Friday, December 12, 2008


The Cheras Business Centre is not a good place to be in during lunch hour as the place lacks parking spaces. Restoran Zheng Ji was just a few stairs down from where we finished our business deal. It is small place -about twelve tables-with an open kitchen in front of the restaurant-we could see the chef at work. As we were their first customer of the day, service was prompt.The waitress recommended us. three of their signature dishes.

Grass carp (1/2) cooked with yam-the fish was fresh, battered and deep fried-then braised with yam, bean curd, white cabbage, button mushroom to give it a creamy,thick and sticky gravy and garnished with coriander leaves-goes well with rice.-RM24/

Braised mutton-a gamy smell wafted the air when it was cooked in the clay pot- meat from the ribs-soft in texture with a distinct fragrance-does not overpower the taste-RM18/

Fat, green.stemmy and leafy, fibrous choy sam-RM10/

Boiled dried Pak Choy soup-to complement the meal.-FOC

Total bill:rm60/
Location: 30LG, Jalan 2/101C,
Cheras Business Centre,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

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