Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Festival Menu @ Imperial Rama.

In conjunction with "Red Hot Chefs" Malaysia International Gourmet
Festival from 1-31 October 2014, Imperial Rama is one of the participating 

We went for our lunch date.

The Festival Menu is priced at Rm338/pax or Rm438 with wine pairing/pax.

As  we are not wine connoisseur, we picked the Rm338/pax that comes with
Genting signature Pu er tea. 

The food served are pleasing with details to the eyes and satisfying to the stomach .

The intricacies of fresh ingredients, herbs, spices and time spent by the chefs, 
makes the meal so elaborate and takes my taste buds to a higher level.

It was worth driving all the way up the resort for this festival menu.  

The photos did not turned up well because of their blue tinted glass windows.

Appetizer- Chilean Sea Bass with fruits(passion fruit) and Vegetables Salad(asparagus, mushroom).

Soup- Dried Seafood (fish maw, sea cucumber, bamboo pith...) with superior Pumpkin soup and Apple flakes..

Main Course - Salt Baked Abalone served with Honey Apple juice.

Main Course - Pan fried Lobster with Castle Ramen.

Dessert - Bird's Nest Snow Chrysanthemum Tea with Red Dates Layered cake.

 Location: Level 2, Maxims,
Genting Highlands.

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