Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Besides My Elephant (Sect 17), Sri Siam (SS2) and Nong and Jimmy (Tmn Cahaya), De' Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant is my mother's favorite place for Thai food.

The restaurant is located in an obscured area of Kampung Melayu, Sungai Buluh near to The Sungai Buluh General Hospital.
There are 3 ways to access the restaurant :
1. by the NSE via the Sungai Buluh General Hospital,
2.Taman Rahman Putra or
3. the flyover after the old trunk road of the Sg Buluh/Subang junction.

The place is huge with a sprawling car park, a gated vegetable garden, a pondok, artificial stream with fishes by the side of the restaurant, water fountain decorated with flowering plants and shrubs with the grand and majestic restaurant at the far end.

It was like visiting a private home with a huge fully air conditioned wood paneled dining area to enjoy authentic home cooked Thai cuisine!

The majestic Thai architectural front entrance.

The path leading to the restaurant.

Snapshots of the place.

An arrays of enticing, sweet desserts to round off your meal on a sweet note at Rm4/bowl.

Mixed Tom Yam-filled with slices of Chicken, Prawns and round rings Squids, Galangkal (Lengkuas), Lemongrass, Oyster Mushroom and Coriander leaves-the perfectly blended soup was sweet, sourish and not too spicy in flavor-too bad, the medium sized prawn with roe was not fresh!-RM35/

Mixed Vegetables-stir fried with Chinese round Cabbage, Carrot, green Capsicum, Cauliflower, sweet Pea and Spring Onion-a good balanced dish-Rm15/

Pandan Chicken-well marinated and fragrant minced Chicken meat unwrapped from it's Pandan leaves-easy to eat-would preferred it to be one whole piece- Rm3/piece.

Sweet and Sour Siakap(Seabass)-deep fried, smothered with dark sticky Sour Plum sauce and garnished with spring onion, slivers of carrot and ginger-the meat was fresh and fine in texture-delicious right to the bones-Rm40/

Steamed White fragrant rice served in a metal bowl-Rm1/.

Tucking in the food.

They grow their own greens, too!

Total bill:Rm130/
Location:95, Jalan Kampung Melayu.
Sungai Buluh, Selangor.


Little Inbox said...

Oh, so the veggies are organic?

Anonymous said...

despite the remoteness of the place, the price is rather high...looks like Malay Thai styled?

Duckie said...

not bad .. for so many ppl and RM130.

Selba said...

What a nice Thai seafood restaurant!

I can see that they are also selling Thai snacks?

Unknown said...

the place look nice.

foodbin said...

LInbox-not too sure!
SGirl-some Malay influences.
Selba-yes, direct from Thailand.
FParadise-very relaxing, too.

Babe_KL said...

i hvnt gone back since they shifted. wahhh now look so grand, last time it was in a roadside shack :p

backStreetGluttons said...

This is an old institution of sg buloh with many rave reviews !

definitely a connoisseurs' hideout unknown to the rest of the natural world ! We have not been back since a decade !
Lol !

worldwindows said...

This is a great find! Map? How to go from NSE?

J2Kfm said...

sounds familiar, as there's one Chengmai Thai restaurant in Kelantan as well.

foodbin said...

babe_kl-yes it was a shack now it's at the end of the road.
BSGlutton-it is very grand now even the loo is 5 stars.
WWindows-On the NSE-bypass the Sg Buluh interchange-keep LEFT there is a flyover leading to the Sg Buluh General Hospital-turn RIGHT at traffic light junction-go straight another traffic light-turn RIGHT-drive straight towards the end, the restaurant is on your LEFT.

foodbin said...

J2Kfm-maybe the name are the same.

Unknown said...

Actually i a person like eat and tried new taster food and dishes and no problem to me go far from my place even i know that some different taste and nice environment,relaxing theraphy mind its important accompanying eaten and relaxing.
i'll be tried and go there.