Friday, April 29, 2011

Penang Curry Mee.

This Penang curry mee stall is one of the many hawker's styled food stalls located inside Restoran Okay in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

My favorite Char Koay Teow's auntie, came out of retirement is also here, plus the famous wantan mee stall and Fatty's Teo Cheow braised duck stall which opens only in the evening.

All the hype about this curry mee aka 7-11 is overrated.

Business was brisk and the duo was very busy with takeaways and serving customers (some waited for more than 30 minutes).

One of the best roast pork in P .Jaya

Luckily we bought Rm5/ worth of roast pork from the Sea Park market to eat in between waiting and as expected the curry mee serving was too small.

Parking is OK. 

Penang curry mee-served with rice vermicelli, cockles, cuttlefish, bean curd puff, shrimp, coagulated pig's blood,  beansprout,coconut milk and a dollop of sweet/hot sambal-tasted unique and fragrant but the curry broth was a bit diluted unlike our city's version with scums of chillies oil - I think young children will like it, too ! - Rm4.50/

Location: 2, Jalan SS 2/10,
Petaling Jaya,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Garden Mall.

 Guest post by Michelle.

Had lunch with my grandma at the Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Garden Mall on my off day.

It is a nice Japanese restaurant with a nice exterior and well layout wood interior.

The servers are quick and friendly during the off peak hours.

We will come back for their ice cream but not their sushi, as yet (radiation scare).

Miso Hotate Ramen-is basically a Chinese noodle dish with a Japanese twist-served with kelp,, scallop, corn bits,beansprout, half a hard boiled egg in a miso broth- smooth and chewy noodle-healthy-Rm16.80/
Chicken Gyoza-5 pieces-served piping hot-pan fried until crisp on one side with a thin smooth skin on the other side-tender and moist meat-Rm12/
 Tantamen Ramen-served with similar ingredients with no scallop-Rm15.80/

Total bill:Rm52/
Location:LotT-201, Third Floor, 
The Garden Mall, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Siow Clay pot Hot Soup (Kajang) -2.

After the previous visit, we just could not resist their others tempting clay pot dishes displayed on the wall.

Today, the whole family tagged along we will able to order a few more clay pot dishes to savor.

Food cooked in clay pot retains all of it's original flavor, taste and is warm-plus the gravy goes well with white rice.

The only complaint was the portion were too small for our apppetite.

Village Chicken-nicely poached- tender but not well muscled-Rm25/
Pig trotter with black vinegar and sliced ginger came piping hot-not too choking-Rm14/

3 layered pork with sliced ginger/ dried red chillies/ spring onion-well marinated and flavorful-Rm14/
Fah Tui Kai-chicken cooked with Chinese wine-sliced ginger/onion/spring onion-fragrant and the meat was tender-Rm18/
Lat Tong-Hot but not so fiery pepper soup double boiled with pig stomach, lean pork and chicken meat-garnished with coriander leaves-Rm18/

Blanched fresh and leafy green lettuce with soy/oyster sauce to finish off the meal-Rm15/       

Total bill:Rm120/
Location:58-A, Jalan 19/3,
Petaling Jaya.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Honey cured Ham Burger.

At an average price of Rm2/piece these homemade honey cured ham burgers are so affordable and a real knock-out!

Buns cost Rm2.99/ for 12 pieces bought from Cold Storage @ Jaya One.
Honey cured Ham at Rm17.70/ for 350 gm.
Zucchini/red tomato/fresh lettuce-Rm4/.
Scrambled eggs-Rm0.60/

Had it for breakfast this morning with a hot cup of Milo "O"- a great meal to start the day.

 Spread butter on both sides of each sliced bun and oven toast it-stacked with fresh lettuce, scrambled egg, honey cured ham, sliced tomato, zucchini and Lingham's chillies sauce-refreshing with every bite and not too meaty-healthy and delicious !

Friday, April 15, 2011

Siow Claypot Hot Soup (Kajang)

We wanted to eat noodle at Tua Huat in Section 19 but ended at the newly opened Siow Clay pot Hot Soup (Kajang).

They serve mainly clay pot dishes like chicken, prawn, fish head, pork, lat tong....etc while vegetables are mostly blanched with soy sauce or oyster sauce.

The setting is typical tai chow with plastic tables and chairs.

The two uncles that took our orders are real old (hope they will hire some Sweet Young Thing ) while the chef was plump and a giant of a man.

