Sunday, June 27, 2010

Restaurant O.K. Tuck @ Cameron Highlands.

After visiting the market and a strawberry farm, we intended to go to Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation and Factory to savor tea and scones.

Half way from the main road, the narrow plantation road was jam packed with cars and buses some want to exit while others want to proceed. It was havoc !

After half hours of waiting for the jam to clear with the help of "people power traffic police" we exited from it as fast as we could (do not go during the holidays).

With everybody hungry we went to Restaurant O.K. Tuck in Brinchang town for a deserving quick and delicious lunch before checking into our apartment at Tanah Rata.

Sweet and sour Pork-well marinated and of equal size-deep fried and then tossed in a Tomato/Vinegar sauce with sliced cucumber, cherry tomato and onion.

Mun Chee Sow-braised Pork knuckle with soy sauce until tender and soft to the bite-very fragrant and not too fatty-garnished with a combination of spring onion/cilantro/carrot and seated on a bed of fresh green lettuce.

Stir fried wild fern with Sambal chillies paste-crunchy and stemmy.

Clay pot Homemade Tofu with chopped Chinese long cabbage, mushroom, sweet pea bean and shrimp.

Lemon Chicken-well batter -deep fried chicken-chopped into bite pieces then topped with a zesty Lemon sauce.

Stir fried Oyster mushroom with Broccoli florets and strips of pork.

Total bill:Rm148/
Location: 26, Jalan Besar,
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.


smallkucing said...

ya been there before and had their steamboat. Nice

Stephanie said...

I'll definite go next time. The food looks super good :-D

Cameron Highlands is one of my favourite local destinations. Love the nurseries there as well.

Btw, your strawberry pic is really nice.

Have a great day!

thule a.k.a leo said...

yeah.. never go there during holiday!! I went there 3 times.. and all were not during holiday!

Anonymous said...


iamthewitch said...

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Cameron, even to the locals. :) Never missed going there every time I visit Cameron, and I even had some of the dishes that you had before! LOL!

Min said...

i miss the wantan mee

foodbin said...

smallkucing-nice to know you enjoy the food, too.
Stephanie-i remembered one of your post-plucking wild orchid by the road !
thule a.k.a leo-that's the best time to go.
iamthewitch-what coincidence !
Mindy-we have it for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I had O.K.Tuck's address copied down from d Y3K Magazine before we started our holiday from Sabah. As soon as we reached Brinchang i requested our taxi driver to bring us there. D food, as expected, were satisfactory. We ordered claypot lamb, black stout pork, deep fried abalone mushroom, fried dragon beard with sambal. My kids sweeped d black stout pork n asked fr a second dish! My personal favourite: deep fried abalone mushroom. MMMM Yummy, we will definitely visit O.K.Tuck again during our next visit to Cameron Highlands.

foodbin said...

Anonymous-I am glad you and your family enjoyed the food.

Anonymous said...

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