Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This Swiss based "market"concept restaurant is like a hawker center albeit more refined, clean, cosy, air-conditioned and quiet. Their motto, "Eat in a colorful market like atmosphere."
The abundance of fresh fruits, pastries, drinks, meat and other gastronomic foods are displayed and arranged in striking and enticing stalls to tempt you to place your orders. On entering the restaurant, each of us, were given a card (passport) to purchase the food or drinks of our choice. The passport will be stamp by the chef upon ordering and you will be told when to collect, the cooked food. There are numerous choices of foods and drinks to suit your taste buds. After tasting the food i felt it was better the last time, we were there.

To show that the table is occupied when we are out ordering food.

Mushroom soup-thick, smooth and creamy with an irresistible buttery aroma-appetizing-rm7/

Plain Rosti-( fried potatoes) -done just nice-earthy flavor-high in carbohydrate-dipped with chilies and mustard sauce-rm7.50/

Chicken chop with mashed potatoes and salad-was well marinated and tender to the bite -rm15.50/

Stir fry assorted vegetables-healthy-pleasantly refreshing mixes-full of vitamins and anti oxidants-rm9.50/

Chicken breast chop with mashed potatoes-well fire-grilled-lean and meaty -rm14.50/

Chicken Chorizo sausage-was big, tasty but salty-rm18/

Pizza + 3 toppings-with sliced pickled olives, mushroom and chicken bits-crusty and oozing with cheese-rm22.50/

Sauteed assorted mushrooms-distinctive flavor and full of gravies-rm9/

Dinner roll -eat with the sauteed mushrooms and gravies.

Marche ABC-was sweet with finely shaved ice, grass jelly, cendol, red bean, palm sugar, evaporated milk...etc- rm3.80

Enjoying their meal.


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