Monday, May 30, 2011

Hing Ket Grill House.

Hing Ket Grill House is famous for it's fried Hokkien styled noodles, grilled fresh seafood and lamb with great red chillies sauce and refreshing mint sauce as dip..

It's a village house converted into a no frills restaurant with a smoke wafting grill room at the front. 

Located at a dangerous corner off the backwaters of Kampung Jawa, Klang with developments and small/medium enterprises creeping nearer and nearer to them.

The three of us ordered four dishes and it turned out to be good-will go back with the whole gang to try out more grilled seafood like crabs, squid, lamb...etc

Parking is limited in front of the Grill house.

Fried Tang Hoon (Glass noodle)-with chopped Chinese long cabbage, squid, strips of chicken,minced pork egg and Chinese parsley-a notch above others-Rm7.50/
Fried Yam noodle-with cilantro, leek, mushroom, pork lard, light and dark soy sauce and Chinese cabbage-garnished with chopped spring onion-bouncy like steamed rice cake-5 stars- Rm7.50/
Stir fried Tong Oh-leafy with a pungent aroma-Rm8/
Grilled Garouper fish with blended red chillies paste on a Banana leaves-fresh and fleshy with a spicy kick-Rm28/
Dip-red chillies sauce and refreshing mint sauce.

Total Bill:Rm54/
Location: Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4, Kampung Jawa,
Klang, Selangor.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Making of Nyonya Chang (Glutinous Rice Dumpling).

Homemade Nyonya Chang (Glutinous Rice Dumplings).

The making..............................visually step by step.................

Soaked Hemp Strings.
Boiled,washed and wipe-dried the Bamboo leaves.
White glutinous rice-soaked overnight.
Blue colored glutinous rice- mixing it with the juice of the Butterfly pea flower(below).

 Bunga Telang (Butterfly Pea flower)
The fillings- ingredients are lean pork, pork fats,mushroom, tong toong kuah (preserved candied winter melon) garlic, shallots, ketumbar (roasted ground coriander seed), salt, pepper,tau cheong (preserved soybean paste) , light and dark soy sauce, sar keong (cekur rhizomes) 
The cooking process takes about 3 1/2 hours-when it's cooked-hang it up to drain away the excess water and oil-and it is ready to be serve-a lovely hue of white and blue with a fragrant flavor-full of  meaty and crunchy textures with every bite-best in the world !

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smoked Turkey Ham Sandwich.

Home made breakfast of smoked turkey ham sandwich.

Gardenia whole grain bread (prefer it to be toasted) stacked 3 high.

Two layers of bread filled with sliced smoked turkey ham laid on a piece of fresh lettuce-topped with sliced juicy red tomato/crunchy green zucchini/fried egg.

A great meal to start the day. 

A wholesome sandwich.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Supreme Abalone & Shark's Fin Set @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant.

Monday night is the only time my daughter Michelle can join for us for dinner.

Pantai Seafood Restaurant located in Kg Sg Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya is one of her favorite place-with free and ample parking spaces-fresh seafood-air-conditioned and attentive service.

For it's sixth anniversary, Pantai Seafood Restaurant is offering a Supreme Abalone & Shark's Fin Set at only Rm69.80++ / person-Buy one free one. (Monday to Friday only)

This offer was too hard to resist and we went for it - divided into six courses with each portion served individually-visually pleasing, simple and tasty !

The dinner set ended with a zesty and sweet Longan and sea coconut dessert.

Worth the money !

Braised Shark's Fin soup with shredded chicken-very fine texture with tender chicken fillet in a superior broth-a great starter to the meal.
Braised Australia Live Abalone-served on the side with a blanched Broccoli floret-small sized live Abalone with a springy texture with every bite-the superior sauce added substance to the dish.
"Dragon Boat" Fritter is basically a deep fried mini Yam Basket filled with diced chicken meat/prawn/mushroom with a prawn head and tail for decoration-yammy !.
Traditional Hand-made Hakka Bean curd-served on a hot sizzling casserole-two pieces of  stuffed minced pork/salted fish silky smooth hand-made white square tofu and garnished with some chopped spring onion-a tad bit salty otherwise excellent.
Fried Fragrant Rice in YangZhou style-with shrimp/diced BBQ pork/finely chopped longbean/spring onion-fragrant, whole grain rice,was not oily and with good "wok hei.".
Longan & Sea Coconut Dessert-with small rinds of lemon and cool shaved ice-zesty, sweet and refreshing-aid in digestion.

Total Bill: Rm164/
Location: Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka,PJU 6A,
Kg Sg Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday/Anniversary/Mother's Day.

Every year the month of May make me poorer and burn a big hole in my wallet.

So this year I have a dinner plus karaoke for my birthday, my daughter's wedding anniversary and Mother's day all on the same day-killing three birds with one stone !

This dinner was held at one of the VIP room in Pantai Seafood Restoran in Sg Kayu Ara.

Before the dinner -Michelle and Samantha entertained us with their great solo and duet songs.

There were nicely wrapped presents for me and my wife. 

We ordered ala carte dishes from their extensive menu.

Overall it's was a happy, joyous and great dinner. 

Four Combination Platter-a great dish to start the dinner.
Kepah (clams)in a superior soup-sweet and fresh.
Sea prawn with salted egg-crispy and fleshy with a fragrant salted flavor.
Sliced Lotus root stuffed with prawn paste in a white egg gravy-very crunchy served on the side with broccoli.
Steamed Soon Hock (Marble Goby) in a good grade soy sauce and peanut oil-fleshy, sweet, flaky and the star of the night.
Thai styled Pig Trotter-crispy deep down to the bones.

Asparagus with prawn-too old and thick rendering it to a bitter taste was returned to the kitchen.

Salted mud crabs to end the dinner-fine, sweet and succulent flesh with fragrant duck egg yolk flavor on the outside.
Local cut mixed fruits to aid the digestive system.

Total bill:Rm700/
Location: Lot 13575, Jln Cempaka, PJU 6A,
Kg. Sg Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lunch @ Lurah Bilut.

After a great breakfast we headed to Raub, Pahang a small gold mining town.

We picked up 4th Yee's mother and we went to the weekly Pasar Tani near the Bus Terminal.


Bought fresh red Bird's eye chillies at only Rm2/sardine tin, ripe bananas at Rm1-Rm2/comb and fresh fruits that were in season-a real bargain !

 Then we proceeded to Bukit Koman village to catch a glimpse of the former gold mine-......then to Kampung Ulu Dong-famous for it's picturesque waterfalls.

Back to Lurah Bilut aka Ah Sap Kong for lunch at Kedai Kopi Poh Heng, a small wooden split-level coffee shop under a local Cherry tree that also serve tai chow dishes-home made noodle, water terrapin, river fishes and frog bee hoon soup are their signature dishes (we did not get to eat the frog as we were late).

Deep fried home made noodle doused with sliced fish cake, pork strips, choy sam and egg white gravy.
Steamed kampung chicken with blended ginger-very well muscled.
Stir fried oyster mushroom-smooth,sweet and earthy flavor.
Steamed Tapah fish-a fresh,sweet and fleshy chunk around the belly part-5 stars.
Paku choy with sambal belacan-tender and crunchy.
 After lunch, we drove to 4th Yee's friend Durian orchard, along the old Raub road for some durians-dry, bittersweet and fleshy !

Durians for eat in and takeaway-4th Yee packing it into boxes.

Total Bill:Rm115/
Location: after turning in Lurah Bilut-after the arch-first junction-turn right and go about 30 meters-the coffee shop is on your left.