Thursday, July 24, 2014

Home-cooked Food @ Tapah.

On my weekend trip back to Tapah, Perak, food is top on my list.

This home-cooked food service establishment is only through
word of the mouth and reservation is a must.

The food is prepared in their private home kitchen and served to diners
seated on plastics chairs and tables at their front porch.

Smoked tea leaves chicken is their signature dish and followed
by whatever he buys from the market.

Food is home-cooked styled with a hint of restaurant's trained neat and simple
serving and very affordable.

 Park at main road to access.

Pork Loin eye muscle-tender and well marinated in curry sambal and tossed in a curry leaves and butter sauce - 5 stars-Rm13/

Stir fried Pucuk Paku in salted duck egg- very refreshing and in a non traditional style-Rm8/

Deep fried golden Pomfret -debone and sliced- spread with a tarty pineapple sauce and garnished with freshly sliced pineapple-Rm30/

Smoke tea leaves chicken- very fragrant a bit salty-well muscled- 5 stars - Rm33/

Stir fried Choy Sam Far with garlic-Rm6/

Location: 129, Bukit Pagar,
Tapah, Perak.
Open: 5 pm-9pm.

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