Thursday, December 18, 2008


The Curry tree also known as Sweet Neem Leaf tree is native to India. It is a fast growing small tree with deep roots and scented flowers. Grown in almost all houses with a garden in my country. The leaves are pinnate with 11-21 leaflets and are highly aromatic. Commonly used to provide a flavoring to curries, meat, fish, poultry or coconut milk. It's has healing properties too i.e.: anti-diabetic- antioxidant-antimicrobial-anti inflammatory-hepato-protective-anti hypercholesterolemic.

Curry chicken with potatoes-cooked with full cream milk-hot and spicy currry leaves flavor.

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SimpleGirl said...

I love the nice fragant of curry leave. It is nice for curry, and if you happen to fry chicken can put a few leaves in the oil for better taste....