Friday, July 31, 2009


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Home made Tofu-filled with minced Pork, Prawn, finely chopped Water Chestnut, Garlic, Parsley-steamed it and then lightly battered it with flour-pan fried it on both sides until golden brown-was crispy with great textures on the inside.

Deep fried Squid (Calamari) rings-lightly battered-fresh, crispy and chewy.

Stir fried Choy Sam with shrimps-green and stemmy-does a lot of good to our digestive system.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Whenever you eat at home, at a coffee shop or out in a restaurant, alone or in a group- which part of the chicken do you go for, when a chopped up boiled white free range Chicken is served.

Chopped up parts of the whole boiled free range white Chicken.

2 Types of Chilli Sauce:-
1. Cantonese style (left)-Coarsely chopped Garlic. Ginger, Bird's eye Chili with Sesame oil and Soy sauce plus a squeeze of Kasturi Lime juice.

2. Hainanese style (right)-Red Chili and Bird eye Chili, Ginger, Kasturi Lime Skin, Garlic, Chicken fats oil, Salt-pounded together plus a squeeze of Kasturi Lime juice.

Fragrant oil rice.

1. Rib and back portion-bony with fragment of meat.

2. Thigh and back portion-real smooth but not much meat.

3. Breast meat-lean, coarse and meaty.

4. Wing with tip/ Drummette-smooth with some meat.

5. Drumstick-well muscled meat.

6. Chicken Bishop Nose-real fatty and smooth.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I came across this interesting article about MSG posted by Dr Ridzwan Bakar on his blog which i thought would be of great interest to every one who like food.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

By doctor2008

When the melamine debacle erupted last year and attracted the world’s attention to food safety issues globally, it seems rather unfair that another food safety issue should be attributed to the Chinese..

However, the Chinese Restaurant syndrome , which was first described in 1968 and referred to a collection of symptoms occuring after eating Chinese food is certainly not confined to this cuisine.

Chinese Restaurant

Unfairly Taking The Blame..Chinese Restaurants like this one in Manassas, Virginia, USA (photo courtesy of ZA Yusoff)

The symptoms – headache, throbbing of the head, dizziness, lightheadedness, sweating, a feeling of facial pressure, tightness of the jaw, burning or tingling sensations over parts of the body, chest pain, and back pain – can sometimes be mistaken for a pending heart attack. The cause is attributed to a form of food allergy to monosodium glutamate (MSG aka Ajinomoto, Vetsin, and Accent) and occurs only to some individuals.

I wrote above that it was unfair to blame Chinese food because while many people believe that MSG is the cause of these symptoms, a statistical association has not been demonstrated despite numerous research studies. In fact, MSG is found in so many foods from so many cuisines that it raises one’s eyebrows : Maggi sauce, Marmite, Parmesan cheese, Knorr bouillon cubes, flavored potato chips, Kikkoman sauce, Worcestershire sauce, most barbeque sauces, to name a few!

Chinese Restaurant2

The Mother of All...100% pure MSG

So is MSG safe? The US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) has classified it as safe as early as 1959. Most countries, including the European Union and the USA merely specify that there must be adequate labelling if MSG is added. In fact, most people recover from mild cases of Chinese restaurant syndrome without treatment and with no lasting problems. The only exception are those who develop severe allergy reactions, which can be life-threatening – watch out for

  • Chest pain
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of the throat

In such cases, nothing less than a fast trip to the Emergency Department is mandated!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This year my son, Mike's birthday was celebrated on a quieter note because of his recent surgery.

We opted for Western food dinner and went to Tony Roma's in Cineleisure, Damansara Mutiara. Petaling Jaya.

The restaurant considered "The Pioneer of Baby Back Ribs" was way too quiet for a Sunday night.
Framed photographs of the man himself with friends and some showcased his chefs and his other restaurants around the world adorned the walls of the restaurant.
Astro Sport channel on flat screen TVs to keep you company while waiting to be serve.

Surya, our server was very efficient and accommodating when we requested for more of those free mini hot fluffy buns that comes with Butter, Garlic and Coriander paste.

Overall the meal was comforting and fulfilling.

Hot fluffy bun spread with Garlic, Butter and Coriander paste was a perfect appetizer-Complimentary.

Fish and chips-three chunks of lightly batter tender Mahi Mahi Fish, crispy French fries and served with a cup of Tomato sauce, Coleslaw, Mayonnaise- add a squeeze of Lemon on the fish for extra zest-Rm26.90.

Chicken Alfredo Florentine-al-dente Linguine noodles tossed with Slices of grilled Chicken in a light Alfredo sauce and garnished with finely chopped Parsley, sun dried Tomatoes, Babu leaf Spinach-immensely comforting !- Rm27.90.

Pan Cod fish-pan seared with a toasted black and white Sesame crust garnished with Tomatoes Presto and served with toasted Garlic seared Broccoli and a lovely serving of rice-fish was thick, fresh and fragrant-Rm39.90/.

BBQ 1/2 Chicken basted in Original sauce and served with French fries, Coleslaw-the meat was tender and well marinated-a perfect meal-Rm29.90.

Refreshing Cranberry Juice (refillable)-Rm9.90/.

Total bill:Rm170/
Location:Lot G-29(11), G-32 & G33.
Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.

