Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dinner at Restoran 6-10 Grill & Nasi Lemak is quick, fast and efficient but the staff are not so knowledgeable, maybe because they are part timers. I remembered eating their nasi lemak and chicken chop, about 25 years ago, when they were just an open air stall just opposite of this present location. Now they have incorporated more dishes to their menu and the taste is very consistent-i like the banana fritters with ice cream. It's corner lot location is well sited from the main road, brightly lit and partly alfresco style dining. It is quite a low key place and parking is ample. Their present competitors- Food Foundry and M&M are just a few doors away!

Chicken and mushroom soup-topped with finely chopped spring onion-very nourishing,creamy and earthy flavor-rm4/.

Grilled chicken breast in brown sauce-with tomato sauced macaroni-well marinated and juicy-rm12.50/.

Nasi lemak-with fiery sambal, rendang curry chicken drumstick and well flavored coconut rice-calorific-:rm7/

Fish and chips with tartar sauce-the lemon sole fish was lightly battered and nicely browned-was fresh and white- rm11.50/

Banana fritters with ice cream- sweet temptation-the banana's (pisang tanduk) crust was crispy and the flesh was firm and sweet-with the vanilla ice cream-irresistible! -rm5.50/

Location: Happy Mansion,Section 17, Petaling Jaya

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