Friday, November 26, 2010

Hau Kee Seafood Restaurant@ Cheras.

Our targeted restaurant was not open, Hau Kee Seafood Restaurant  was another good option.

Located in a traffic choked curved junction in the residential area of Taman Cheras, Cheras- the four shop lots restaurant "scream" at you to try them out- only open in the evening.

Mobile push carts that served hawkers fare lined both sides of the road leading out of it.

Parking is horrible-double and triple parking.

But the good food make up for it.

Fried Rice with finely chopped long bean, Char siew (BBQ Pork),egg, shrimp, fresh spring onion and topped with crispy, crackling baby Anchovies-fluffy whole grain rice-not oily at all.
Steamed Village chicken in a steel basin reinforced by a wooden bucket (seen a lot of these utensil in China)-the chicken was tender and full of herbal flavor and the juices goes well with the fried rice.
House made silky soft deep fried Tofu braised with angled Loofah (Gourd) in superior broth.
Steamed sliced Pomfret fish meat stuffed with springy fish paste and water chestnut and blanched Hong Kong Choy Sam on it's side-5 stars !.
Stir fried extra dwarf Nai Pak Choy (Fairlady) with garlic-fresh, sweet and crunchy..
Clay pot Butter Crab-fresh, meaty crabs in a thick and creamy buttery gravy-steamed mantou to lap up those sinful cholesterol laden gravy.

Total Bill:Rm188/
Location:12, Jalan Kaskas 2, 
Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-9130 0113 / 03-9131 2013. 
Open from 5.45pm-2.00am


Small Kucing said...

food looks great. it a set?

foodbin said...

Small Kucing- ala carte-we were too full if not we would go for their pig's tail/peanuts soup!

Quay Po Cooks said...

Oooo pigs tail peanut soup is my favorite. Will have to go to check this place out! Thanks for the post.

J2Kfm said...

Yes, the pot of butter crabs is exactly what I have been searching for. usually, Nai You prawns or crabs would be the dry version, with egg shred and curry leaves.
Not this creamy, soupy version.

ai wei said...

one of my fave place for crabs!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. I just had dinner...getting hungry again!

foodbin said...

Quay Po Cooks-You are welcome.
J2Kfm-it was real sinful.
ai wei-the crabs are fresh and meaty.
Alice-nice to know that you like it.