Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Restoran Wan Loy@Sg Buluh.

Restoran Wan Loy is nestled among some big factories along the main road in Kg Matang Pagar, Sg Buluh.

From the front it looks just like an ordinary Chinese eatery with an air conditioned dining area at the rear of the restaurant.

Can be quite a noisy place if the restaurant is filled to the brim.

Their menu is quite varied and cater to any age group.

Prices are reasonable and the food are OK.

Parking is OK.

Butter Squid-crispy, fresh and chewy-the star of the lunch-Rm13/A

Thai's styled pig trotter (1/2)-crispy skin, gelatinous and meaty-served on the side with sliced strawberry and Thai's chillies sauce-Rm24/

Sliced cold white Tofu topped with gelatinous like shark fin and a superior crab meat gravy-goes well with rice-Rm19/

Sweet Potato Leaves with garlic to finish off the meal-a bit over fried-Rm9/..

 Total Bill:Rm70/
Location:A72,Jalan MP4,
Kg Matang Pagar, Sg Buluh,


Stephanie said...

My eyes are on the crispy squid and sweet potato leaves :-) yum!

foodbin said...

Stephanie-the squid was extremely good.