Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Restoran Tiong Hokkien Mee@Damansara Uptown.

It has been a long time since we last ate noodles like fried Hokkien mee, lor mee, wat tan hor, Hokkien kway teow for dinner.

If I am not mistaken this stretch of shops along SS21/37@Damansara Uptown has three Hokkien mee restaurants.

We went to Tiong as it was highly recommended by a friend.

They are open from 4pm -2am and the dinner time crowds are brisk.

The noodles are cooked and  fried with charcoal fire-giving it good wok hei and fragrant taste.

We also ordered some Nam yue flavored fried chicken wings and a big plate of Yau mak vegetables to balance off the meal-and not to forget Pu'er tea to wash off the sinful fats and oil.

Prices are reasonable and the food commendable,

Parking after 6 pm is bearable.

Wat tan Hor-flat rice noodle in a starchy egg gravy with Choy Sam, Chinese round cabbage, pork slices and prawn.

Hokkien fried kway teow (flat rice noodle) in a light/dark soy sauce with pork slices, prawn, deep fried pork lard, Choy Sam and Chinese round cabbage-oily and lardy.

Lor Mee-thick yellow noodle cooked with pork slices, prawn, Choy Sam and glossed with a starchy egg soup and topped with deep fried pork lard-add a dash of Narcissus brand black vinegar for added flavor.

Nam Yue fried chicken wings-crispy n the outside-well marinated-taste just right to my liking

Fried thick yellow Hokkien mee with prawn, pork slices, Chinese round cabbage and deep fried lard in dark soy sauce-not too oily but lardy.

 Total bill:Rm91/
Location:85, Jalan 21/37,
Damansara Uptown,
Petaling Jaya.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Grind Burger Bar@Sek 17, PJ.

The township of Section 17 in Petaling Jaya is now a melting pot for good food.

You name it we have it.

It could be for it's easy accessibility and good location.

The Grind Burger Bar is the new kid on the block.

Simple  and sparse decor is the theme.

Prefer this place over BurgerLab-no need to queue to order-open for lunch and throughout the evening.

Service was attentive and accommodating-wholesome and comforting meal and affordable, too.. 

Parking is bearable.

The Grind House Burger (pork)-soft buttered flavored sesame bun-chunky moist pork patty (a bit peppery) topped with fried egg, bacon, fresh lettuce, caramelized onion, tomato, Cheddar cheese, house made brioche and a pink color Dracula's sauce-with herb infused fries-Rm19/

Big Black Dog-charcoal buttered flavored bun-pork bratwurst coated with chili  (a bit salty), onion and herbs infused fries-Rm16/

Swedish Meatballs-meaty and moist beef meatballs with herbs infused fries-lingonberry sauce-better than IKEA's-Rm18/

Takeaway-The Grind House Burger (beef)-freshly ground Aussie tender and moist beef patty-same ingredients as the pork burger-Rm21/

Total bill:Rm85/
Location: 7, Jalan 17/45,
Sek 17, Petaling Jaya,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Handmade Loh Shi Fun@Bidor Kopitiam.

Yesterday evening, we attended a sumptous eight course Birthday dinner at Restoran Makanan Laut Man Chong@Teluk Intan.

The opening 5 platter combo was huge and a head turner with blinking flower lights !

Cheese baked soft shell crab, sea prawn rolled with rice vermicelli, egg/seaweed rolled with butter scotch lettuce and ham, deep fried fish chunk with sesame seeds and wanton wrapped minced pork and fish paste.

The portions is enough for twelve pax and there were only nine of us.

We'd not managed to finish off the other dishes even though it was delicious as the appetizer got our stomach half-filled..

The birthday dinner ended with an ice cream chocolate cake for dessert. 

Next morning, we woke up early and drove to Bidor for a light breakfast of homemade Loh Shi Fun (short round rice noodle) in a clear soup served with generously fish paste stuffed Fu Chuk skin, ladyfingers, deep fried sui kow, beansprout and meat ball.

 The coarse texture of the homemade Loh Shi Fun was excellent and you can feel the taste of rice with every bite and slurp.

Bidor Kopitiam is located opposite the old wet market in Bidor town.

Parking is bearable.

Location: opposite the wet market@Bidor.