Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imperial Rama @ Highlands Hotel.

Our day's trip to the cool 6000m Genting Highlands resort was to escape the city's heat and haze.

We had lunch at Imperial Rama @ Highlands Hotel- a Top 10 restaurant with a HAPA Award 2010-2012 for Best Chinese Cuisine Restaurant.

The resort really knows how to pamper those high roller's appetite for good food from many of it's restaurants.

Ordinary people like you and me can patronize this restaurant for a quiet and sumptuous meal, too.

The restaurant is elegant, comfortable and is not too big - served a mixture of authentic Chinese  and Thai cuisine.

The prices are pretty affordable with attentive service.


Simple table setting with a glass vase of  fresh Orchid-thick napkins, two pairs of chopsticks for each diner (individual and open) and glistening white porcelain ware  .
Butter milk sea prawns with salted egg yolk-seated a bed of subtle flavor julienned leeks/fresh lettuce-lightly batter-fragrant, sweet/salty and succulent-Rm65/
Green curry with chunky chicken meat/mint leaves/ lime leaves/red chillies/local brinjal/ mini green Thai aubergines/ coconut milk-thick, creamy and spicy hot-Rm30/

Home made Bean curd (six pieces) - deep fried, eggy and silky smooth inside-seated on a combination of Enokitaki mushroom/ sugar pea-topped with well marinated minced pork with a smooth and tasty dark broth-Rm28/
Poh Choy (Spinach)- a local vegetable-stir fried with garlic-tender with some crunch-highly nutritional-Rm18/
Almond Pudding with colorful, chewy and succulent nato de coco-mum's fave- I never like the taste of almond-Rm6/

Total bill:Rm167/
Location: beside the VIP lobby of Highlands Hotel, Genting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thong Yew Seafood Restaurant@Klang Town.

The menu at Thong Yew Seafood Restaurant is quite extensive and seems to get better with each visit.

As there were only the three of us (we forgo the Bak kut teh ), the lady boss recommended a plate of plain Beehoon (rice vermicelli) to go with a clay pot Garoupa fish and Assam prawns.

And it turned out to be a wise choice and very affordable, too.

Parking is OK.

Clay pot Garoupa fish kept warm with a mini cooker-with a lot of sweet Chinese long cabbage at the base with cubed yam/red tomato/ strands of golden needle mushroom/ in a clear tasty fish stock broth-garnished with fresh green coriander leaves-excellent - 5 stars !-Rm48.
Assam sea prawns cooked dried style with onion, red chillies , okra and lots of sourish tamarind juice-goes well with the plain beehoon-Rm28/

Location:Lot 930-934, Jalan Gelugor,
Klang, Selangor.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crabs ! Crabs ! Crabs !

Crabs are crustaceans that feed on algae and animal matter and are mostly found in freshwater, ocean, on land or farmed.

Why is it that not everyone like to eat crabs ?

Some maybe due to health reasons, put off with the hassle of getting their hands dirty..........etc.

My whole family are crabs lovers-cooked any style.

Eating crabs is an art-eat it with a slow and tender loving care- skills (harnessed from experience) are needed to pick and dig up each and every piece of the fine and succulent flesh-breaking the fragile shell segment by segment.

Have anyone of you seen people eating crabs with a pair of chopsticks?

Never eat crabs during the 1st and 15th Lunar day of each month.

Now, which types of cooked crabs, turn you ON................... ?

Charcoal fire grilled crabs ?.
Clay pot butter crabs ?.
Black pepper crabs ?.
Salted duck egg yolk crabs ?
Fresh flower crab for steamboat ?
Deep fried soft shell crabs-eaten whole including the shell ?
Steamed Australia snow crab ?
Stuffed crab ?.
Curry leaves flavored crabs ?
Sweet and sour crabs ?
Steamed crabs with orange roe ?
Steamed small sized crabs with egg white
Steamed big sized crabs with egg white ?
TeoChew style chillies crabs with lots of chopped Bird's eye chillies ?


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House @ Yong Peng, Johor.

Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House located in Yong Peng town, Johor with such a boastful tag line-"The premium fish ball maker since 1988" was packed with many famished customers like us.

On our way back to KL from Johor, we stopped by there for our lunch-highly recommended by my bil, Peng.

The place is partly air conditioned with a newly renovated open kitchen on one side.

After our tables were quickly cleared and cleaned by young kids (must be the owner's children) the young boss with a PDA came to take our orders (very efficient! ).

The fried fish paste stuffed dishes and four types of noodles took about 45 minutes to be served.

Parking is available in front of the shop (double parking) or along the main road.

