Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My mother and my children want to have a change of taste and flavor after all the usual Chinese "Tai chow" and restaurant's food.
Food Foundry in my neighborhood have expanded to another shop lot which translates to means good business.
They have a new menu that caters to all age group of diners which shall includes Sandwiches and Pizza later on.

My wife needs to have her fix of rice, hence she ordered Nasi Lemak while the rest of us went "Western."

Service was excellent and parking is ample.

Soft Shell Crab Salad with Mango Kerabu-too much batter for the Crab but the Mango Kerabu was addictive-Rm14/

Aglio Olio Prawns-Pasta were al-dente with generous amount of Olive oil, herbs and pepper-prawns was not fresh- Pasta was satisfying and delicious, love it- Rm18/

Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik-served with cucumber, blanched green and Sambal laced chicken-the rice with dried shrimps was bursting with savory goodness-chicken was a bit salty-a wholesome meal with a local touch-Rm12/

Pan fried Dory Fillet in Cream sauce-served with Olive oil tossed blanched green and mashed potatoes-meat was moist, white and creamy-Yummy-Rm13/.

Nasi Lemak-served with a small piece of omelette, peanut, cucumber and a curry flavored Drumstick - Sambal was sweet instead fiery hot-meal was not over whelming!- Rm12/.

Cajun Sirloin Steak-served with olive oil tossed blanched green and mashed potatoes-meat was done medium rare-smoky, tasty, juicy but tough-rm28/.

Chocolate Mille Crepe-heavenly sweet-Rm9/.

Vanilla Mille Crepe-foc (compensation for the Aglio Olio prawns.)

Total bill:Rm116/ (3 Iced Lemon Tea + 2 Sky Juice)
Location:BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya,

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Ground floor corner shoplots of the three blocks of Happy Mansion Apartment in Section 17, Petaling Jaya are now occupied by cafes and restaurants.

MM Cafe is the new kid on the block with competitors like 6 to 10 Grill and Nasi Lemak, My Elephant (closed), Food Foundry, Restoran Choon Yien and Benji's Place.
It is quaint and quiet place to have a quick meal or just hang around with friends.

We were apprehensive about MM Cafe's food but now have to swallow back our words.

Fish Quiche (Dory Fish) -like a piece of cake filled with Egg and Mushroom-served with Cucumber, Coleslaw, Garlic bread-was tasty but too small a portion for Mike-Rm14.90.

Spaghetti Bolognaise with minced Chicken-full of ingredients and bursting with flavors-a comfort dish-Rm14.90.

Fried Chicken-lightly battered and deep fried- a bit dry with a crispy skin but meat was tender and juicy.

Beef Combo set served with White rice, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Mushroom-the gravy was perfect with the rice-Rm16.90.

Fried Hokkien thick Yellow noodle with Rice Vermicelli-flavorsome-not overtly oily-just nice for one-Rm 9.90/

Fried Beef noodle (Ngow Hor)-the sliced Beef was tender-lots of Spring Onion, sliced young Ginger and covered with a gooey layer of Egg gravy-delicious!-Rm9.90/

Boh Tea after the meal for Mindy.

Iced Lemon tea comes with the set.

Total bill:Rm75/
Location:AG-1, Ground Floor,
Block A, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya,

Thursday, April 23, 2009


In Hong Kong, fried Fish skins is a delicacy and are served as side orders in some noodle shops.
Waste not what that be eaten!

Normally after skinning the Garouper fish, my wife will boil the skins and the bones together for a few hours on low flame to make fish's stock. Then store it in the refrigerator for future use.

Today, for a change, she seasoned the skins with a sprinkling of sea salt, dried it in the sun (you can mop it dry with paper towel) and deep fried it in cooking oil until it turned crispy and golden brown.

I must say that it was more tasty and crispier than those Fish crackers (Keropok) sold in stores.

Maybe because of a layer of healthy Gelatine like fat on it's skin!

Eat it with Lingham's Chili and Ginger sauce-Best!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Restoran Makanan Laut Yong Tat located in Telok Gong is known for it's fresh seafood. It's still "unspoilt" unlike the Coconut Flower Restoran which are packed and invaded with "tourist" diners, every weekends.

This restaurant nestled in a quiet area, far away from the maddening crowd about 3 km away from the Glenmarie Cove's junction.

