Thursday, December 11, 2008


Jogoya is a Japanese buffet chain from Taiwan, the restaurant is located on the Relish floor in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. The place is upmarket, huge and spacious with soft lighting. They cater for wedding, gathering, seminar, and annual dinner too. Their theme is : "Life is discovery, and we have directions to get you there". The buffet lunch is priced at rm78/++. The setting is modern, contemporary and Japanese themed. The food spread was lavish and the presentation was good and pleasing to the eyes. Overall the food was fresh-superbly fresh and the meat was top quality and choice-cuts. Pastries, ice-cream and even coconut counters were well patronized.

Fresh oysters with lemon slice.

Fresh sliced buttery salmon, tuna and assorted meats.

Tempura prawns-encased in a light crispy batter, yam and fried durian.

Ginger soup with Enokitaki mushroom and tau pok in a paper pot, kept hot with a portable burner.

Baked cheese escargots.

Braised dried oyster.

Skewered unagi and teppanyaki chicken meat -well marinated and roasted.

Seafood soup and tom yam with crab and abalone mushroom.

Escargots-stir fried.

Steamed egg with shrimp and crabstick (chawanmushi)-was smooth.

Pastries like tiramisu,cappucino mousse...etc and fresh fruits.

Movenpick green tea matcha and mochi ice-cream.

Sweet Thai coconut.


SimpleGirl said...

seen a lot of good review about Jogoya, must give a try also..they really have good spread of food

Lori Lynn said...

So many things here we would enjoy. I am especially in love with the bowl that the ginger soup is served in. Where can I get that? Thanks for this review.

Emski said...

This looks like such a sumptuous meal! I'm sure there's nothing quite like this in London, where I am...

foodbin said...

to lori lynn-it is a piece of paper-i do not know where to get it.