Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Rainy days and cold weather are the best time to have hot steamboat. The food are meant to be cooked and enjoyed as slowly as possible, in between chit-chatting. This restaurant is a franchisee of the famous HO HO Steamboat in Seri Petaling. The ingredients offered are daily, freshly delivered, from Pulau Ketam, a fishing village built on stilts off the Selangor coast. Only a tasty, clear superior soup is available. The fried bean curd was a good appetizer, while we waited for the food to be cook in the pot. We ordered side dishes like streaky bacon, tong oh (amanranth) and enoki mushroom. The sambal belacan (shrimp paste,chili sauce) mixed with the sweet bean sauce was a good dip for the cooked food. Here, it's does not cost a "bomb" to have such a wonderful meal. It was still drizzyling, after the meal.

Appetizer-fried bean curd-oily but was soft and tasty-rm6/

Steamboat per person-full of different types of real fresh ingredients-rm13/.

Sliced streaky bacon-was thinly sliced and cooked easily in the hot soup-the fats and meat just melt in your mouth-rm12/.

Tong Oh-(amanranth)-leafy and came without the usual "sandy" feel (if not cleaned properly) i like the distinct aroma of it- rm7/.

Enoki or golden needle mushroom-do not overcooked, or else it will be tough-good anti-cancer properties-rm7/.

Egg noodle and vermicelli plus 4 eggs-part of the package.

The hot pot- full of tasty and delicious cooked food.

Sweet bean sauce and sambal chili sauce.

Total bill:rm98/
Location:22A,Jalan PJU 5/8,
Dataran Sunway. Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.


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Design...Point said...

ya..i love ho ho steamboat too..nice clear soup...the pork slide is just soooooo deli!!!! must try!!! strongly recommended!! but their tomyam so so only...