Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mille Crepe@Nadeje,Melaka.

I am no big fan of Mille crepe and my only taste of it is at Food Foundry.

Never knew Malaysians love it so much and need to queue to taste it.

The Mille crepe comes with many flavors and toppings.

Nadeje@Melaka is a happening place to meet and to be seen plus to satisfy your sweet cravings,
with a cup of coffee, tea or juices.

We were lucky not to queue and got seated on low slung red velvet sofa chairs.

Left the ordering to the younger guys and for drinks my wife and I opted for Japanese green tea.

Overall all the Mille crepe were good, not too sweet and melt in the mouth with every scoop !

Parking is bearable.


Chocolate strawberry.

Rum & Raisin

Mixed berries tart.



The tasting begins.

 Location:G-23, 25 & 27, Jalan PM 4, 
Plaza Mahkota,
 75000 Melaka.
Tel No : 06-2838750.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Company Dinner@Restoran Lucky Sin

We celebrated our company's 62nd years dinner @Restoran Lucky Sin, a small
family run restaurant.

A nice, simple and fully air cond place to meet and have a cheap and reasonable al carte lunch/dinner.

Posters of delicious and top range dishes on the wall at gimmicky cheap prices to draw in the crowds.

 Our nine tables-eight courses dinner@Rm1300/table is comparable to some top restaurants in town.

Parking in the evening is OK.

Four Seasons combination platter- salad prawn, deep fried frogs legs/sliced ginger, scallop and fish paste stuffed sea cucumber.

Fatt Tiew Cheong ( Buddha jumps over the wall) - served with abalone, Shiitake mushroom, scallop, fish maw, black chicken- a herbal soup that takes hours to brew-simply nutritious and aromatic. 

Steamed Mandarin Kwai Fah fish-spread with good grade soy sauce-perfectly cooked-fleshy and fresh-garnished with chopped coriander leaves 

Steamed horse grass fed free range chicken -lean, muscled and fragrant-blended young ginger for dip.

Braised Chinese long cabbage-topped with dried scallop in a flavorful secret sauce gravy.

Hot and spicy crabs (ala Fatty Crab) in a red hot chillies/tomato egg gravy-with deep fried mantou to lap up the  gravy.

Fried Sang Mee with generously sized sea prawns and choy sam in a white egg gravy.

Chinese pastries and coconut/white fungus dessert drink to end the dinner.

Location: 12 & 14, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Batu 3 1/2, Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kafe Lin's@Melaka.

 Six months ago, we had only cendol@ Kafe Lin's with a Melaka friend, Ruby, who swears
it was one of the best, around.

That time we did not get to try their authentic Peranakan mixed dishes ala mixed rice dishes style
because we were full from a great meal of mee rebus near Ujong Pasir.

This weekend, we arrived famished there at about 1:45pm after a hot and sweaty tour of Jonker Street and it's surrounding attractions.

All in we picked about eight dishes rich and spicy, all done Peranakan style.

The food is delicious and authentically cooked the way my mum used to cook for me.

 Parking is ample.

Fried chicken marinated with tumeric -crispy skin and tender and meaty.

Petai with onion and anchovies in hot and spicy sambal chillies paste.

Sea prawns/Squid sambal belacan chillies.

Assam Senangin chunks with ladyfngers and brinjal.

Stir fried sliced bitter  gourd with eggs.

Pongteh Chicken-just odd parts left, nevertheless the gravy goes well with rice.

Stir fried Spinach topped with deep fried shallots.

Fried eggs.

Cendol with kidney beans, gula Melaka, coconut milk......just nice and fragrant. 

A great meal.

Total Bill:Rm75/
Location:45, Jalan Kristal 1,
Taman Limbongan, Melaka.
Open from 11:30 till sold out (close on Wednesday)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Enak Rasa Ikan Bakar No:4&5@Terapong.

There are just too many Medan Ikan places in Melaka, streching from Ujong Pasir 
to Umbai.

We were spoiled for choices.

As it is a Puasa month, many Muslims break their fast here with a healthy meal
of grilled fish and other assorted seafood, otak2, nasi lemak....etc

As most of the popular Medan Ikan Bakar were crowded with diners, we drove
further inwards and opted for Perkampongan Ikan Bakar Terapong@Umbai Baru.

It is a much quieter and laid back, and is a 2 storey concrete building built along the shoreline,
with a big parking area.

A plump lady ushered us to her family run grilled seafood stalls at No 4&5.

There is quite a good selection of fresh seafood and fragrant yellow coconuts are available at their
drinks stall.

We had grilled fillet jenahak, sea prawns, lala, squid, otak2, nasi lemak and a mixed vegetables.

Overall the food was not too bad and reasonably priced 

Parking is ample.  

While waiting for the main dishes, we had fragrant nasi lemak bungkus with a dollop of spicy sambal chillies @Rm0.70/ and grilled otak2 @Rm0.70.

 Total Bill:Rm140/
Location:Perkampongan Ikan Bakar Terapong,
Umbai Baru, Kampong Umbai, Melaka.

Tel:017-616-1465/ 012-970-7500.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Assorted shells dishes @ Backlane@Jalan Bunga Raya@Melaka.

Been wanting to eat here for a long, long time.

With the company of family members who loves to eat and game for anything nice and lots of free time to savor all the delicious food in our two day's trip to Melaka.

We reached there earlier to beat the maddening crowds.

Parked our cars in front of Madam King, along Jalan Bunga Raya and walked to the back lane for
this assorted sea shells dishes, tofu, ladyfinger, century eggs, rojak, grilled tofu/beancurd sheets and kangkung/cuttlefish...etc dinner.

Got ourselves seated on small wooden stools and rusty flat metal low slung tables.

Brought back memories of my younger days.

Be careful of motorcycles that whizzed along the lanes every now and then while you are eating !

The sea shell dishes was very fresh and sweet tasting and the dip sauce of sambal chillies belacan,shrimps paste, crushed peanut and squeezed lime was excellent.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Low.

 Total Bill: Rm45/

This stall is open around 6 pm until 10:30 pm and closed on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yi Poh Noodle@PJ Old Town.

I was suppose to have homemade fish paste ball and noodle for lunch at my favorite 
home run stall next to 99 Speed Mart but ended up at Yi Poh Noodle.

A new eatery from Seremban famous for their Loh Shi Fun noodle and some side orders like wanton, pork balls, chicken balls.....etc.

I ticked my order on a piece of printed order chit and was served about ten minutes later.

The Loh Shi Fun is long and smooth (tasted more like Lai Fun) tossed in a light/dark soy sauce, sesame oil and topped with minced pork, chopped spring onion and Char siew (BBQ pork) @Rm5/ and a side order of chicken balls and wantan.

Overall the noodle is good but the chicken balls need some tweaking and be careful of their red chillies dip it is extremely hot !!!

Parking is bearable.

Location: Along Jalan Pasar 1/21 and at the junction of Jalan1/10
Petaling Old Town.