a visit to the hottest place to visit this year-the new KUAN YIN temple in Pasir Panjang which is a ten minutes drive from Kampung Cina.

We went to Amu Coconut Villa Seafood Restaurant@Kampung Cina for for our late lunch.

Parking is ample.

Steamed Flower Crabs @ Rm40/kg- fresh, sweet and meaty.
Deep fried Sha Joi (Silver Whiting)-crisp and sweet white flesh.
Fried Tong Fun (glass noodle) with shrimp, squid, beansprout, spring onion, egg-a bit oily.
Oyster omelette- golden brown and very fluffy with tiny oyster-goes well with Kampung Koh Chilli sauce
Stir fried Sweet Potato Leaves with garlic-leafy and thick stem.
Fresh fragrant young coconut after the meal.

Total bill:Rm73/
Location: Kampung Cina,
Sitiawan, Perak.