Parking is OK in the evening.

Clay pot Fish head-done Indian style-with okra, long bean, eggplant, Chinese round cabbage and chopped fish head-not much fish meat and not much oomph !-Rm18/
Deep fried Pork rolls-chunky 3 layered pork with traces of yam (the chef said there was no yam) and Tapioca flour rolled with thick yellow bean curd sheet/whisked egg and deep fried until golden brown-I would prefer it with some water chestnut- Rm12/
Lettuce-leafy, smooth and crunchy-Rm8/

Total bill:Rm43/
Location:58-A, Jalan 19/3,
Petaling Jaya.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sukico Hainan Cafe.

While the next door Dim Sum restaurant was doing roaring business, Sukico Hainan Cafe was quiet in comparison but never mind they have their own loyal customers like us.

The place is simple with marble top tables and old style kopi-tiam chairs (some rickety) 

Like any Hainanese restaurant there will be their signature dishes like noodle set, breakfast set and Western food set.

The lady owner was very friendly and gave us a complimentary plate of toast roti tau (both ends of the bread-usually not served to customers) with butter and kaya which was exceptionally crisp.

Service was a bit slow and overall the food was ok.

Parking is OK during the weekends.

Waiter advice- two half boiled eggs take 5 minutes to cook.
For me it was overcooked-I like it with a runny yolk.
Signature bun with kaya and butter set-Rm6.80/.
The complimentary roti tau with butter/kaya-love it !
English beakfast set-sausage with fried egg and on the side with baked beans, coleslaw, sliced cucummber/tomato and French fries-average-Rm11/.
Hainan mee-with finely shred cucumber, carrot, spring onion, lettuce, sliced Japanese crab stick, shrimp and chicken meat-a squeeze of  the limau kasturi (calamansi) juice for a zesty flavor - a very typical Hainanese dish-Rn6.80/
Chicken Golden Bleu-chicken breast rolled with a piece of  ham/Cheddar cheese and deep fried until golden brown with a crispy skin served with blanched broccoli/carrot and served on the side with French fries/coleslaw/slice cucumber/tomato and a diluted brown sauce- a fulfilling meal-Rm14.80/

Total bill:Rm59.20
Location:59, Jalan SS21/60,
Damansara Utama,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Muhibbah Seafood 2.

After my earlier post on Muhibbah Seafood, boo-licious of recommended that I should try their pucuk paku Thai salad and deep fried squid.

Last Sunday, we went there for lunch again-was early and we got to park in the restaurant compound.

Besides our favorite beef noodle with ginger/spring onion we ordered pucuk paku Thai salad, chicken roll and deep fried squid.

The hot afternoon heat was a bit discomfort even with all the ceiling fans at full blast.

The satisfying meal of pucuk paku Thai Salad, deep fried squid and the average chicken roll more than made up for it.

Chicken roll-over fried- but filled with minced chicken meat and turnip-the diluted chillies sauce was a big no no (Lingham's chillies sauce would be better) - average-Rm10.50/.

Deep fried squid-Lightly and coarsely batter - golden brown-chewy with crunchy tentacles and a light, infectious fish sauce/bird's eye chillies/calamansi juice dip to go with it-excellent snack food-Rm11/.

Pucuk Paku Thai Salad-fresh with lot of crunch-tossed with finely chopped lemongrass, fresh shallots, red Bird's eye chillies, fish sauce and Calamansi juice-out of this world !-Rm10/

Location : Lot 2851, Jalan Seri Penchala,
Kg Sg Penchala,
Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Curry Chicken.

Most Malaysians love chicken curries, no matter whether it is cooked in any styles i.e. Malay, Indian, Portuguese, Nyonya...etc.

My wife usually cooked a milder version with evaporated milk (to replace the coconut milk-for health reason) which does not feel "heavy" after the meal.
Normal ingredients are pre-made curry powder (SS 2 market), chili powder, candle nuts, onion, garlic....
Potatoes are a must-cut into wedges and deep fried.
One whole "Bukit Mertajam" chicken-cut into bite pieces.

Best to eat it with roti jala (wheat flour net crepe), roti canai (Indian flat bread), fried rice vermicelli, steamed white rice, bread and my favorite sliced baguette bread.

Aromatic, spicy and  red hot chicken curry cooked with potatoes and belacan (shrimp paste)-(this is the secret ingredient that make the curry fragrant! ).
Sliced Baguette bread to go with the chicken curry-delicious !