Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Restoran Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head is a new, modern and clean eatery in Bandar Puteri, Puchong that not only offers Salmon fish head noodles, there are noodles with other variants like Fish paste, Fish cake, Ling Cod fish, and appetizers like deep fried Wanton, Beancurd sheet ..etc
The place is furnish with mainly square tables and chairs, quite a hassle for those eating in a big group like us.
Overall the noodles and side dishes were good but a bit pricey but the accomplished cook was creative to use Salmon and Cod fish with their noodles.

A good eatery for fish connoisseurs.

On weekend, parking is a breeze.

Side view of the restaurant.

Poster of their signature dishes on one side of the wall.

Appetizer-crispy fried Wan Ton-Rm4.50/.

Fried Foo Pei-golden brown Beancurd sheets sandwiched together with Fish paste-Rm4.50/.

Fish paste noodle with thick rice Vermicelli-the Fishpaste was firm and springy served with flavorful milky fish stock broth, evaporated milk, a dash of Chinese rice wine, piquant tomatoes and pickled Chinese Mustard and garnished with aromatic deep fried Shallots-truly invigorating-Rm8/.

Cod Fish head noodle with the same ingredients and broth-was fresh with smooth, delicate flesh-Rm14.90/.

Deep fried Salmon noodles-no fishy after smell-fine texture and set to arouse your tastebuds-Rm12.50/

Fresh Salmon slice noodle-pink on the outside and pale orange on the inside-full of Vitamins and Minerals-absolute freshness in taste-Rm10/.

Sambal Belacan (Shrimp Chillies Paste)-hot and fiery.

Cucumber, Lemon juice-Rm4.50/.

Enjoying the meal and slurping up the delicious broth!

Total bill:Rm140/
Location:23, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, Puchong.


Little Inbox said...

To be honest, I prefer cod fish than salmon.

Selba said...

Vermicelli with the fish paste sounds great!

Interesting glass for the cucumber and lemon juice.

Duckie said...

i like raw / smoked salmon better.

worldwindows said...

Cod fish head noodle, they have upped the ante!

foodbin said...

Selba- it was a good combination.
WWindows-something special to draw in the crowd.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Is the salmon and cod version better than the soong fish?

foodbin said...

BBabe-i prefer the salmon and the cod to the soong fish.

Ninehitz said...

what is their business hour?? they operate business at night??
please let me know asap! thank you..