Saturday, June 12, 2010

Deep fried Wanton wrapped Prawn & Wanton Pork.

Hoong, a close relative of mine, is a novice weekend cook.

Her initial plans was to make Popiah and deep fried Wanton Pork and Wanton wrapped Prawn.

After cooking the fillings of shredded yam bean, grated carrots, cucumber, beansprouts and shrimps, she found out that she bought Wanton wrappers instead of Popiah skins (a soft paper-thin crepe made from wheat flour) !
So, we ended up eating the fillings as a dish by itself.

The deep fried Wanton Pork and Wanton wrapped Prawns were good as a snack-very crispy but the prawn tasted a bit coarse (she used the Udang Pasir, Sea prawns would be a much better choice).

Nicely wrapped prawn marinated with salt and pepper before frying.

Ready to serve !


smallkucing said...

great idea for new dish :D

Ciki said...

so much labour goes in to cooking! so much love! wonderful:)

foodbin said...

smallkucing-try it, it's easy.
C&CIKI-eating it is even easier.