Fried Fuzuk (Beancurd sheet) stuffed with fish paste-the skin was very salty-Rm4/-and Fried Peace egg is hard boiled egg stuffed with a thin layer of fish paste-good appetizer-Rm4/.
Airy pocket sliced fish cake-excellent !-Rm4/ and deep fried dumplings (very small sized)-a bit doughy-Rm4/.
Loh Shi Fun - dry type tossed with light and dark soy sauce/oil-just average-but the fish balls (6 pieces made form Wolf Herring) was the highlight of the meal-springy and very fresh-Rm4.50/.

Total bill:Rm38/
Location: 122A-123, Main Road (besides Caltex station).
Yong Peng, Johor
Tel:07-467-3985 / 019-752-8927.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Toasted Massimo Sandwich Loaf Bread with Toppings 2.

Guacamole is a dip made from avocado and was originated from Mexico.

The trick to a perfect guacamole is to use good and ripe avocados (Australian).

The ingredients are one ripe avocado,chopped red onion, finely chopped cilantro, coarse salt, a dash of pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Most people eat guacamole with crispy tortillas.

For my breakfast, my wife uses it as a spread on toasted Massimo sandwich loaf bread with wheatgerm which just as good. 

The healthy combination of guacamole/toasted Massimo bread with wheatgerm was packed with freshness and nutrition !

A refreshing and healthy meal.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Haagen-Dazs Mooncake.

Mid Autumn Festival with a difference- ice cream moon cake from Haagen-Dazs.

Instead of the sweet, cholesterol laden duck's egg yolk and doughy oven baked moon cake this is another alternative which children will love to eat and that's for sure !

Two flavors-1: Dark chocolate coated moon cake with layers of chocolate & vanilla ice cream concealing a refreshing mango sorbet yolk and 2: Milk chocolate coated moon cake with layers of coffee &  Macadamia nut ice cream concealing a refreshing mango sorbet yolk-beautifully packed in a box with dry ice-cool, smooth textures and flavorsome-melt in the mouth sensation !-Rm65/

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Char Kway Teow @ Restoran Leong Seng Huat, Perling.

When we are on holidays, our eating schedules will always be upside down.

Waking up late in the morning-breakfast and lunch became brunch (one meal).

Food at unfamiliar places can either be good or a total disaster.

Our gracious host Selena has a nose for good food and the Char Kway Teow that we had at Restoran Leong Seng Huat in Perling , Johor was tasty with lots of "wok hei."

It is a typical neighborhood coffee shop with a mixed rice stall at the front, two others noodle stalls and this busy (almost non-stop frying) Char Kway Teow stall which is run by the owner.

CKT without chillies-long, smooth and much slimmer flat rice noodle fried with beansprout, Chinese chive, egg, shrimp-not too oily and it was tasty-Rm4/.
CKT with red chillies paste and fresh bloody cockles-Rm4/

 Location:169, Jalan Simbang,
Taman Perling (next to Pizza Hut Delivery Center),
Johor Baru.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good Luck Restoran @ Sungai Rengit, Johor.

Next morning after breakfast at a self serviced Dim Sum restaurant at Bukit Indah. 

 The journey continued with a long, slow drive to Desaru using the new two lanes highway with a long, stunning and majestic looking A shaped China built link bridge.

The road leading to the beach were jammed with cars and the clean sandy beach were packed with holiday picnickers and swimmers.

 After this we went to the Fisherman Museum about 6 km away but found that it was close on arrival.
Just strolled along the brackish sandy beach-took some photos and Samantha and me "planked" on an upturned boat for the fun of it !

Everyone was hungry after the "tour" and the nearest restaurant was 26 km away in Sungai Rengit - a small fishing village with it's own jetty and many fresh and live seafood restaurants.

Good Luck Restoran located a stone throwaway from the town is a converted village house.
I think it's family owned because kids as young as seven to twelve years old help to serve, clear and collect payment.

As it was a holiday, the restaurant was packed to the brim. 
We managed to get a table after a 15 minutes wait-orders were quickly taken and was told that the waiting time is an hour !

The mini lobsters (buttered style) and live fresh seafood are their main draw.

Parking is along the narrow roadside.

Fried Bee Hoon with finely sliced BBQ pork, shrimp, beansprout and lots of Chinese round cabbage-finish it off in a few minutes because of hunger !
Lemon Chicken-lightly batter and deep fried -crispy skin and tender and moist meat seated on a bed of lemon juice gravy.

Golden Promfret - steamed to perfection-fresh and smooth textures.

Koong Por Mantis prawn-the meat was extremely meaty and springy in texture- stir fried with onion, spring onion and red dried chillies-highly recommended.

House made Tofu with How Siu Choy, assorted seafood like crab meat, dried scallop and roe-drenched with good stock reduction gravy.
Lai Pak Choy-young, tender and leafy and was not fibrous.

Location: 86, Jalan Telok Ramunia,
Sungai Rengit, Pengerang,