Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Singapore Laksa.

Everyone in the family requested for this Peranakan dish called Singapore Laksa from my mother and my wife as it has been quite sometime since we last savored it.

The dish is simple but tedious to make.

The prawn stock soup gravy for the laksa is the most essential as it's what make the dish!

Boiled shrimps and cut into half.

Homemade Fish paste-steamed and cut into matchstick sizes.

Blanched Beansprout-colander and leave aside.

Skinned the cucumber and cut into matchsticks sizes.

Daun Kesum (Lat lui / Laksa leaves/Polygonum) chopped it up coarsely.

Yellow noodle.

Thick White rice flour vermicelli.

Filled up a bowl with the noodle of your choice and add in the various ingredients.

Laksa soup gravy-filled with coconut milk, blended dried red chillies, candlenut, turmeric, shrimp paste, shallot. garlic, lengkuas (galangkal)-red, rich, creamy, spicy and cholesterol laden.

Poured the thick Laksa soup gravy over it and it's ready to be serve-Heavenly!.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Restaurant Purnama Cahaya-Nasi Briyani.

As my car was under repairs and the nearest place to walk for lunch is Restoran Purnama Cahaya in Section 17/10. P. Jaya.

The many types of food spread out on the shelves were fresh, warm and pleasing to the eyes.

I ordered a plate of Nasi Briyani with a piece of chicken drumstick, some stir fried Chinese round cabbage, two pieces of Pappadam (fried wheat crackers) and a piece of deep fried fish cutlet that cost me Rm9/.

It was a meal-in-one and the fragrant spiced rice was a delicious!

Go early for the best and the freshest-freshly oven cooked Tandoori chicken at only Rm6/piece.

Nasi Briyani-cooked with lots of aromatic herbs and spices like saffron, cardamon, star anise, cinnamon stick...ghee oil, tomatoes, onion and lots of deep fried shallots and garlic-the chicken meat was tender and the fish cutlet was full of ingredients-a flavorsome dish-Rm9/.

Location:Jalan 17/10,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya,

Friday, March 26, 2010

Delicious Dinner 34.

A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Steamed white Pomfret with matchstick ginger and garnished with deep fried garlic/oil/cilantro-meat was fresh and smooth textured with no fishy smell.

Black Vinegar Pig trotter with hard boiled eggs, black beans and lots of sliced ginger-cooked just nice, not overpowering, well balanced with the right amount of sweetened black vinegar, palm sugar, sesame oil and rock sugar-you won't cough on the first sip of the broth-good curative properties, too!

Steamed Ladyfinger-young and tender-garnished with deep fried garlic/oil and a sprinkling of soy sauce-eat it with homemade Sambal chillies Belacan-superb!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sam U Clay Pot Restaurant.

We met up with my daughter Mindy and her hubby Sam for dinner at Sam U Clay Pot Restaurant in Petaling Jaya New Town.

The owner of this restaurant was an ex-partner of Restaurant Sam You (located a stone throwaway).

This is a small and simple restaurant with seatings spilling out onto the walkway.

At the left side is an enclosed glass area for displaying the different types of their signature poached chicken and a chopping area, the main kitchen is located at the back.

Service was fast and friendly.

Parking is ample in front and at the back of the restaurant.

Village chicken (1/2)-seated on a bed of good grade soy sauce and blanched beansprout-meat was average, on the soft side and not muscled (tasted the bald neck chicken last week-it was worst)-the garlic/chillies and the blended ginger were good dips-Rm34/

Clay pot Seafood Beancurd-cooked with deep fried cubed beancurd (silky smooth inside), prawn, sweet pea bean, and florets of cauliflower-a well balanced dish-Rm15/.

Clay pot of assorted seafood cooked with crunchy fish maw, thick and gelatinous sea cucumber, limpet and mushroom-distinctive flavored gravy-Rm28.

Clay pot Garouper fish-chunky and meaty-topped with salty Tau Cheong (Soybean paste), deep fried garlic and garnished with spring onion and cilantro-a fabulos choice-Rm20/

Clay pot Chef special spare ribs (3 pieces)-well marinated and fragrant and the meat easily detach from the bones-good to savor-Rm18/.

Clay pot Iceberg Lettuce-was surprised that it was served in a clay pot-garnished with lots of deep fried shallots-whole plant, leafy and herbaceous-Rm8/

Oil rice-lovely whole grained rice-Rm1.20/

Total bill:Rm138/ (Thanks to Sam for the dinner)
Location:12, Jalan Tengah,
Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homemade Herbal drink.

