Sunday, November 9, 2008


On the 8th of November, we were invited to a Raya and Dwali satay party at Ara Damansara for the Palemo residents. The event was organized by my s.i.l Hannah to foster goodwill and neighborliness among the residents. It was a simple event-held at a children playground-no fancy tents, just some plastics tables and chairs, candle-lit jars and mosquitoes for company. Thanks God, it did not rain that night! The satay was prepared by Restaurant Haji Samsuri (Kajang) from Damansara Uptown.

A bunch of flowers setting on the buffet table.

2 types of satay-beef and chicken-was well marinated, meaty, turmeric and lemon grass flavored.

Freshly diced big onions and cucumber.

Lovely weaved and woven ketupat-rice cake-tight and firm.

Hot and spicy peanut sauce - dip for the satay, onion, cucumber and ketupat-delicious

Various fruits to cool down.

Free flowing drinks-Coca Cola, Sprite,100 plus, RO water and Orange juice.

Candle lit jar.

The residents helping themselves to the satay.

Simplicity was the theme- the type of seating.

The see saw was not spared too.

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