Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My wife is a end of the year child, that's why she is always teased by her friends who were born earlier in the same year. Anyway, today is her birthday and she was treated to lunch by my sister in law Hannah at Penang Village. a modern contemporary restaurant located at the newly opened Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya.A place with friends and family in a hospitable atmosphere. The restaurant tag line "The Malaysians Best Choice" is just the right word to describe them. For their soft opening, there is a 20% discount for food bill of rm80/ and above. The food served were pleasing to our eyes and tasty to our palates but their waiters was incommunicable!(language problems). Parking is free for the time being.

This section is cosy with soft pink lighting and red long leather chairs while the adjacent side is brightly lit.

20% discount for limited period only.

Kerabu mango-mango salad served on a glass plate -tossed with red onion(would be better with shallot), toasted cuttle fish, palm sugar, lime juice,bird eye's chilies and Thai fish sauce-sweet and tangy-rm7.90/.

Pie tee-filled with sweet turnips, bits of fried bean curd, carrot, crab stick and cashew nut-add the chilies sauce to savor it in one mouthful-rm 7.90/

Fried rice-with chilies fried dried shrimp, bull eye's fried egg, a crispy tempura like prawn, three small pieces of turmeric fried chicken and some acar-mediocre-rm13.90/

Curry mee-with fresh prawns,cockles, tau pok, bean sprout and rice vermicelli-was not well scented with coconut milk- overpowered with turmeric flavor-rm9.90/

Rainbow Ice Kacang-filled with finely shaved ice, a few kinds of jelly, red bean paste and topped ice cream-cold and sweet-rm7.50/

Cendol-filled with finely shaved ice, green cendol. red bean paste, grass jelly, toasted peanut and canned coconut milk- not up to my expectations!-rm6.90/

Total bill:rm86/ after discount.
Location:L1-49, First Floor.

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