The restaurant is clean, hygienic, air c
onditioned and have a freshness in the air atmosphere about it. This is our third visit and we were surprised, they have a new menu, basically for those who are not familiar with the food that they served.

When the fishes, prawns and crabs are fresh-nothing beat it to be steamed to savor it's freshness and sweetness.

We ordered the usual favorite of ours and after the meal there was no cause for complaint. Parking is ample.

Their menu.

Appetizer-Prawn Rolls-filled with fine and meaty texture of minced prawn (70%) and minced chicken (30%)-can be eaten on it own without any sauce-Rm20/.

Fried fine rice vermicelli with lots of mini Lala, Choy sam, Chinese Long White cabbage, dried Shrimps and deep fried Lard-was not oily and finished off in one round-Rm10/.

Stir fried oyster mushroom-was smooth and moist with a distinct earthy flavor-best-Rm13/.

Sliced "Soon Hong" fish (Giant Ma Yau) cooked with Tamarind juice with Sliced Lady finger-recommended by the lady boss-the meat was fresh and a bit soft with a tangy flavor gravy-perfect with rice-Rm36/.

Steamed Sea Prawns garnished with chopped Bird's Eye Chillies-was fresh, juicy and succulent-Superb!-Rm30/

Steamed Flower Crab also garnished with Bird's Eye Chillies for extra kick-was small in size but the meat was fresh, fine and sweet-Rm32/.

Dessert-Sliced Pineapple-sweet, smooth and non fibrous-the best that we have ever eaten!-Rm10/

Fresh Coconut to cool off-Rm5,50/each.

Total bill:Rm160/.
Location:Lot 9185, Kampung Telok Gong,
Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor,

Sunday, April 19, 2009


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Steamed free range Chicken -meat was juicy and tender.

Sweet and Sour shelled Sea prawns-fresh and succulent full of Ketchup and Vinegar flavor.

Stir fry fresh Scallop with Sweet Peas, lean Pork and sliced Carrot-wholesome meal.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Lately I have been featuring eateries with no name, this is another one, whose specialty are Clear Broth Noodle (i.e.-Rice Vermicelli, Yellow Noodle, Egg Noodle or thick flat noodle) served with home made Fish balls, Fish paste, assorted Green stuffed with Fish paste or minced Pork and "Sui Kow"Dumpling. I consider this place to be a hidden gem and it is located in a house in Section 1 of Petaling Jaya Old Town.

In the morning, Petaling Jaya Old Town is very busy with a hive of activities because of the wet market.

The place is a sleepy hollow in the night except for the famous Meng Kee" Bak Kut Teh", Clay Pot Chicken rice, a recently opened Old Town White Coffee and a Porridge stall opposite the Mutiara complex.

This place opens for business at about 8.15 a.m. and closes after lunch. Thursdays and Sundays are their off days.
In the morning, it caters to regulars and people after their early morning exercises and continues until the office crowds comes in for lunch.

Seating are limited and are located by the side of the house, sometimes spilling into their family dining area.

The "Yong Liu" and "Sui Kow" are generous sized and considered premium, so it is worthwhile waiting for!

The front of the house-next door is a 99 SpeedMart supermarket-go in via this side gate.

The husband and wife's team busy at the cooking area.

Fresh greens / the Fish paste fillings are freshly made everyday.

Ordered a bowl of Fish paste stuffed Bitter gourd, Okra, Red Chilli, Brinjal, Prawn and Fish paste Dumpling (two pieces) and Tau Pok stuffed with Pork and Fish paste-Rm1.10/each.

Clear Broth Noodle-Rice Vermicelli served with three stalks of Choy Sam, 3 pieces of Home made Fish balls, Seaweed and a piece of fried Bean curd sheet-Broth was clear and tasty and Fish balls was firm and springy-Rm4.30/Bowl.

Close up of the Prawn and Fish paste Dumpling-fresh, scrumptious and smooth with generous amount of fillings like crunchy Water Chestnut, Spring onion, Carrots, Black Fungus, Prawn and Fish paste-rating-9/10.

Green fiery Bird's Eye Chillies in light Soy sauce and Garlic Chillies sauce for accompaniments.

A glass of herbal tea to finish off the meal.

