Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Dinner @Kampar.

A yearly dinner to celebrate my mother-in law's birthday at a restaurant located opposite Taman Naga Emas, off the main road just after Kampar town..

We thought that the celebration would not be held because she underwent angioplasty twice within a span of only five months but thanks God the procedure was a success !

She was under rehabilitation and was able to walk with a aid of a walking stick.

The 8 course dinner for five tables@ Taman Kampar Seafood Restoran (not sure if I got it right ?)
 was  a joyous and happy affair and ended with a birthday song for her by her grand children and she making a wish and blowing the candles.

Overall the food was good but the food presentation was the same - sliced tomatoes, cucumber...etc  and got a bit monotonous to ours eyes.

Parking is OK.

Longevity noodled with lean pork and lots of Chinese Chives.

Mixed food platter-very generously sized.

White Promfret fish done in three styles-(bottom photo-deep fried fish skin)

Roast chicken stuffed with fish paste and Thai styles in a bowl..

Sea prawn done in two styles-5 stars !

Chinese Mustard Green cooked in a crab meat and egg gravy.

Peanut Broth with Chinese sweet pancake.  

A happy mil.

  Location: site of the ex-New Kampar Restoran,
Opposite of Taman Naga Emas, Kampar.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

36 Stalls@Kampar.

36 Stalls is one of the oldest food court in Kampar town located near to a latest  new cinema complex.

Until today, it offers a wide varieties of hawker food, albeit a little slow in business during the week days.

I, particularly like this Ngow Lam Mee  @stall no:18, as I used to patronize them when the father  (owner) was the cook, then it was located in a makeshift hut, near a budget hotel.

With his son at the rein, now the taste and flavor is not as intense and flavorful as the father's time but nevertheless it's brings back memories to my taste buds.

The wanton noodle is spring while the stewed beef brisket and innards and white radish together with spices and herbs like star anise and liquorice...etc is cooked just right and easy to chew.

My daughter Michelle and my wife ordered from Stall no:30- laksa mee and soup mee respectively and @Rm3.50/bowl, it was a steal.

Parking is OK.

Ngow Lam Mee@Rm5.50-good value for money.

Curry Laksa-Rm3.50/

Bee Hoon soup@Rm3.50/

Location\: 36 stalls @Kampar Town near a new cineplex.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Restoran Atlantic 1 (Nyonya Food)@Melaka.

Three men i.e. my two colleague and me drove down to Melaka city for business and pineapple tarts.

We  met up with our friend Ong whose office is just a stone throwaway from a famous pork satay restaurant in Kampung Hulu.

After we had done with our business, Ong took us to buy pastries and pineapple tarts,  fresh from the oven.

Then a quick tour of the rural areas of Pulau Gadong, Klebang, across the reclaimed sea areas and back to town (Jonker Street) and Kampong Hulu  for lunch at Restoran Atlantic 1 (Nyonya Food )

Their tagline-Nyonya Baba Food-Authentic Peranakan Cuisine at it's best aptly described their food.

Pineapple fried rice- grainy rice fried with shrimp-garnished with pineapple, chicken floss and cashew nuts-one of their signature dish.

House made Tofu-crisp on the outside and silky smooth inside-garnished with deep fried shallots, tomato and spring onion-seated on light soy sauce and oil.

Pongteh Ayam (Chicken)-with mushroom and potato-a bit diluted (need more buah keras (candle nuts) to bring up the flavor)

Gulai Siakap (not very fresh) with tomato and cubed pineapple in a spicy and flavorful gravy.

Chinchalok (brined baby shrimps or krills-an age old Malay delicacy) Omelette-well fried-a bit sourish and pungent in taste .

Blanched tender Ladyfinger topped with sambal belacan chillies..

Location:78, Jalan Portugis (Jalan Kubu)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Delicious Dinner 57.

A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.


Sambal red chillies cuttlefish-spicy and chewy.

Sliced boiled pork shoulder-dip in Bird eye's chillies in soy sauce for extra kick.

Steamed Lady fingers (okra) garnished with deep fried garlic oil, soy sauce and shallots.