Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Restoran Yee Heong is one of my favorite place for fresh Pork ribs Bak Kut Teh, one of the best in Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong.

The restaurant is a corner shoplot and can be very hot during the lunch hour because the shop faces North with the hot afternoon sun beaming right into the side of the shop from the East.

The heat was no damper as business was good and customers were prepare to sweat a bit after the meal.

Parking is hell, most customers double parked.

Tea leaves and tea paraphernalia displayed are for sale.

Sang Kuat (Fresh pork ribs) Bak Kut Teh-cook on order-takes about half an hour to cook-clear, robust herbal flavored soup with lots of Coriander leaves-ribs was sweet and refreshing with a firm texture-Awesome!-Rm28/

Chicken Rice Wine-the hot claypot retains all the nutrient and aroma of the tender and meaty free range Chicken-served with generous amount of Kei Chee (Wolfberries), black Fungus, sliced and finely chopped Ginger-it will perks up all of your 5 senses-Rm16/

Round white Cabbage-finely chopped and stir fried with deep fried dried Shrimps-a bit salty to my liking-Rm7/

Steamed Grass Carp-with blended old Ginger, some specks of red Chillies and light Soy sauce-garnished with Coriander leaves-fresh with no mud smell-Rm18/

Location map.

Total bill:Rm76/
Location:01-01. Jalan Kenari 19A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong,

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Restoran Keong Kee is situated around the chaotic and busy Imbi area, just next door to Restaurant Yu Jia and opposite One Plus Shabu Shabu.
The chef is one of the brothers of the "Tai See Tow" clan, (under the big tree trunk) off Jalan Silang in Kuala Lumpur.
They were formerly "off shoots" from the famous, Restoran Soh Kee, also in Imbi Road.
Their signature dishes are fried noodles- Sang Har Meen (fresh river prawns mee Ngow Hor (beef noodle), steamed free range Chicken, stir fried vegetable of the day and steamed river fishes.
What i like about this place is it's cleanliness and even the sliced red chillies and Bird's eye chillies are washed and looks fresh!
Parking is ample along the road or at an open air car park opposite the restaurant.

Sang Har Meen-the cooked tender and succulent river Prawn with it's creamy egg gravy and a few stalks of Choy Sam were poured over a plate of fried thin crispy yellow Noodle. Mix it thoroughly to savor all of it's goodness!

Steamed free range Chicken with knotted golden Lily Buds, black Fungus, Soy sauce, Oyster sauce and a few dash of Chinese wine was a delightful dish and the essence from the tender and meaty chicken was perfect with rice.

Stir fried Romaine Lettuce with garlic-to complement the other dishes.

Total bill:Rm75/

Friday, June 26, 2009


Kedai Kopi Ban Kee is a spacious coffee shop with a Wan Ton Mee stall (in the morning) and a Tai Chow (till night).
It is located near the traffic light junction off Jalan Timur and Jalan Pahang in Tapah town, Perak.
The Tai Chow is run by a husband and wife team with the help of a server.

Their specialty are local Chinese cuisine with wild Frog, Eel and Haruan (Snakehead fish) as their bestsellers.

I had my lunch of a plate of chicken rice and a rare opportunity to watch the stall owner-Lor Chor filleted an Eel (Belut) and cooked it, too!

Front view of the shop.

BBQ chicken, Char Siew and roast Pork-all in a row.

Chicken rice-breast area-with a glossy skin, tender and meaty with chopped Cucumber and tasty sauce-Rm3/

Eel (Belut)-Padi field's variety-chop off the head and scald it with hot water for a few seconds then clean off the sticky scum from it's body.

Fillet it with a sharp knife.

Slice it with a slant and into bite size.

The stall owner Lor Chor stir fried the sliced Eel with tender loving care.

Stir fry eel with garlic, soy sauce and Shao Hsing Chinese wine-fresh, tender and springy-perfect with rice.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sushi Zanmai tag line-"A genuine conveyor sushi restaurant with 100 assortments of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese."

I have an affinity with this restaurant and the food served here-just cannot get enough of it.
My niece Iris came over for a holiday and we decided Sushi Zanmai was a good place to treat her for dinner.

As there were six of us, we did not get to sit near the snaking food conveyor.
Anyway, the sofa seating were a better alternative, more comfortable albeit a bit warmer, with a full view of the open kitchen.

Iris was too shy for a photo- one of her beautiful brown eye.

Caterpillar roll-sandwiched between toasted Unagi plus Tomago- rolled with rice and topped with slices of Avocado with toasted Black Sesame seeds on a bed of Mayonnaise and thick brown sauce-visually pleasing to the eyes and palates- Rm12.80/

Chicken Gy0za-crisp, well marinated and pan fried till golden brown-dip with black Vinegar and ate with pickled Ginger for extra flavors-Rm9.80/

Tendon-with assorted Tempura vegetables like Brinjal (Aubergine), French bean, Tempura Prawns, green Seaweed and preserved crunchy red Radish-served with short, plump Calrose rice with tasty sauce-for health conscious eater and those who are calorie conscious-Rm8.80/

Ebi-Prawn Sushi-a good starter-Rm3.80/

Kitsune Udon-with smooth Wheat noodle, tasty Miso soup, green Seaweed, Shimeiji Mushroom, Spring onion and spongy Bean curd-like sheet-elegant in both flavor and appearance-Rm6.80/