This simple homemade herbal drink was passed on by a relative of ours.

The medicinal value for this herbal plant "Wandering Jew" is quite wide ranging-this recipe helps in the cleansing of our kidney and bladder.

The name of the herbal plant is "Wandering Jew"

Pluck the leaves with their stem.
Rinse it thoroughly with water.
Boil them with dried Honey dates until they turned light purplish (like Ribena).
Cool it and drink as much as you like.

A refreshing and healthy drink-the honey dates lends some sweetness to it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Restoran Tea Garden.

Before we leave Johor for home, we had our morning breakfast at Restoran Tea Garden located in Taman Sutera Utama in Skudai.

It is a cafeteria (like those Kopi tiam chains) that served a vast varieties of local and Western foods with a reasonable pricing.

Parking is OK.

Front of the shop.

Pastry area.

Western breakfast-ham, sausage, fried egg, bean and a deep fried mantou instead of a bun-Rm5.

Nasi Lemak-an all times local favorite-served with a deep fried tender and juicy chicken drumstick, fried egg, spicy chillies Sambal, roasted peanuts, anchovies, cucumber and fragrant coconut milk flavored white rice-Rm5/.

Mee Siam-their signature dish-fried egg, shredded chicken bits of deep fried tofu with a dollop of chillies Sambal-Rm3/.

Yam (Taro) cake-topped with deep fried shallots-would have prefer it with more chunk of yam-Rm2.50.

Chai Kueh- stir fried turnip wrapped in a slightly oily, sticky, thin layer of translucent dough skin-sweet tasting and crunchy-Rm2.50.

Lek Tau Suan-split green Mung bean boiled in a sweet sugar syrup, Pandan leaves and then thickened with sweet potato flour to the right density-served with crispy You Char Kway (Chinese crullers)-Rm2.50.

Breakfast set-toasted round oatmeal crusted bread filled with butter/kaya-Rm1.70, half boiled eggs-Rm0.80/egg and a cup of Milo-Rm1.80.

Location:53,55, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,
Taman Sutera Utama,
Skudai, Johor.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nijumaru Japanese Restaurant.

The Nijumaru Japanese Restaurant is quite upscale with 2 private rooms and a large colorful menu of all Japanese cuisine style.

The large poster on the restaurant's front facade is pure eye catching.

The moment we walked into the restaurant all eyes was on us as the wait staff chorused in unison "irashaimase" which means welcome.

The decor is simple with a play of soft lighting on dark wood walls.

Service was friendly and attentive.

Parking is OK.

Front facade of the restaurant.

Two woven rice bags.

Chef at work.

Full scale Bento sets like Tori Katsu Miso set (grilled chicken cutlet with miso)-Rm17, Unagi set (Eel)-Rm21, Unagi/Tempura set-Rm25- were favorites of the young guys-full filling.

Edamame (green snow bean) was overcooked and mushy-Rm6.

Ebi Miso Yaki-Cheese baked Tiger prawn-fresh, cheesy and succulent-Rm19.

Sanma Shioyaki-Grilled Pacfic Saury fish with salt-salty, rough textured and tasted like Kembong fish-Rm11.

Grilled Yellowtail fish head with salt and luster-very fine textured and smooth-balanced beautifully with the Soy sauce-Rm19.

Tempura prawn-lightly batter-crispy, fresh and juicy.

Domori -Sashimi fish/Octopus served on ice (to keep it fresh) with a big green dollop of potent Wasabi-star of the night-Rm90.

Surume Ika-Grilled Squid-soft and slightly chewy with rich matching sauce-Rm16.

Unagi Ura Maki -Eel roll with rice, avocado, cucumber and topped with fish roe-Rm15.

Beef Koro-Koro-beef with rice set-tender with delicious gravy to go with the rice-Rm21 .

Kawa Mentaiko Maki-Fish roe roll-rich and special -Rm19.

Nameko Chawan with soft earthy Autumn mushroom on steamed egg-smooth and melt in the mouth sensation-Rm8.

Ninniku Chahan-Garlic fried rice-fragrant and whole grained.

Sake Salmon-Salmon rolled with rice and a piece of Nori (seaweed)-full of carbo-Rm5.

Okosama Teisyoku-Children set-pasta, french fries, watermelon and a bottle of Vitagen for Siew An An, the youngest in the group-Rm10.

Free flow Green tea to round off the great meal.

We enjoyed the meal on a sunken rectangular dining table in a private room while the rest of the group dined outside.

Total bill:Rm850/
Location: 24, Jalan Permas 10/5,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,
Johor Bahru, Johor.