Sunday, December 21, 2008


Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi falls on 21st of December. It is the most important festival celebrated by the Chinese. On that day, the daylight is short gradually follow by longer daylight the preceding days ahead. It is a time for the reunion of family members and loved ones and to feast over a sumptuous meal. Usually made up of fish, chicken, prawn, pork and soup. To finish off the meal, there is the Tong Yuen ( glutinous rice balls in a syrupy screw pine, ginger flavored soup) which symbolize reunion with it's round shape and color.
I do not know whether my siblings will c
arry on with this yearly tradition as my mum is getting older, with her knees problem. With the help of my wife, it was quite a task to cook such a sumptuous dinner. Maybe, next year we will opt to eat at a restaurant, but for me home cooked food always taste better!
Tonight, seven dish dinner was a happy and fu
lfilling one, as everyone was filled to the brim.

1.Mixed vegetables-Chinese long ans round cabbage, bean curd sheet, glass noodle, pork strips, shiitake mushroom, golden lily bud,black fungus-preserved bean curd-a well balanced interplay of texture and flavors-utterly wholesome dish.

2.Char yoke-Stewed 3 layered pork belly with black fungus-marinated with preserved bean curd (lam yee)- a Hakka dish-meaty- intense flavor with every bite.

3.Pig stomach pork and chicken soup-nourishing, peppery and hot-set to arouse the taste bud

4.Tempura prawns-deep fried- generously sized-crispy and succulent.

5.Steamed grouper fish-with grade A soy sauce and garnished with spring onion and coriander leaves- well done, fresh and fine in texture.

6.Oven baked chicken wings and drumsticks-well marinated with teriyaki soy sauce and garlic flavoring -a dish that will appease many.

7.Stir fry Nga Ku (Arrowhead bulb)-with strips of lean pork and cooked with fermented bean curd-crunchy and earthy flavor.

8. Tong Yuen (colorful glutinous rice balls) in syrupy screw pine and ginger flavored soup-silky smooth and sweet.

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SimpleGirl said...

really a marvelous dinner...with all mouth-watering food for the Dong zi celebration!