Monday, April 27, 2015

Restoran Shi Zi Wei @Tapah.

Arranged to met up with my friend William Hor and family for 
lunch at 食之味饭店 Restaurant Shi Zhi Wei.

Both of us drove from different locations in Kuala Lumpur city and reach
there just in time for lunch.

The restaurant is clean, spacious and airy and is a corner lot 
double storey shophouse located next to SMK Sri Tapah.

The restaurant manageress Huey Ling was on hands to recommend
their specialties and our orders.

A wait of about of fifteen minutes was all it took to serve the various

The verdict about the food by them was a double thumbs up -fresh and tasty
and worth the 2 hours trip.

Braised (kow yok) pork belly with yam -house mde -well marinated and one of their "must have" signature dish.

Steamed wild frogs with crushed ginger and spring onion with good grade soy sauce  and cooked oil- the flesh is smooth and detach easily from it's bones..

Stir fried wild Haruan (snakehead fish) slices with ginger, onion and spring onion -a lot of bounce in the flesh with each bite.

Stir fried Padi fields Eel -(de bone and nicely sliced ) koong poh style with Bombay dried red chillies, onion and spring onion -springy with every bite.

Sweet and sour pork belly with onion , red and green capsicum - crisp and crunchy.

Stir fried freshly pluck Pucuk Paku with sambal belacan and onion.

 Location: 9, Taman Tapah,