Sunday, November 9, 2008


We have been planning for this Beggar chicken's trip for a week. For me this was the third time while the rest of the gang were new and anxious to savor it. The restaurant is a kampung house with a kitchen and the eating area built on stilts-made of mangrove wood, over a small area of mangrove swamp-where a lots of mud skipper fishes thrived . This is the original Beggar's chicken restaurant. The various dishes must be order at least two days in advance because of the tedious process involved in setting up the charcoal fired mini kiln. The marinated food are wrapped in two layers of cake paper, a layer of thick brown grease proof paper, tied together, covered with red earth clay and left to cooked for 4 hours. The drive from the Banting, Kesas Highway junction to Jugra took about 45 minutes passing by Banting town-full of textile shops and meandering by idyllic kampung houses and the Royal Mausoleum. The road were uneven and bumpy on some stretches but the good food made up for it. After the lunch, we drove to Morib beach via a short cut recommended by the chef which took us only 10 minutes-walked on the sandy white beach, while my two nephews got wet splashing each other.

The seating area can accommodate about 12 tables-looks rickety but actually it is strong and solid

The gang- hungry and waiting for the food to be serve

The mini kiln-with the food buried in the hot amber-takes 4 hours to cook-the few packs on the left are for our table.

The tighty wrapped cooked food.

Beggar's chicken-free range chicken-full of herbal-kei chi (box thorn berries), yok chut, dong sheng, dong kuai..etc) flavor -natural juice-soft and tender-rm48/.

Beggar pig's trotter-was also full of herbal flavor (similar to the chicken) some hint of 5 spices too-meaty and skin was smooth and soft to the bite-forget about cholesterol for today-rm51/.

Traditional rice- glutinous rice-filled with mushroom, dried shrimps and dried oyster-seasoned with dark soy sauce and was soft, dry,sticky and a bit burnt on the side-rm38/.

Traditional fish -de boned ikan tenggiri then re stuffed with fish paste-deep fried-firm and springy-rm27/

Blanched lettuce-for some fiber-rm8/.

Fried glass noodles- Hokkein style- full of ingredients- a bit salty-rm10/.

Fried yellow noodles-Hokkien style-well gravies and the children loved it-rm10/.

Longevity soup-double-boiled pig's stomach with lean chicken meat-can feel the hotness to our body when consuming it-not too peppery-rm48/

The beach at morib

Location map
Total bill:rm224 for 12 persons.

Tel: 03-3120-2515


thenomadGourmand said...

This is a gem of a place! so original! Must try! Hope my GPS knows how to get me there..

foodbin said...

must place reservation two days in advance


For more info especially the direction to Restoran Bukit Jugra -