Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Restaurant Green View was always packed whenever we drive passed it, on our way to the SS2 area. It is located next to Menara Merias in Section 19, Petaling Jaya. Every now and then they have promotion on their crab dishes. I like their signature dish -fried big river prawns (udang galah) mein, cooked in thick egg gravies and their sweet and sour XL crabs. This place is opens 365 days and service is fast and efficient. Parking is not too much of a problem. Tonight my nephew and his wife joined us for dinner there.

Appetizer-fried bean curd with freshly sliced onions rings, century egg and tiny bits of pickled ginger-dipped in Thai chillies sauce for added flavor-appetizing-rm12/

Sea prawns done in two styles-shelled and de-veined 1.lightly battered prawns with mayonnaise and honey dew 2.buttered prawns-was fresh and succulent.-rm70/

Fish head curry-full of fish meat and vegetables-was not too spicy, with a lot of chillies oil skimming on the surface -best with fluffy white fragrant rice.-rm50/

Herbal chicken 1/2- overpowering with too much herbs making the gravies a big letdown to the palate.-rm30/

Stir fry kai lan and choy sam-with cloved garlic-the fresh and green colors make it so tempting -need it to balance off the meat.-rm15/

Fried big la la (shellfish) in preserved bean sauce-it was big and tasty.-rm40/

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