Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Mornng breakfast of a bowl of Laksa (curry noodle) opposite the SEA park wet market. This stall is run by two sisters who were formerly located at Restoran Tong Fong behind KFC. Beef soup noodle is also their specialty. I love Laksa with Loh see fun because of it's small size and smoothness, i can just scoop and eat it with a spoon filled with the spicy broth, bean sprout and long bean. Savoring all the flavor in one mouthful-mouth watering! i have tried their Laksa with beef brisket added to it-yummy!

Loh see fun (rice noodle) Laksa-with lots of beansprouts,long bean, tau pok and slices of chicken-squeezed the lime juice for tangy flavor-the spongy tau pok fully absorbed the curry flavor-the hot, spicy broth was diluted in it's special way and was aromatic too.

Total bill:rm4.70/.
Location:Jalan 21/11 B,
SEA Park, Petaling Jaya.

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