Friday, July 24, 2009


This morning my wife cooked a bowl of Mee Suah (noodle made from rice flour) soup for my breakfast which was tasty and delicious-what a good meal to start the day!

Lucky meeeee :),

The fish stock based milky soup was filled with slices of fresh Grouper fish, chopped plump Choy Sam , 1/2 bunch of smooth white thin strands Mee Suah and a drizzle of garlic oil.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Besides My Elephant (Sect 17), Sri Siam (SS2) and Nong and Jimmy (Tmn Cahaya), De' Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant is my mother's favorite place for Thai food.

The restaurant is located in an obscured area of Kampung Melayu, Sungai Buluh near to The Sungai Buluh General Hospital.
There are 3 ways to access the restaurant :
1. by the NSE via the Sungai Buluh General Hospital,
2.Taman Rahman Putra or
3. the flyover after the old trunk road of the Sg Buluh/Subang junction.

The place is huge with a sprawling car park, a gated vegetable garden, a pondok, artificial stream with fishes by the side of the restaurant, water fountain decorated with flowering plants and shrubs with the grand and majestic restaurant at the far end.

It was like visiting a private home with a huge fully air conditioned wood paneled dining area to enjoy authentic home cooked Thai cuisine!

The majestic Thai architectural front entrance.

The path leading to the restaurant.

Snapshots of the place.

An arrays of enticing, sweet desserts to round off your meal on a sweet note at Rm4/bowl.

Mixed Tom Yam-filled with slices of Chicken, Prawns and round rings Squids, Galangkal (Lengkuas), Lemongrass, Oyster Mushroom and Coriander leaves-the perfectly blended soup was sweet, sourish and not too spicy in flavor-too bad, the medium sized prawn with roe was not fresh!-RM35/

Mixed Vegetables-stir fried with Chinese round Cabbage, Carrot, green Capsicum, Cauliflower, sweet Pea and Spring Onion-a good balanced dish-Rm15/

Pandan Chicken-well marinated and fragrant minced Chicken meat unwrapped from it's Pandan leaves-easy to eat-would preferred it to be one whole piece- Rm3/piece.

Sweet and Sour Siakap(Seabass)-deep fried, smothered with dark sticky Sour Plum sauce and garnished with spring onion, slivers of carrot and ginger-the meat was fresh and fine in texture-delicious right to the bones-Rm40/

Steamed White fragrant rice served in a metal bowl-Rm1/.

Tucking in the food.

They grow their own greens, too!

Total bill:Rm130/
Location:95, Jalan Kampung Melayu.
Sungai Buluh, Selangor.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The 45 minutes drive to Restoran Kang Guan near Pulau Carey via the Kesas Highway was pretty monotonous.
After the left turn at the Banting/Klang interchange, the country road was scenic but uneven and bumpy with lots of bridge and road humps.

On our left were vegetables and Dragon fruit farms while the left side were kampung houses dotted with warong.

Property development are slowly creeping into this sleepy side of Klang like Bayuemas.

Restoran Kang Guan have been in the seafood restaurant business for about 51 years !
This established restaurant is situated on the left, just before the Pulau Carey bridge.
It is built on stilts made from mangrove wood and planks-spacious with open sides, red cloth covered tables, plastic chairs and ceiling fans for comfort.

We have a good view of lush green mangrove trees and the swift flowing river meandering out to the sea.

Plastic reservation stand with names of big corporations hung near a counter means daily regular dining clients.
A sour faced waitress took our order-a real put off- luckily the food tasted great and was fairly priced!
The entrance to the restaurant.
View of Mangrove trees opposite from where we were seated.

The river meandering out to sea.

The bridge to Pulau Carey on our left.

Those guys on the boat were fishing.

Dining area.

Chillies sauce, chopped Garlic and Bird eyes chillies and a commercial face towel.

Yam basket- was thick, dense and crispy with lots of Yam aroma unlike others with the accompaniments of vivid colors stir fried green and red Capsicum, Carrot, Mushroom and sliced Chicken-and topped with deep fried rice Vermicelli-tasty-Rm15/

Fried rice Vermicelli with Lala (Clam)-fried Hokkien style with dark Soy sauce, small sized Lala, Choy Sam and Chinese round Cabbage-mediocre-Rm12/

Fried Or Chien (Oyster Omelette)-was crisp and fragrant with lots of Oyster and Coriander leaves-cholesterol laden-Rm10/

Fried Tang Hoon-also Hokkien Style-with dark Soy sauce, fresh Prawn, deep fried dried Shrimp, Squid-not too wet-old times favorite-yummy!-Rm12/

Steamed Promfret with rice Vermicelli-served with two Promfret fish which was fresh with no fishy smell, chopped pickled Chinese Mustard, white Beancurd, sprigs of Coriander to garnish and superior broth-a refreshing and heavenly dish!-RM-32/

Salted Duck eggs Crab (1 1/2kg)-super fresh, sweet, meaty with savory, salted Duck's egg flavors-we enjoyed licking up all the fragmented fragrant salted egg from the shell and claws-RM51/.

Fresh Coconut-the flesh was tender-nice to cool off after the hearty meal-RM4/.

Total bill:RM150/
Location:3, Batu 1 1/2, Jalan Bandar Lama,
(Tepi Jambatan Pulau Carey),
Telok Panglima Garang,
Kuala Langat, Selangor.