Friday, October 31, 2008


You can buy this oatmeal cookie premix from the shop.
The main ingredients are flour, oatmeal, sugar, milk powder, flavor and baking powder.
Mix 250 g of butter with one pack of the premix.
Knead it well to form a dough.
Press into desired shape.
Bake it at 175c till golden brown.
Ready to serve.

The golden brown oatmeal cookie was tasty and crispy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Poon choy literally means vegetables in a basin, it is actually a Hakka specialty. In the old days they prepared it only on special occasions like festivals or weddings. The food are placed layer by layer on a big bowl and with a flame at the bottom to keep it warm. The one we had was considered to be a mini poon choy. You need to make a reservation, if it for a table of 10 person. When the food was finally served after about 45 minutes of waiting, we just dig in for the best ingredient first. All tables manners were ignored! Parking is no problem as this is a residential area.

This shop is located near the Yamaha music school at n0:2, SS2/103, Petaling Jaya

Poon choy-there are 15 ingredients in this metal bowl i.e. : prawns, fish paste, mini abalone, radish, wawa choy, fish maw, carrot, squid, button mushroom, bamboo clams, chicken meat, dried oyster, shiis take mushroom, dried scallop and yam-was fun trying to get to the best pieces first-truly appealing and invigorating-richly flavored.

Free -a plate of fried rice vermicelli-lots of beansprouts, dried shrimps Chinese cabbage and eggs : portion was just nice and overtly oily.

Stir fried paku choy (wild fern)-with dried shrimps and bird's eye chillies :a bit old -was not crunchy

Total bill:rm76/

Monday, October 27, 2008


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

Stir fried long beans(snake variety) and eggplant with chopped chillies, dry shrimp, onion, garlic. It was not too oily and it blends very well-appetizing.

Squid stuffed with mashed hard boiled egg and french beans.-something special to confront monotonous meal-was chewy in texture. i did not fancy it!

Mee Suah soup with egg, lean pork and fried shallots- so flavorsome-scooped up every drop-a must during birthday

Nyonya chicken curry cooked without coconut milk- the secret to tasty curry is to add a piece of belacan (shrimps paste) and lots of candle nuts-looks deceptively hot and spicy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This restaurant is located in two obscured shop lots off 3 1/2 miles, Jln Cheras,Kuala Lumpur. It is behind the DAP service center. The restaurant is very brightly lit, air conditioned, spacious and clean. They even have a pond with Koi fishes and a mural of their logo on the main wall. Parking is a bit of a problem as there are car workshops all around. The lady captain recommended the four dishes listed below.

Salted duck egg-yolk pumpkin: full of duck egg's flavor, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Mixed vegetables: looks nice but was a disappointment, too mushy and salty

Three cup chicken: aromatic with onion, chillies and basil leaves -tasty and inspiring.

Loong tan (giant garouper) fish head with "foon lut"( dry chestnut): was filled with the smell of Chinese wine but faded away when the clay pot turned cold. Chestnuts are lean, low in starch and high in protein.

Total bill:rm103/ dessert of pulut hitam was on the house.

Monday, October 20, 2008


We had our lunch here after descending from Genting Highlands at about 1.30 p.m. This restaurant is a covered open air eatery, cool and airy with fruit trees planted around the shop. I spotted a durian tree by the side of the Taliapia fish pond, with lots of fruits-very tempting! A friend of ours recommended this place. Their signature's dishes are wild frogs, fresh river fish, river prawns, poultry and venison. I wanted to taste their steam frog, too bad it was not available. Anyway for the 2 of us, we opted for 3 simple dishes after the heavy breakfast just 5 hours ago. The dishes were home cooked style, light, refreshing and tasty plus affordable.

Full of durians-looks to be of good quality.

Menu all written in Chinese displayed on a white board.

Simple furnishings.

Stir fry fresh mushroom with fish paste-mushroom-distinctive flavor, smooth and moist-fish paste firm and springy- rm8/

Stir fry water cress with garlic-fresh, leafy and healthy-full of vitamins-rm5/

Stuffed minced pork tau pok in robust clear soup-was filled with thick minced pork and spring onion-soup was MSG-free-rm5/

Location:About 5km from Genting Sempah heading to Kuantan-turn left on seeing Bukit Tinggi, then turn right and go through the underpass -turn right again-go straight -Restaurant 126 is on your left.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


After last night dinner at the GICC which ended at about 11.30 p.m. We went for a walk outside for some fresh air and retired to bed at about 12.30 a.m. Next morning woke up fresh, washed up and took a lift up to the First World Cafe on the 8th floor for the buffet breakfast. The cafe was huge, one section was packed with a potpourri of people. We were ushered to another section, where we selected a table by the window, people were scrambling instead of queuing up for their food-they must be very hungry or they were afraid to miss their tour buses. The cafe have a section for vegetarian too- very considerate. The spread of food are halal either Chinese or Western, and are visually pleasing and yummy. some of the food are cooked live before your eyes. It was a sight to behold watching a chef frying twenty eggs at one time on a square griddle.

