Friday, November 14, 2008


(logo made of fragrant rice grains)

What started out as fun, turned out to be long and full of unfinished work, as though i have a dateline to meet. I'd get funny stares from people who think i am mad, snapping photos of food. But most of all, thanks to family and friends for their patience and putting up with me (taking photos), even though they were very hungry. Occasionally restaurant's personnel would crowd around and ask questions, too! I always tell them i am a food critic. The service would then be better. Ha! Ha! Ha! lol. I started blogging only 4 months ago and now i am into my 100 blog, never thought i could do it in my wildest dream but i did it! Sometimes i think i am going too fast, some one once commented "you are faster than Kenny Sia." oh! what a compliment! I intend to slow down in the coming months to refresh myself and get away from all the good food for a while. Need to lose some weight and detox too!


ZUSA said...

Congratulations my friend, on reaching 100. You always leave me hungry after reading each posting. I'm glad my family and I went with you and family to this restaurant on July 31. Keep it up!

foodbin said...

thank you