Sunday, August 9, 2009


Dragon Star Air Cond Seafood Restaurant located in SS1, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya is a hit with family diners on weekends and is worth checking out.
There are many special Chinese cuisine on promotion.

The restaurant's upstairs dining area decor looks grand while it's ground floor decor is much simpler.

Reservation is a must and bring along your appetite and wallet too.

Parking is ample in the evening.

Roast Spring Chicken-about 1 kg+ -crispy skin with tender meat-garnished with deep fried Potatoes chips-dip in salt/5 Spice powder or Chillies Garlic sauce for more flavor-Rm30/.

Soon Hock (Marble Goby)-at RM100/kg was a steal-steamed with Grade A light Soy sauce and garnished with chopped Garlic, green Bird's Chilies and Coriander to perk up the flavor-the meat was pleasant, sweet in taste with a fine and delicate texture-delicious to the bones!-Rm122/.

Signature Bean curd-well browned on the outside-soft and silky smooth inside cushioned on light Soy sauce and topped with chopped Mushroom, preserved Radish and Minced meat-a hit with everyone-Rm18/.

Braised Wild Pig Trotter-full of 5 Spice powder flavor and braised until it was tenderized to a point where the meat easily separates from the bones-n0 gamy smell just a warm and mildly Liquorice scent-Rm30/.

Kai Lan Mui-stir fried with garlic-young, tender and leafy shoots-Rm15/.

Total bill:Rm245/
Location:54a-54b, Jalan SS1/22,
Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.


Unknown said...

can see from the pic that the chicken is very drispy. ^-^

Selba said...

The food must be tasted really good that you come back again to this place :)

foodbin said...

FParadise-it's a Spring chicken.
Selba-it is one of my fave restaurant.

Anonymous said...

braised trotter must be very nice with rice!!!

Christina Kim said...

Wow, Soon Hock is one of the best fish around...and most expensive too!!:P
Oh, beware of the bones though...endless of them!:D

foodbin said...

Christy-yes, very smooth and fine in texture.

Rebecca Saw said...

Went pass this place cos Unka was looking for basins, taps and whatnots..i was really curious cos its an area not quite explored..and suddenly a restaurant there!

The outside also nothing fancy fancy but hey, I frequent restaurants for the food (&prices ;p) not ambiance so this looks like a must visit!

foodbin said...

thenomadGourmand-the food is good, give it a try.