A potpourri of people.

Fried vermicelli, chicken sausage and red beans.

Fried eggs, ham and sausage.

Sweet pastry.

We rounded off our meals with a few glasses of orange juice-contemplating what to do next?


We were at the dinner at the GICC, First World Hotel, at about 7.45 p.m. early by Malaysian standard. It was half packed with eager diners, while the host was seen mingling among the crowds. The pillar less hall was huge and high ceiling. There were about 150 tables (RM1500/table) for tonight's dinner and the stage was filled with lots of hampers for the lucky draw. We were ushered to our table in the middle of the hall, with a clear view of the happenings on stage. The dinner started at 8.15 p.m. after the arrival of VIPs. Our table was lucky as one of the guy, got a rice cooker hamper.

Signboard leading the way to the GICC hall.

The spacious and huge hall.

Candle lit table.

Three selected hot and cold platter-1.deep fried century roll-was crispy 2.sea asparagus with Thai style-was soft and spicy.3.prawn salad-was really cold and covered with mayonnaise.

Shark's fin soup with crab meat and pacific clam-was bland, slightly diluted and not much shark's fin

Roasted chicken with prawn cracker-came as cold as the room temperature-sublime-only consolation is the crispy prawn cracker.

Sweet and sour sea bass-was mud smelled-cleverly masked by the sauce-garnished with spring onions-flesh was tender and well battered.

Braised black mushroom and tau kang with broccoli-mushrooms was tender and moist-bean curd skin was soft and smooth- broccoli was crunchy.

Fried rice with pineapple-was the best dish of the night.

Deep fried mini pao-was filled with kaya and fluffy inside

Iced longan with black grass jelly-i never expected to be served such cheap dessert-was surprised -it tasted sweet and blended well

The other guests at our tables.

Went back with freebies too-dry noodle, red rice, wheat flour, rice flour,white rice and 3 in 1 coffee.

Overall the food was o.k. taking in consideration that they have to cooked for 150 tables.


After checking into the room at about 3.30 p.m. we were issued a Privilege card whereby if we use it at participating shops, a 20% discount will be given. We took a good rest, was really tired from all the walking. The fine and cold weather make us feel hungry again. At 5 p.m. we went for our tea-time at Hainan Kitchen,located at First World Hotel.

The setting is typical coffee shop style with stalls offering roasted and steamed chicken, BBQ pork belly, roasted pork, Chineses dumpling, pao.......etc. We ordered a cup of Milo and a cup of smooth milk tea, toasted bread with kaya and butter and a 3 layered sandwich filled egg, cheese,chicken breast meat and also some fries and chopped salad.

Sandwich portion was huge- ingredients was fresh and we took quite awhile to finish it. -rm12.40

As the dinner function was around 8 p.m. we took the opportunity to explore around the resort but somehow every way lead us to the casino. While trying our luck at the slot machines, we were issued a Genting World card on the spot-to collect points-when betting-redeemable for gifts and hotel rooms- a very good idea! Lady luck was on our side, we missed 3 jackpots -so near yet so far! The Genting World card(below)- with points collected by us-can redeem 2 free rooms at First World hotel.

total bill:rm26.60/-before the 20% discount.


Last Saturday,we were invited to attend a 8 course dinner plus free hotel accommodation in Genting Highland, Pahang. the event was organized by the Rice Wholesaler's Association of Malaysia, and was held at the Genting International Convention Centre. The last time we went to Genting was a year ago, so this was a good trip to rest and rejuvenate. We left our house at 8 a.m. and have a light dim sum breakfast at Restoran Tuck Kee at Kepong Maluri before cruising on the MRR2 to the resort. The drive up was a breeze except for the last lap from the Chinese temple towards the resort which was full of steep road gradient. Upon arriving and parking the car in the hotel basement's car park, our top agenda was to have a fling at the casino.

Heading to the Highland Resort's casino through a myriads of interconnecting stair escalators from the the indoor theme park.

We stayed in this hotel-The First World Hotel and Plaza-the room was a bit crammed-no complaint since it's on the house.

We went out for some fresh mountain air after all the stuffy and smoke filled and unhealthy air in the casino- a view of the outdoor theme park.

A replica of the city's twin towers in the indoor theme park.

A preview of DreamZ magic show dancers-for viewing go to preview 1.

After all the walking and sightseeing, we had lunch at Restaurant Good Friends-a typical oriental restaurant serving dim sum and Chineses cuisine and snacks.

Chinese tea-rm1.50/pax-to go with our noodles-saved the best for tonight's dinner!

The array of roast chicken, pork and BBQ pork belly available-so tempting!

We ordered and shared a plate of dry noodle with 6 pieces of wan ton-was a big letdown the BBQ pork was cold with odd and bits pieces-rm16.10

A claypot of yee mee-came sizzling hot-filled with vegetables, crab sticks, deep fried flour crackers and a raw egg-was tasty-rm18.40.

After lunch, took a brisk walk around the indoor theme park, watching happy children having fun with their various rides, before checking into the room for some rest.