Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My wife cooked this Hainanese free range chicken rice for dinner.
Boiled a pot of hot boiling water.
Lower the flame and cook the chicken for 20 minutes.
Then off the flame and leave the chicken in it, fully covered with a lid, for another 20 minutes.
Remove the chicken and immersed in a pot of cold water for 5-6 minutes.
Take it out and colander it, before chopping it up to serve.
If you eat it in the shop, the chicken are usually farmed ones whereby the meat are bland in taste and soft. The price difference between the two types of chicken is enormous too!

Smooth and muscular free range chicken- garnished with finely chopped spring onion, coriander leaves and deep fried garlic-smooth and tender-I always get to eat the drumstick.

Cantonese style sauce-bird's eye chillies, garlic, finely smashed ginger, sesame oil, lime juice and cooked oil-fiery and hot.

Ready to be served-rice was fragrant.


SimpleGirl said...

I guess your wife is really good at cooking! Lucky you!

foodbin said...

she's from Perak.