Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My morning breakfast of Angel Hair pasta.

Cooked the pasta in a pot of boiling water,
Colander it and set it aside.
Finely chopped 2 big white onions,
Skinned and chopped 4 tomatoes,
Minced meat-300 gm
Finely chopped garlic

Heat up the pan with Extra Virgin olive oil.
Sauteed the garlic until fragrant.
Then add all the ingredients.
Let it cook for ten minutes and simmer for a while,
Add tomatoes sauce and water to make a thick gravy.
Salt, sugar, cheese and pepper to taste.
Add the gravy on to the Angel Hair pasta.
Topped it up with freshly chopped lettuce and serve.

Can serve 4 person.

Luscious tomatoes gravy.

Absolutely delicious-hearty and nutritious.


Lori Lynn said...

It never occurred to me to garnish pasta with chopped lettuce. I am going to steal that idea, hope you don't mind.

foodbin said...

well it's ok