Edamane-young tender green Soy bean-appetizing-Rm3.80/

Kakiage Don-the photo on the menu looks nicer-lightly battered Prawns topped with dried green Seaweed and preserved red Radish with short plump Calrose rice and thick brown gravy-fulfilling-Rm8.80/

Sukiyaki Beef set-came piping hot on a casserole filled with Miso soup, assorted vegetables like Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom, long white Cabbage and fired with a mini gas cooker-whisked raw egg into the soup while the thinly sliced fresh Beef are quickly dipped/ cooked to get a melt in the mouth sensation-Rm15.80/

Cha Soba-with delicate, nutty and delicious cold green Buckwheat/Wheatflour noodle mixed with the white radish, green Seaweed and chopped Spring onion and dipped into the soup and slurped it up loudly with your mouth-Heavenly!-Rm8.80/

Stamina roll-rice rolled with Tomago and topped with toasted Unagi and white Sesame seeds-delicious and toasted to perfection-Rm12.80/

Total bill:Rm105/.
Location:SK 9A, 2nd Floor,
High Street, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,

Monday, June 22, 2009


Saturday lunchtime with my buddies, we went to Restoran Jun Kee in Taman Midah, Cheras, a typical neighbor restaurant with two shop lots back to back.

The place was clean and compact with floor to ceiling tiling and a glass panel enclosure for BBQ chicken, Char Siew and roast Pork and Duck.

As the restaurant have two sections, all their staff were equipped with walkie-talkie for easy communication.

The shop front.

Roast Duck (1/4) plus Char Siew (BBQ pork) -the Duck looks dry but the meat was moist and tender with a distinct flavor with each bite-the Char Siew (BBQ Pork) was average-Rm20/

The Dip for the Duck-thick brown sauce.

Sweet and Sour Garouper fish-fresh, lightly battered-bathed in a Ketchup/Vinegar sauce with a mixture of cubed Pineapple, Cucumber, Onion and Chillies-tantalizing-Rm30/

Bayam (Spinach) in superior stock soup with Century egg and young Anchovies-tender and leafy-a simple satisfying dish-Rm10/.

Total bill:Rm70/
Location:31-33-35, Jalan Midah 3,
Taman Midah,
Kuala Lumpur. Tel:03-9133-5142/2944.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

De-boned Ikan Tenggiri (Spanish Mackerel) stuffed with Fish paste- Ala "Beggar Fish" style-Fish paste was fresh, firm, springy.

Steamed Bean Curd-was soft and silky smooth-garnished with chopped Spring Onion and deep fried Shallots -melt in the mouth.

Chinese Mustard Green cooked with leftover poultry, meat, dried chillies and slices of Tamarind -sweet, sourish and tangy flavors.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Kampar a former tin mining town in Perak is famous for CB Chicken biscuit (cookies), Roti Ayam (Chicken Curry in a Bread) and recently a new university-Utar.
During the recent holidays, we went to Restoran Yau Kee (Roti Ayam) for dinner with my relatives after a scrumptious afternoon lunch in Tanjung Tualang.
In the night, the exterior of the restaurant looks small but it's interior was spacious and air conditioned.
Service was fast and prompt.
Their signature dish of Roti Ayam was ordered by most diners in the restaurant.

Side view of the restaurant in the night.

Roti Ayam-Min Pau Kai (Chicken curry in a Bread)-the cooked Curry Chicken are wrapped in a few layers of waxed baking paper, covered with dough then oven baked -the Curry Chicken was salty but full of Rempah and Curry leaves flavor-the bread was soft, sweet, pillowy and perfect to dip with the Curry Chicken-I'd prefer the Restaurant Hua Xing's version-Rm25/.

Claypot Yam (Taro) and Duck Mee-came piping hot-the Sang Mee (thin Yellow noodle) was covered with thick, creamy and salty flavorful brown gravy while the cubed Yam and bite sized Duck meat complemented it very well-Rm18/.

Salt baked Chicken-Portion was too small as it was a "Kampung" Chicken nevertheless the meat was firm, muscled and fragrant-Rm20/

Wong Tai Mee (Emperor Mee)-Fried with strips of Mushroom, Prawn and Pork -flavored with Oyster sauce, light and dark Soy sauce, Sesame oil and garnished with chopped Lettuce-the Mee was tasty and springy- Rm15/

Baby Romaine Lettuce-stir fried with Foo Yee (Preserved Beancurd)-was overcooked and soggy-a big letdown-Rm12/

Total bill:rm110/.
Location:55 &57, Jalan Idris,
Kampar, Perak.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was recommended by my bil Peng about this Mini Kaya Puff stall near a market beside a restaurant in Tanjung Tualang, Perak.
I was skeptical about it's taste and the lady stall owner was gracious to let me try it out before buying.
The verdict: good crispy and not overtly sweet Mini Kaya Puff and I bought 60 pieces at Rm0.50/piece from her.

The vivacious and friendly lady stall owner packing my order of Kaya Puff.

Ordinary looking Mini Kaya Puff with the right amount of smooth, fragrant kaya filling- thin crisp golden brown crust with toasted Sesame seeds and a egg glaze surface-a good snack with a hot cup of Tea or Coffee -Rm0.50/