Sunday, December 21, 2008


Pho hoa is located in the newly opened Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya. The restaurant setting is simple with lots of artificial bamboo clumps plus leaves and is painted in black and green colors. Their tag line: "Pho Hoa is the place for noodle soup lovers"-sure suit them, well. It is a family style restaurant which specializes in Vietnamese food . A great place to go for a hot and tasty bowl of noodle and a glass of thick and creamy avocado juice. For this meal we were presented with a rm15/ voucher-redeemable on our next visit.

Bun Tom Ga Nuong-veggie, prawn and grilled chicken with vermicelli (dry and springy) topped with fish sauce-a very good mix-rm12.99/

To eat with the soup noodle-raw beansprout, mint leaves and bird's eye chilies.

Pho Ga-chicken rice vermicelli-was filled with generous portions of chicken strips and garnished with lots of coriander leaves-rm10.99/

Pho Tai Chin Nam-steak, brisket and flank rice vermicelli-meat was a bit tough-rm12.99/

Pho Tai Nam Gan Sach-tripe, tendon, flank and steak with rice vermicelli-tender and succulent-rm15.99/.

Coconut flam caramel-silky smooth, sweet and melt in the mouth sensation-rm3.99/

Total bill:rm78/
Location:Lot L1-52.First Floor.
Tropicana City Mall,
Petaling Jaya.

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