Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ah Chai Bak Kut Teh@Teluk Intan.

Eating Bak Kut Teh in the early morning is a habit or should I say
is a culture in Teluk Intan.

For breakfast, you will see people and families of all ages downing 
plateful of rice with their BKT.

Located in a ramshackle wooden house along a busy main road 
leading to Sabak Bernam (by now relocated to their new and spanking 
new shophouse in Taman Indah Jaya 2)

We had a piping hot claypot filled with pork ribs, pig's stomach, tofu
puff  with fresh lettuce, a plate of sweet, spicy and tangy Grouper's fish
head and a plate of Choy Sam garnished with deep fried pork lard and shallot.

This BKT is different from KL/PJ or Klang- a bit dark with a diluted soup
rendering the meat to be dark, too !

It was a wholesome for the two of us.


 Location: 39, Taman Indah Jaya 2,
Jalan Sultan Abdullah, Teluk Intan,


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Restoran Kit Kee@Subang Jaya.

The owner of  Restoran Kit Kee is the eldest son of Keong Kee.

The menu is more elaborate to cater to more diners.

His father's signature noodle are available except for the steamed
chicken which need to be order one day in advance.

As we had rice for lunch, we ordered three types of fried noodles
i.e - Cantonese "ying yong"  with mixed meats, Sang Har Mee (river prawns) with
egg noodle and Ngow Hor-ginger/scallion/beef  with rice vermicelli and a plate of
kai lan miu.

The Cantonese "ying yong"  for 2 pax, lack eggy sauce otherwise ok.
The Beef noodle for single pax is rather salty but comes with generous amount 
of deep fried rice vermicelli.
The Sang Har Mee lack wok hei and eggy sauce-the half sliced river prawns
is fresh  and succulent.
The stir fried kan lan miu with garlic balanced off the meal.

Opened three months ago-in time to come I think he will improve by leap
and bound.

Beef noodle (ngow hor)-Rm8/.

Sang Har Mee-Rm80/

Cantonese styled Ying Yong noodle-Rm16/

Kar Lan Miu-Rm8/

 Location:20,Jalan SS14/2,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Boat Noodle@Empire Damansara.

Boat noodle are Thai styled glass noodle - like our flat rice noodle
albeit thinner and coarser.

Served dry / soup in a deep and big bowl with fish sauce, coriander, sliced chicken 
meat, beansprout, a piece of beef or chicken ball and a tiny piece of 
calamansi and bottles of condiments to spice up the dish.

It took me three spoonfuls to finish off the serving@Rm1.90.

The three of us had 10 bowls and there were place for more in our

But we did not go for it as it will be quite monotonous.

At it's low pricing, diners will fall into the trap to order more !

Location: G3A, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8,
Damansara Perdana, P.Jaya.