Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ice Cream@Kow Po.

I am not a fan of ice cream because sweetness is a foul word in not in my vocabulary.

The long drive from Petaling Jaya to Bentong in the hot afternoon
was an exception and a good excuse to try it.

The homemade ice cream in Kedai Kopi (Warung Ais Krim) Kow Po comes in various flavors.

It costs Rm3/ per scoop.

We ordered 3 different sets i.e Ais Kacang or Kow Po Special and Jumbo Special with fruits cocktails and the homemade ice cream was much to my liking-dense, creamy and not too sweet.

Parking is OK.

Location: opposite the Bentong Bus Terminal.
2, Bentong Heights,
28700 Bentong,
Pahang Darul Makmur.
Tel: 09-222-1258. 

Opens daily from 10am – 7pm. Close on alternate Monday

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Restoran Song Huang Ge@Laman Pesona.

Laman Pesona is a well planned resort- for the owner it is more like a retreat
to spend the weekends with his family and also with guests paying for the steep and winding road 
to their chalets built on a sloping hill of a former durian orchard.

View from our balcony.

 Access to the chalets are by two 4x4 vehicles or by foot for those who
are more adventurous and physically strong.

There are two restaurants (Thai food and Chinese cuisine) and they are open
to the public.

We had an early dinner at the 4 stars Restoran Song Huang Ge and was impressed
with the food served.

Steamed Cod fish (4 plates)with seaweed, beancurd sheet and coriander leave in a superior grade soy sauce-Rm57/.

Freshly grilled BBQ Pork Ribs- meaty and juicy-Rm26.60/.

Shatin Chicken (4 pieces) well marinated- with a sweet and sourish sauce of chopped onion  topped with dried cuttle fish-Rm22.80/ 

House made Tofu (smooth and silky)  topped with finely chopped Poh Choy with blanched Poh Choy at the bottom with smooth gravy and garnished with mushroom-Rm14.30/..

 After the dinner, we took a walk around the resort which has transformed into a fairytale-like land with lots of shimmering and colorful lighting. A soothing relieve after dark.

 Location: Lot 3&4, Seksyen 4, 
Kampung Baru Cheroh,
Raub, Pahang.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yong Liu @ Bidor.

I did not expect to have such a good spread of Yong Liu (fish paste stuffed greens and assorted
tofu, fried wanton, fu pei, fish balls in Bidor Town, which is more famous for it's duck's noodle and "chicken biscuit".

This no name and no signboard place is located next to Bali Garden and opposite of TNB.

It's a single storey shop with a light green metal door.

They are open from 7.30 pm- 3.00am.

Noodles in soup or dry form are available to go with the yong liu.

The yong liu are pretty decent, nicely stuffed with springy fish paste-big bite 
sized @Rm0.70/ and plain noodle @Rm1.30/
We did not go for the fish balls as it looks like store bought ones.

If you have the chance, drop by here for a value for money and hearty meal.

Parking is by the roadside.

Location: Bidor town-opposite of TNB.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Restoran Ratha@Raub.

It's the most famous and prominently located restaurant with a red exterior at a dangerous corner
of Raub town.

A not to be missed place to eat, famous for it's curry chicken and fish head curry...etc.

We were on our way to Laman Pesona Resort, a twenty minutes drive after Raub town.

Dropped by here for a hearty lunch of  fish head curry (some Chinese's influence), chicken curry (fiery hot and spicy), fried chicken, briyani rice, roti canai (very special) and cabbage.

The fried chicken lost it's lustre because it was served cold and lost it's crispiness. 

The chicken curry was average, saved for it's fiery red and spicy numbing gravy.

The fish head curry served in a metal bowl with the fresh fish head hidden by a  generously spread of long bean, brinjal, lady fingers, cabbage and tofu puff in a aromatic and not too spicy curry gravy-suitable for children, too !

Plain Chines cabbage to go with the meal.

Special less oil and less dough roti canai-best with the curries.

Nasi Briyani-Fluffy, long grain, colorful and fragrant Basnathi rice.

Location:82, Jalan Tun Razak,
Raub, Pahang.
Tel:09-356-1651 /019-930-5577.