Monday, January 9, 2012

Louisiana@Plaza Kelana Jaya.

Famous for it's Chicken Carbonara (the best in Malaysia) which is available in their "Eat all you can" @Rm15.50 set lunch menu.

Louisiana serve Cajun & Creole style cuisine in a rustic feel air cond restaurant that leads to the lakeside area for al fresco dining.

Finally got the urge to try out their food during the long weekends

All meals come with a Ice Lemon tea (free flow) unlimited salad and soup of the day.

I went for the "Eat all you can" set-started with a pasta Cajun Shrimp and ended with a Chicken Carbonara-have a place in the stomach for one more but decided not to-as it's was too rich and comforting !  

Located in the far end of Plaza Kelana Jaya-park at the visitor's car park for easy access to the restaurant..

Salad-very fresh choice of tomato, onion, cucumber and  fresh lettuce in a Thousand Island like sauce-free refill.

Louisiana Chicken chop-well marinated piece of chicken thigh with a creamy peppery white sauce with julienned carrot and French fries on it's side-Rm14.50.

Seared Butter Fish-nicely seared thin piece of Dory fish with a dollop of mashed potato, carrot and potato wedges-garnished with mint leaves-and enticing sauce-RM14.50/

Pasta Cajun Shrimp-al dente pasta with three fresh shrimps with olive oil and coriander leaves-part of the "eat all you can set" 

Chicken Carbora-cheesy and creamy with chicken bits and mushroom-garnished with a sprig of mint leaves-very rich..

Garden soup-blended vegetables-a bit diluted but with a twist of pepper and Olive oil, it turned out ok-free refill..

Corn Ice Cream-something sweet to end the meal.

Total bill:Rm51.60.
Location: Block D-1-01, Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya, P J.


Small Kucing said...

Mmmm..nice :)

Min said...

so far, my record is 3 plate of pasta lar... after that can pengsan

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-affordable.
Mindy-not bad.