Total bill:Rm18/.
Location:27, Jalan 1/21, (Besides the 99 SpeedMart)
Petaling Jaya Old Town.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This long snaking stretch of SS1/22 is a boring, busy and traffic choked road at peak hours. The only consolation about it, is a crossroad junction with the biggest White colored cover traffic lights in the whole of Malaysia, near this restaurant. Dragon Star Aircond Seafood Restaurant opened for business a month ago at the only row of shops on this side of the road. This two shop lots double storey restaurant is new with minimal decor. We were told by the lady captain that the restaurant is under the Sam You group. The three of us ordered four of their signature dishes which were up to the mark. Parking is OK.

Deep fried Home made Bean Curd topped with minced Pork, preserved Radish and Lard-crispy on the outside-soft, smooth and eggy yellowish inside-just melt in the mouth-Rm12/.

Pork Ribs in BBQ sauce-served with Tempura-like julienned Long Bean-3 layered meat was well marinated and flavored like "Tung Poh Rou"-Rm15/

Black Pepper Fish-stir fried slice Garouper fish with diced Onion and Red chillies-fresh, tasty and flavorful-Rm15/.

Stir fried Lai Pak (mini Swiss Chard) with Garlic-thick, stemmy and crunchy-rm12/.

Total bill: Rm70/. (Fresh fruits-foc)
Location:54a 54b, Jalan SS1/22,
Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Did anybody noticed that all the big guys are having promotion using every conceivable ideas and freebies to entice diners to their restaurant?

TGI Friday's was one of them , they are having a promotion of Rm29.90 for a two course meal i.e. for appetizer and entree. Add RM6/ for two choices of Dessert Minis.
Who could resists such a tempting offer?. We could not!
Last night, the seven of us ended up there for dinner. TGIF offers fresh and generous sized casual American style dining meal and if you eat in a group it will be a great experience trying out the different dishes. The place was quite noisy as some young guys were having a birthday bash. The good food and ambiance made up for it, but the lighting was bad for photography. Another bad point -smoking was allowed in the restaurant.

Appetizers:1. (Top) Clam chowder-blend with Celery, Garlic, Scallion and Potatoes-was creamy and smooth with a dash of pepper 2. (Left) Boneless Wings-basted in traditional Buffalo sauce served with fresh Celery sticks - crust was salty-meat was tender 3. Fried Mac and Cheese-golden fried to perfection and oozing with cheese-irresistible!

Friday's Three for All- A trio of their most famous appetizers-loaded Potatoes skins, fried Mozzarella Cheese and spicy Buffalo Wings-served with Sour cream and Green onion, Marinara sauce and Celery sticks with Bleu cheese dressing. My comment: loves the loaded Potatoes skin and Celery sticks with the Bleu Cheese dressing.-Rm35.90/

Entree-Fish and Chip-Three portion of Fish fillet battered and fried to golden brown and served with crispy fries and Tartar sauce-May's comment: Fish was fresh and juicy with a crispy crust.

Entree:Sizziling Chicken and Cheese-A skillet of onions, red and green capsicums with garlic marinated chicken breast over melted Colby and Jack cheese. served with Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes-Mike's comment: Chicken meat was coarse and meaty and the greens were crunchy.

Entree: Tuscan Chicken Melt-Fire grilled diced Chicken, Mozzarella and Jack Cheese, roasted onions and tomatoes sandwiched between a buttery thick toasted bread. served with crispy fries-Mindy's comment: a real comfort meal!

Friday's Cheese Burger-Fire grilled with two slices of melted Colby cheese with the classic ingredients and crispy fries-Sam's comment: oh! so hearty!-Rm18.90/

Jack Daniel's Chicken-Two juicy Chicken breasts basted in savory glaze, served with Broccoli, Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes-Edmond's comment: the portions was huge and the Jack Daniel's sauce was a good dip for the Chicken meat-Rm29.90/.

Jack Daniel's Burger-Well seasoned -Fire grilled to order-the juicy 7 oz Burger is glazed with Jack Daniel's sauce and topped with two strips of crispy beef bacon and Colby cheese, served with Jack Daniel's sauce and crispy fries-Mich's comment: the minced beef was juicy, meaty and flavorful-Rm24.90/ .

Dessert Minis-Strawberry and Oreo Chocolate-sweet and smooth- finished off in 4 spoonfuls!

Location: 1473, One Utama,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya.