Thursday, July 24, 2014

Home-cooked Food @ Tapah.

On my weekend trip back to Tapah, Perak, food is top on my list.

This home-cooked food service establishment is only through
word of the mouth and reservation is a must.

The food is prepared in their private home kitchen and served to diners
seated on plastics chairs and tables at their front porch.

Smoked tea leaves chicken is their signature dish and followed
by whatever he buys from the market.

Food is home-cooked styled with a hint of restaurant's trained neat and simple
serving and very affordable.

 Park at main road to access.

Pork Loin eye muscle-tender and well marinated in curry sambal and tossed in a curry leaves and butter sauce - 5 stars-Rm13/

Stir fried Pucuk Paku in salted duck egg- very refreshing and in a non traditional style-Rm8/

Deep fried golden Pomfret -debone and sliced- spread with a tarty pineapple sauce and garnished with freshly sliced pineapple-Rm30/

Smoke tea leaves chicken- very fragrant a bit salty-well muscled- 5 stars - Rm33/

Stir fried Choy Sam Far with garlic-Rm6/

Location: 129, Bukit Pagar,
Tapah, Perak.
Open: 5 pm-9pm.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ganggangsullae Restaurant@ Desa Sri Hartamas.

Eating Korean's food seems to be the trend in major cities in Malaysia.

Mention Korean's food and kimchi is the word.

Kimchi was voted the 5th Healthiest Food in the World.

It is cabbage- fermented for months and has a spicy, salty and sourish taste.
with lots of vitamins, calcium,iron and lactobacillus to aids in
digestion (no wonder my tummy feel so nice).

Ganggangsullae Restaurant located in the Desa Sri Hartamas's neighborhood 
offers quite an extensive menu.

The restaurant was quiet with not many diners during our visit.

Service was commendable and the food was fullfilling and fresh
with lots of banchan.

Sisamo gui-grilled sisamo-boneless, sweet and easy to eat-Rm20/

Eleven types of banchan.

Haemul pajeon-seafood pancake-Rm30/

Dolsot bibimbab in a hot stove pot-with soup-Rm25/

Bossam-boiled three layers pork belly with different types of kimchi-Rm60/

Budae-jeongol-potluck kimchi stew with hotdog, baked beans, luncheon meat and mee-Rm120.

 Location:16-1 jalan 23-70A,(above 7-11)
 Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 
Tel : 016 7848 582 / 03 2300 2819

Friday, July 4, 2014

Pho @ Restoran Sin Loong.

Section 17 in Petaling Jaya is a watering hole for all types of food.

This Pho stall in Restoran Sin Loong is run by a pretty Vietnamese lady.

Opened a week ago and business is good.

Located at a corner double storey shoplot-same row with 7-11.

Pho is usually serve with either beef or chicken but here, the pho is serve
with pork.
I ordered lai fun (rice noodle) and was surprised by the size of it's serving -come 
with two pieces of fat pig's tail, pig's stomach, minced pork, fresh lettuce, 
lots of coriander leaves, beansprouts in a clear, sweet peppery broth and 
garnished with lots of deep fried fragrant shallots.

@Rm6/bowl it is well worth the money.

Locatio: Restoran Sin Loong,
Jalan 17/23, Petaling Jaya.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wang Kee Bak Kut Teh@Teluk Intan.

This is my second day's breakfast of Bak Kut Teh @Teluk Intan.

The locals just love their BKT in the morning.

Almost packed in this simple and no frills place.

Our order- a claypot of mixed cut pork filled with tofu puffs, 
soya sheet and fresh lettuce(average compared toKL/PJ standard)
stir-fried sliced big squid- koong poh style with lots of dried Bombay 
red chillies, onion and spring onion-steamed, Grouper fish's tail (fresh 
and full of flesh) and a plate of beansprouts/lettuce combination.

Pu-er tea to go with the satisfying meal.

Sliced Squid-koong poh styled.

Grouper fish tail.

Bak Kut Teh.


Location:54, Jalan Pasar,
Pekan Teluk Intan,