Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ming Sate Hut@Melaka.

Another of Melaka's delights is Pork Satay.

We tried the other famous satay shop in Kampung Hulu the other day and was impressed.

Ming Sate Hut located a few doors from Nadeje is just as good.

They are more generous with their peanut/pineapple/belimbing sauce which leaves a tingling spicy, sourish sweet taste on your palate with every dip and bite.

Their all time favorites, pig's intestines were sold out-had grilled chicken innard, pork belly and chicken satay, instead.

Well marinated-tender, mist and juicy meat while the innards were chewy and crunchy.

 The only complain is the small bite sized satay.

Parking is ok.

Simple dining area.

Pork satay.

Chicken and innards satay

Sauce with freshly sliced cucumber and nasi impit.

Location:G33, Jalan PM 4,
Mahkota Parade,

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